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Types of Licenses for Online Casinos & Top Licensed Casinos NZ

To legally operate in the industry of online gambling related to online casinos, lotto, poker, bingo, and sports betting it is mandatory to obtain a license. If a casino does not provide a license, we do not recommend you to take part in it, since the operator cannot ensure the safety and do some operations. For example, it’s not possible to open a bank account and use pokies and table games by popular software providers. Since casino operators need to make an agreement using software, however, without a license it’s not possible. In addition, casinos with a license often get a lighter tax regime and other benefits.

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Types of licenses for online casinos

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However, it does not mean that casinos with licenses are available in all countries. Many countries prohibit any type of online gambling activity, including casinos with reliable licenses. In addition, local legal regulations change regularly and if today online casinos are legal, tomorrow they are all banned in the country. For example, in 2017, Australia was considered the most gambling country in the world. They were spending over $8 Billion dollars each year playing online casinos. However, in the same year, Australia has introduced Amended Interactive Gambling Law, which prohibits foreign online casinos without an Australian license. It has led to a massive loss of foreign gambling operators in Australia.

Licenses in online casinos increase the confidence of players, removing fears about fake casinos with customized Random Number Generators, and RTP rates of slots. This is due to the audit independent organizations that check the fairness of random operations and issue certificates of conformity. It’s necessary to check for such certificates in the site’s footer. As experienced gamblers, if we see a new casino, we always scroll down to the page to see which licenses and certificates the casino has. And then open the official site of the regulator and find out if there is our casino on the list.

Most reliable online casino regulators

Many online casino owners carefully choose between reliable jurisdictions. It should be reputable and valid in many countries. The list of them is not large, however, most well-known online casinos in the world have licenses of one or several of these jurisdictions.


This small island in the Caribbean has many advantages. For example, it has zero percent on casino profits, low-cost service, and fast registration. Casino owners are required to put their own server on the territory of Curacao. Generally, the online gambling industry forms a huge share of Curacao’s economy. That’s why they provide an attractive tax system for casinos.


There are thousands of players in Canada who love gambling. It’s due to the loyal attitude towards gambling at the legislative level. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996, with one of the functions to issue licenses for online casinos. Kahnawake license takes a service charge of $65,000 to get the license for the first time, including a $40,000 fee in the first year, a $15,000 technical review cost, and a $10,000 fee to renew the license annually.


Malta Gambling Authority issues 2 types of licenses (B2B and B2C) for a period of five years. This is one of the most difficult licenses to get. Online casinos with Maltese licenses have a solid reputation of a reliable operators. They are on the “white list” of the UK Gambling Regulator, which makes it possible to provide service to British players. MGA supports the Responsible Gaming Authority, which ensures players’ data protection.

The licensing procedure takes place in several stages. First, the MGA considers the application for a few weeks and then issues a temporary license for 6 months. After that, they check the casino’s operations and make the analysis. Based on the results, it decides whether to issue the license or not. If everything is good, they issue the license for a period of 5 years. The tax rates depend on the casino’s income. On average, it ranges between 0.55% to 1.25%.


To receive a gambling license from Gibraltar, the casino’s owner should provide proof of the financial stability of the company or a business plan. Also, casinos which want to get the Gibraltar license must be ready to conduct transactions such as payout of winnings through the Gibraltar banks. The license fee is %1 of casino profit, but not less than $85,000 per year.


Licensing is one of the most important legal aspects of operating an online casino. It attracts players with full transparency, security of financial transactions, and the overall fairness of casino operations. It makes players loyal to your place. Therefore, the player will be sure in every spin, every deal of cards behind the poker table, and a fair random number generator. We should tell that all casinos under these jurisdictions are legal for New Zealand players. Moreover, players can always make a complaint about the casino to the regulator. In such a scenario, the casino may lose the license, and earn a bad reputation among gambling lovers. So, with a license, there is no place for fraud and customizations of gaming software.

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That is quite reasonable why a person might get a thought of starting its own online gambling business. It brings much profit, especially nowadays when online related industries are at the top. Just like the huge yearly revenues of online casinos, one has to spend the big sums of money for the business launch.

Gambling business requires many responsibilities and attention. The known stereotype about casinos that they are always cheating impose additional obligations on the casino owners. They have to license their business activity, get special certificates and constantly prove that they are safe and fair.

This ‘proof’ costs money which you as a potential owner need to pay at the very beginning. All the licenses, certificates and security technologies are the first instruments that you have to think of before you start. Not a single high roller or even a regular player will make funds into an ‘unknown’ casino without an official license.


However, in order to receive a license you need to accomplish several steps. First one is to create the company according to the laws of the country that allows running online casinos. They are usually small countries like Malta, Costa Rica, Gibraltar or it can be the UK, by the way. The company registration cost varies. In the UK it’s 550 euros, in Costa Rica you would have to pay almost 3,000 euros. However, Gibraltar and Curacao don’t take charges at all. So, let’s take the average cost of the registration of a legal entity – $1,000.

Gambling platform

The site content is the most important. It’s the face of the online casino. The real money attractive games are what people come for to the online casinos. Basically, you need to make a deal with at least one software provider and have a minimum of 500 games in your casino lobby. Nevertheless, the more games and providers, the more customers. The price is different again. It varies from $10,000 to $150,000. It depends on the provider reputation and amount of games you purchase. Mind that you will have to pay commission from each game. About 15% from one game revenue goes to the provider. Averagely, you could pay about $50,000 for games including commission.


Finally, you can apply for the license. This step allows you to host servers and represent casino games worldwide (where they are accepted by laws, of course). Generally, the licensee is based in the same country where you registered your casino business. Accordingly, the price varies. For example, in the well-reputed Malta you can get the MGA license for about $18,000 + the same for annual fee, in total over $35,000. In Costa Rica you’ll pay totally $50,000. Besides, the license doesn’t last forever. It’s issued for several years. On average, 6 years is the expiry date. So, let’s assume that the first licensing costs $50,000 including the cost itself and annual fee.

Website development

Your casino site should be, first of all, clear and easy to navigate. Whenever a visitor enters the site, he or she must understand what the casino offers: games, bonuses, banking options, support, security and etc. Clarity, transparency and availability of all website options. The whole development of the website costs from $10,000 to $50,000. Though we can’t deny additional losses. Let’s take $50,000 for the website development stage.


This step is necessary for all businesses. In order to let people know about you, you need a marketing plan including advertising, SEO content and affiliates. Your minimal marketing losses can be $20,000. However, it doesn’t make much sense as it pays off quite a little. For the good profitable marketing system you can pay $100,000 and even $200,000 monthly. Additionally, you will have to pay a fixed sum and sort of 20% commission to the partners that brought you clients. All in all, for the advertising stage we have approximately $100,000 a month which annually is $1,200,000.

Casino maintenance

Here you should include, first of all, salaries for your staff. It should be a whole team of specialists in the fields of design, web development, security service, support, sales and marketing, finance and copywriting. In addition, you will have to maintain the site and its security system annually. The total cost of this all will be about $500,000 a year. It depends on the salary amounts you can afford, of course.

Payouts guarantee

This is a specific amount of money you save in the bank as a guarantee that you are able to give payouts to your players. It can’t be used for taxes and other expenses. This is a necessary fund, and its minimum depends on the registration country. It will cost you about $100,000.

Total calculations

If we consider each expense given above, the online casino site costs $1,951,000 at the start. Still, you have to understand that this sum is not exact. In reality you may pay more or even less. Anyway, considering all the necessary and additional expenses, you need to have at least $2 million in your account to open and maintain the casino site during one year. With an excellent marketing plan you can compensate for the losses during a couple of years, or even less period of time.

The problem of choosing the platform to play depends on the specific casinos. You probably have no idea which casino provides a suitable payment method for you. In fact, it’s the most discussed question. To begin with, let’s describe the main representatives for making deposits and withdrawals.

Payment methods

Firsty, these are e-wallet examples, Skrill, InstaDebit, PayPal, Neteller, and EcoPayz. Secondly, there are cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card and Maestro. Also, let’s talk about other variants of money transferring. There are bank transfers, e-bank transfers and Pre-paid options. Basically, all of them have different features. For example, e-wallets are the most popular method, because it provides the fastest money transferring process. Moreover, all of them are used to make deposits and withdrawals, except prepaid cards.

How to use them?

In order to make a deposit go to the cashier of your casino and choose the suitable options for you. Then, fill in the necessary information and click the “Withdraw” or “Deposit” buttons.
Let’s look at the payout average time:

  • E-wallets – 0 – 72 hours (the fastest)
  • Bank transfer – 5-7 days
  • Card – instant
  • Prepaid cards – instant


It’s very important to know the payment system while choosing the casino. A reliable payment influences the fact that you can withdraw your winnings safely. The online casinos are struggling with making transactions, however there are many options to make fast payouts. Make sure to check the methods before registering an account. All in all, you can find the review of casino with detailed payments system

How to define the legality of this casino?

First of all, identify the main regulator. It shows the degree of loyalty the casino provides to its users. For example, the Grand Mondial casino is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as a result, the casino was strictly tested by the safety options. Kahnawake GC, Malta GA, UK Gambling Commission are the trusted platforms in the gambling industry. In case you see one of these regulators in the description of the casino, be sure, the casino is safe. Moreover, there is another company which checks the safety of casinos. I’m talking about the eCOGRA. This company issues the certificates of the fair activities in the casino.


All things considered, there is nothing difficult to identify the legality of a casino. Just make sure you checked two factors I mentioned and play safely.

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