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Best Honest Online Casinos NZ

There are many honest online casinos for real money. They are currently working and accepting new players. This casino rating was compiled with the direct help of gambling experts and experienced players. Moreover, this rating is valuable for its independence and comprehensive analysis of each casino. It also analyzes how brands interact with players if they have any problems.

If you have something to add or any comments, feedback, you can feel free to share it in the comments. We will gladly take into account all relevant information about casinos. And then, within a second remove the casino from the top honest. All in all, the game is a risk. And when gambling addicts get other problems beyond the risk, it becomes no longer a business, but an ordinary deception. Our primary task is to help gamblers and give people what they really want.

Rating of the top honest online casinos

Jackpot City


Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Platinum Play

NZ$ 800

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Royal Vegas


Welcome Bonus

The first five positions from the top online casinos have the highest independent rating. They are the honest casinos NZ among the segment of virtual gambling. Nevertheless, the rest are also very worthy and respected projects. Every experienced player will name about fifty casinos without a problem. But among them, there are a lot of scams. Playing such sites will not give you candies, unfortunately. Therefore, out the top online casinos NZ in the rating above.

Top-rated online casinos 2020-2021 NZ

One of the most important points is the availability of a license. If there is no license, then this is already a reason to think whether it is worth dealing with an online casino. However, you should understand that this parameter does not always guarantee honesty. There are quite a few casinos, which at one time were popular and had a valid license. But this did not stop them from deceiving people. Therefore, we put them on the blacklist. However, it is impossible to ignore this aspect. A casino license speaks about serious intentions because this pleasure is not cheap.

The turnover and the number of players directly affect the reliability of the brand. If no one plays in a casino, a casino earns nothing. Accordingly, in the event of a big win, the gambling site will have to either pay out of its own or close. Therefore, the more players the honest casino has, the more reliable it is, and the lower risk for money. The above list contains only popular projects with over 1000 daily players.

Reviews can turn the game around. It so happened that, I have complied the rating, and also I’m an avid gambler with lots of experience. Basically, you can trust me. If there are valuable reviews on other sites, then I will certainly take them into account. Also, I sometimes contact the players to clarify and update information. Due to the fact that this rating of the best honest online casinos has significant weight, a large number of people visit it every day.

Independent online casino rating

Everyone wants to play at the best honest online casinos. And they should get into the rating but excellent service, and rich collection of games. There are no ads in this rating. This top was compiled for me and my friends. You can completely trust the presented top casinos or you can leave our site and find another one. Everything is up to you.

What is the best online casino?

To choose an honest top online casino, rely on the following parameters. In fact, they are individual for everyone. After all, everyone has different tastes, it’s not possible that everyone will like the exact same casino. That’s why we have casinos with different features. What to look at when choosing a site?

Design is one of the most important parameters, as it’s the first thing you see when opening the site. It affects the comfort and the convenience of looking for a game.

The withdrawal speed is also an important point, but not fundamental since each casino from the list has no problems with paying out money. The difference is in a matter of hours, or even in minutes.

Payment methods are sometimes important, especially now when there are some restrictions and banks can prevent people from using their finances legally by blocking transactions. In addition, a lot of players use cryptocurrencies, and making a deposit using bitcoin is quite common for them.

Bonuses for experienced gamblers are almost the last parameter to which they pay attention. This is necessary for beginners to have more room for maneuver and increase the account credits, and hard-core gamers often prefer not to take gifts and play only for their own means.

How the best online casinos are driving the industry

From the administrator’s eye, you can see much more of what is happening inside the gambling market, other than from the position of an ordinary player. More precisely, ordinary visitors are blind, especially in the beginning. If no one visits the site, then we do not put it in the rating, since it’s not interesting to anyone. But as soon as a casino gained popularity, people wanted their favorite casino to be in the rating.

Among them, we see different casinos, from the safest and honest to very dangerous. Someone is dissatisfied with the fact that his/her favorite casino is not on this list, and someone does not like the position. However, we test the casino and if in a certain casino the withdrawal of money is carried out in 12 hours, then we cannot lie to readers, claiming about the 2 hours of withdrawal. Any deception will sooner or later be revealed, and we cannot return the trust.

In addition, the feedback base is constantly updated. There are negative comments often appear, which show all sides of a casino. When a complete newcomer comes in and learns from other people that some casino has not paid the winnings, delayed the withdrawal or verification, he/she clearly quit the casino and forgets about it. Such interaction of players turns into lost profit for scammers. Of course, they don’t like it. But, in fact, this approach is one of the most productive.

Tips for playing online casinos

  1. Choose from the catalog several gaming sites and try to play all of them. At first, it seems that it is profitable to run from one site to another and receive more and more bonuses. In reality, this is not entirely true. It is much more work on getting the status and fulfilling the loyalty program at one or maximum of two honest online casinos. This will bring more financial benefits.
  2. You can not register multiple accounts, in any case.
  3. If you take a bonus, read the terms carefully so that there are no questions in the future. If the conditions are clear and satisfied, then it is more profitable to take the maximum gift.
  4. Completely confirm the data to get the verification faster and communication with you occurs as quickly as possible. This is necessary for the security of data, money, and, of course, quick solutions to any problem. Verification is required in all the top paying online casino NZ from this rating and not only.
Best Honest Online Casinos NZ
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Luckily, you have an opportunity to figure out the casino’s structure. To be aware of casinos that manipulate with players’ money and provide unfair activities. It’s important to realize the security system, welcome offers and payment methods. There are, actually, few casinos that support all necessary requirements to pay out the most. The real problem comes when you start to search for good platforms and hardly identify the legality and the payoffs process. However, we will show you the main principles of how to find the casino that pays out the most.

Check the important factors

Firstly, look at the ratings and find the ones you think are suitable for you. The ratings are built with strict scores of each category. When we create a rating, we always include the following categories: security, support, welcome offers, game selections, deposits and withdrawals, legality of activities and the interface convenience.

There are few casinos that really payout:

Jackpot City – top casino that pays out really well with a high RTP rate. In fact, RTP stands for Return to Player rate, which means how much money will return back in the long run. The higher the percentage, the higher the amount that will return. Jackpot City has a really high RTP of 95,77%. Moreover, the casino follows all criteria, which we discussed above, including high security, bonuses, fast payment methods and excellent support.


Knowing the main principles of how a casino pays out, you may take all advantages out of that. In addition, don’t forget to check the RTP of a certain game, in order to have a higher chance to win. However, more importantly, check the legality part of the platform. In other cases, you would win nothing.

About 95% of all gambling sites provide visa payments. It is a reliable and fast way to make payments.

Waiting is exhausting. Especially when you wait for your money from online casinos. Actually, you can make attempts to impact the duration of the process. The time of withdrawal depends on several factors. They are withdrawal banking options, overall request processing, security check, bank request and verification.

Verification and safety

As soon as you make a request for payout, the casino’s security control must verify your personality. Apart from your already mentioned info, you may be asked to send some more proofs of your unique identity. That is why the overall processing of the request takes so long. However, some online casinos swear it’s fast and takes no more than 24 hours. If you wish to know which are these fast online casinos, check the relevant article on our site.

Generally, the very first payout procedure takes longer than all the further ones. It’s due to that online casinos need time to verify that it’s exactly you who requests the money. All their actions are done with a safety purpose. So, there’s no need to get annoyed that they are too slow or make you provide some additional docs. It’s their job. Your online casino must be safe and secure, remember?

Banking options

To tell the truth, selection of the banking option is a very important step. When you want to make a request, choose the option suitable to your needs.

  • If you want the winnings right now, fast and easy, choose an e-wallet. Usually online casinos make transactions to e-wallets instantly and very often don’t require any docs to verify you. They offer mainly these options: Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, PayPal, MuchBetter.
  • Another popular method to withdraw winnings is banking cards. No matter if it’s credit or debit. Visa or Mastercard receive the payment within 3 days. The time depends on the security checks.
  • Bank transfer is a classic way to withdraw money. It’s safe and direct, from casino to bank account. One disadvantage is that it takes 3-5 days to transfer.


Remember that the banks can have a security check too. Thus, it all counts as the waiting time of several banking days. If the fast payouts are what you need, then you should follow the formula. Sign up at the fast processing online casino, provide the authentic info about you, choose an e-wallet as a withdrawal option. Otherwise, if you don’t hurry and can wait, bank cards or transfer can be your choice.

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