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Why do Online Casinos collect customer information?

In the era of the Internet, more and more people are thinking about the security of their personal data. Because there are more and more reports of massive leaks and thefts of such information. Fraudsters invent a variety of new ways to use other people’s personal data that fell into their hands. Therefore, online casino users are concerned when the casino asks them to provide detailed personal information. Of course, there are online crypto casinos where you can maintain complete anonymity. But when playing with fiat currencies, you have to go through identification. Is it possible to keep personal information safe? And why do casinos collect our personal information?

Why do players have to fill out profiles?

Reputable gambling sites do not collect personal information for illegal purposes. The reasons why players have to fill out profiles are as follows:

  1. Legal requirements. For example, minor citizens cannot take part in gambling for money. Online casinos cannot afford to take their word for it – they need documentary evidence.
  2. Protecting your interests from bonus hunters. Generous welcome bonuses often attract unscrupulous visitors trying, for example, to re-register for a starter pack.
  3. Financial organizations cooperating with online gambling for legal purposes. Players do not have the right to withdraw funds from casinos to anonymous accounts in national currencies. Therefore, payment systems require casinos to collect personal information when applying for withdrawals.
  4. For statistical research. Usually, for these purposes, only general information is collected, including age group, gender, region of residence, and so on.

The motives of online casinos are clear, but what should a gambler do to minimize the risk of information theft? Experts advise to adhere to these rules:

  • Play only on reliable sites capable of providing a powerful protection system. Such sites get into the top rating of legal online casinos.
  • switch to casinos with cryptocurrency payments. Such transactions do not require the indication of their real data, and therefore they cannot be stolen.

How to choose a licensed online casino?

There are several jurisdictions that issue licenses to operate online casinos. It is good if the casino has documents confirming the license, but it is better to verify their authenticity. In most cases, this is quite simple to check them with the help of special sites, where all licensees are listed and where the player can find support in controversial situations. For example, the UK license is easy to check at the Gambling Commission. This is a regulator that reliably protects the rights of the client. If you have problems with licensed casinos, you can write complaints directly there. Here is a complete list of jurisdictions that are easy to check online:

  • Great Britain.
  • Isle Of Man.
  • Gibraltar.
  • Malta.
  • Alderney.
  • Kahnawake.

How to check the authenticity of a slot

It is quite easy to distinguish script machines from original ones. Each provider has its own servers with a specific address, it is on them that all calculations related to the game are carried out. For example, in a licensed machine from NetEnt, a part of the name of the slot must be present. Different providers will have different names. It is easy to recognize it on the site of a particular developer.

How to determine the reliability of a casino

One of the basic indicators of online casino reliability is a certificate from eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). It is an independent assessment and control body of the international level. It was created in order to form and implement high standards in the online casino market, as well as to protect the rights of players around the world. ECOGRA has a very high status and impeccable reputation; the organization issues quality certificates both to the casinos themselves and to game providers. Read about top rated online casinos in the world with eCOGRA certificates!


With the proper degree of caution regarding your personal information, you can ensure yourself peace of mind and safety even in the Internet age.

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Wondering if it’s real to win money with just simple games? To tell the truth, yes, it is. The online games function just like sports betting. All you have to do is to place a bet, and if it strikes, you win! Of course, it is not so easy. You have to consider several things before you start playing: licensing, fair play, game rules.


Starting with the first point, all the real online casinos are obliged to have a licence. This is kind of approval for the activity they do. The most popular licences are issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Costa Rica. If you notice at least one of these licences at an online casino site, congrats! You’ve come to the right place.

Fair gaming

The fair play refers to the games. In a word, the games should be all fair and have absolutely random results. For the fact that online gambling is a totally random activity, the casinos must implement a Random number generator to all the games in the lobby. Besides, there are special authorities that check if the games are fair and real. These are the famous eCOGRA and Independent Auditors. Usually you can see a relevant report of the tests on the casino websites.

Game rules

And, finally, you should understand that it is extremely important to know what you are playing at. The real big win depends on your knowledge, practice and. of course, RTP. The latter is the percent of money that you take back to your pocket. Basically, the RTP of a good game must be over 95%. Remember, the higher the RTP, the more you win.


Summing up, the online games at casino websites are real. You really can win money with games. But don’t treat it like your main income. Otherwise, you will become gamble addict. All in all, just keep in mind that fair online casinos with money real games must have a licence, fair results certificate and high RTPs of games.

No one can deny that roulette is a perfect game for winning. If you’ve lost playing this game, then you probably don’t know how to play it right. The casino game is easy and requires only little knowledge of the rules and betting stuff. Roulette at online casinos, especially in live mode, are full of benefits for players:

  1. You can place multiple bets and stay in advantage.
  2. Automatic betting strategies always bring profit.
  3. The navigating betting buttons are really helpful.
  4. In live mode you can see the dealer and chat with others.

In order to win a good fortune at roulette, you have only one thing to help you. It’s strategies. However, you have two options for applying these strategies. You can apply the known betting mechanisms which you can find below, or you can make up your own strategy based on your experience.

But, please, if you choose the second variant, practise the game in a free mode. As a result, you’ll get enough experience, you’ll learn all the nuances of roulette and make up your betting strategy that excludes possible mistakes.

Recommended betting strategies for roulette


The system is quite simple. What you need to do is to bet even amounts of money on black & red, odd & even. In other words, wide ranges of betting positions. As soon as you lose a spin, double your bet in order to cover the losses. The system has an effect in a long-term period.

James Bond

The JB system requires a bigger first sum, about $200. Split it into three bets like $140 on high numbers of 19-36, $50 on the line with 13-18, and $10 on zero. If some number fails and you lose, just double the same bet. Continue doubling it until you return the money.


The strategy is easy to apply. You need to increase your bet by $1 after a failing round and by the same $1 after a win. Again this system is effective in the long-term but still it doesn’t require much funds at the start.

Taxes in NZ

Usually, after the successful winnings you will be presented with funny music and flashing lights. However, we need to know whether the gamblers should pay taxes or not. Take into account that the taxation process depends on the particular country. For example, in the US, if the winnings are more than 1200$ you have to make a report. Moreover, you have to prove the identification information of your age and passport. So, in the US you have to pay tax up to 25% depending on the certain game. However, in Canada or New Zealand, there are taxes free. In fact, New Zealander have to pay income tax, but it’s very unusual for winnings to be taxed.


The declarations of your winnings are required in few countries, including the US. However New Zealanders can play for money and win a lot without any taxation from the government.

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