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We are glad to welcome you to the website about gambling. This resource was created specifically in order to collect all the important and useful information related to online casinos, as well as help our readers in choosing interesting, reliable, and high-quality virtual gambling sites. Therefore, we decided to make a small overview of our most popular and demanded sections. It will help both novice players to take the right step and experienced professionals to find something new and interesting about tops casino online.

Online casino rating, the best and most reliable casinos. Start with the worthy ones!
Here you can find the overall rating of online casinos, which we carefully select and independently test. You can be sure that if the casino is on our list, then it is definitely worth your attention. Also here you will see the current rating of online casinos in 2021. The rating is presented in the form of convenient blocks in which you can see all important information: the percentage and size of the bonus, wager, software, percentage of payments, as well as links to the review and the gambling official website itself. We are sure that this table will greatly facilitate your search for a decent online casino and save time.

A selection of top-quality casinos

The top online casinos, of course, must have certain qualities and meet high requirements. It should not only be reliable and honest but also create a certain cozy atmosphere, treats clients at the highest level, ensuring their comfort. The list of the best online casinos we have compiled gives you access to the highest quality virtual casinos. We have spent hundreds of hours testing dozens of popular and well-known sites to select the best of the best. In addition, we suggest looking at a separate table. Top online casinos 2021, or top no deposit online casinos to find out which sites are the most relevant and in-demand this year.

Top 5 winning online casinos

In the Top 5 casinos section, we have collected the ten top casinos according to the Casino Review section, which offers licensed software with interesting games with top-quality graphics and interesting bonuses, as well as provides top-quality services. These virtual clubs always have a friendly atmosphere, loyal rules in relation to the player, professional service, and convenient ways to deposit/withdraw. Top 5 online casinos are dynamic, so new decent casinos will be added to it. One of the main criteria for choosing in this table for online casinos is the rate of payments, their speed, and reliability.

Jackpot City


Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Platinum Play

NZ$ 800

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Royal Vegas


Welcome Bonus

Official and licensed casinos. Why is it important for the player?

Official online casinos offer quality software and legal games. In this section on our website, you will find all the official online casino sites that are worth considering for playing. Each of us has different tastes, but we firmly believe that each of our readers deserves the best. We tried to collect interesting and high-quality casinos in one place with good bonuses and games that work officially. This means that any club from the list is registered and operates in strict accordance with the laws of the regulatory country.

The Licensed Casinos section contains all the casinos that operate under a legal license. As you know, the gambling industry requires a special permit, so only licensed online casinos to have the right to carry out such activities on the internet. Stay away from illegal casinos in every possible way since there are no guarantees that you will be paid the winnings. If you want to protect yourself and save time looking for a reliable site, look at our rating of licensed online casinos, and you will definitely find the right one for you here.

Have you decided to play in an online casino for real money? Read this article first!

As you might guess from the name, the Casinos for real money section contains the most interesting online casinos for real money. Before you take this very serious step, we recommend that you read about the important nuances of money transactions, payments, and verification of a casino account. But the question of why it is worth making real bets, and not using free chips, I think is no longer relevant to you? The answer is simple – excitement, the anticipation of winning, and the opportunity to hit the real jackpot!

When playing on “Fake” casinos, none of the above is present. You just spin the reels for fun to kill your time. We hope that the tops of online casinos for real money that we have collected in this section will help you make the right choice faster.

Roulette in online casinos

Well, and of course, roulette, which no gambling club can do without! Not all players love slot machines. Especially for such readers, we have prepared a selection of useful articles and lists of reliable casinos for playing online roulette, which contains the highest quality and visually perfect models. Please note that not all online casinos have roulette as an important element of the gaming lobby. And in some of them you can’t play roulette at all, so feel free to use our list of the best roulette clubs!

How to create a top of online casinos?

Thanks to the Internet and the most modern technologies, we can get a lot of unique opportunities. This applies to entertaining activities, various games, and the search for useful information. Many people use services based on gambling from time to time. They are online casinos. Here you can find the top-rated online slots, additionally, with loyalty program bonuses and high-quality service. If you are just starting your career as a professional player, then be sure to check out the rating of the TOP ONLINE CASINO NZ. Thanks to this list, you can choose the most optimal option for a pleasant play. Gambling sites can give you the opportunity to increase your family budget without leaving your home. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to invest in games, you can use the demo version.

What is included at the top?

Every day more and more casinos appearing on the Internet. The constant updating of the online casino rating can greatly simplify the choice of the player. After reading the relevant articles, you can easily vote in favor of a particular casino.

Unfortunately, it is often possible to get to the sites of scammers who want to steal money from their players. This problem is also solved by the rating of online casinos.
How does a casino rank among the best casinos?

As a rule, the rating is based on the site traffic by the players. This data is publicly available on the casino’s website, and reviews of regular players are also taken into account. These two parameters are the basis for compiling the rating. Already further taken into account:

  • Loyalty program;
  • Official site interface;
  • Completeness of the catalog;
  • Site design;
  • Technical support work.

Each item makes adjustments and affects the position in the list of the rating of a casino. Therefore, it is worth taking into account when initially choosing an online casino. The list fully reflects the pros and cons of the casino, shows users absolutely all the pitfalls, and helps to make your stay in the casino safe. The rating often helps beginners to avoid mistakes and major losses of money.

Tops Casino Online
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Slots are the most popular genre of casino games. There are thousands, or better to say millions of slot machines in the online gambling market. Every respected gambler knows which slot game has the highest RTP and which slot provider makes amazing HD animation. Online slots have the following features which are actually known to everyone in the business.

  1. Slots are simple, have special symbols and features that tend to help winning.
  2. Like any other casino game, slot machines are powered by RNG, so it’s totally impossible to cheat.
  3. Slots have the smallest RTPs compared to the table and live games.

Slots are hard to beat, that is true. They have the shield in the form of the RNG. However, don’t get upset too fast. You can’t beat it but you can increase the chances of beating it. There are simple rules that you have to follow in order to benefit from a slot machine session.

Start at the smallest

Your first bet should be small, the minimum. Make a couple of spins and raise the bet as soon as you win. However, when you get a constant range of losing results, lower the bet at minimum.

Keep the minimal track

The RNG is built to make you lose a couple of rounds. Or a couple of five rounds in a row. It’s okay. It never means that the slot is rigged (unless you play at the fraudulent casino). It just means that the casino takes its edge to the house. You will have that money back eventually. But you have to keep betting the minimum.

Quit at the right time

Sometimes it gets until you don’t have the money on your balance. This is happening to everybody. It means you’ve deposited too little sum. Still, if you don’t have spare money to deposit and have negative feelings about the session, you should quit. Close the game and the casino site. Come back when you feel free and relaxed.


These are just simple recommendations but as soon as you try to apply them during your gameplay, you will see their advantage. They won’t make you waste a lot of money and will prolong your gaming process. It’s possible to beat a slot machine, but you have to be patient and have extra money in case you lose too fast at the start.

As soon as you join the online casinos world and may have already spent a couple of hundreds on games, you don’t want to lose anymore. Your only chance left is to learn how to play wisely. Using some knowledge, you can win a lot more than usual. Of course, it may not save you from losing as far as the games’ results are random. But it can help you try to win every time you play. I’m going to tell you some simple but true pieces of advice on how to make every game work on you.

Right casino is required

Before you start to play games and join the online casino itself, you need to choose it. The very correct way to choose the casino is to check it for the following points.

  • Licence. Every well-reputable casino has a licence. Usually issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Costa Rica or others.
  • Terms. Read the conditions and policy thoroughly. If something confuses you, it can be a wrong online casino.
  • Feedback. Don’t ever deny comments on the online casino you choose. The real comments from real players can be the key to searches of the perfect casino.

Game with a high pay

Indeed, what helps you to win is the game itself. Each game has an RTP percentage. It’s the amount of money you return. Remember that RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, don’t waste your time and money on this game. The percentage is given in the game rules, so you’ll easily find it. In general, the highest RTPs are found in table games like blackjack and poker. Slots are considered to have low RTPs. But you can still find good ones from Microgaming or NetEnt.

Master the game

The most useful thing you can do to win money is to learn the game you’re playing. Being a professional at one and only online game is extremely important. You have to learn the game rules and practice it a million times. It doesn’t mean that you need to play all this time for money. Alternatively, use the free mode to master the game. Once you feel like a guru of the game, proceed to real money mode of gaming.

Use strategy

Even though you’re a professional, you can’t just play the game and win. It doesn’t work like this. You have to build a strategy. It can be a betting strategy when you play slots, for example. Firstly, bet the smallest amount, then bet gradually higher, and maybe again low. It’s your strategy according to your game knowledge,

In case you play table games, for example, roulette, you can also use the betting strategy. Let yourself bet on several options with various bet sizes. For example, everyone knows that in order to win at roulette one should place bets on odds and even, or other cross-related sections.

Remember about promos

Promotions are supposed to be beneficial for players. Equally for online casinos though. Learn the promo page of your casino, especially the wagering requirements for each offer. Choose a promo and use it wisely to benefit more from an online game. Implement the promo into your gaming strategy, thus you’ll get more chances to win every time you play.

Stop at the right time

The final hint for your next winning round is to stop. Once you are a winner, quit the game. Right away. Don’t make other spins. It’s the main mistake of all gamblers. They never know when to stop and lose more and more with every step. Make different moves. Stop playing as soon as your balance gets higher than the initial. It’s your most obligatory step if you want to win every time.

Recommendations for winning at a casino.

Everyone dreams about easy money. That is why the online casinos, million dollar Jackpots and impressive bonuses were created initially. However, you can hardly win a big sum unless you’re the luckiest guy in the world. So, what to do and how to win those desired millions if your hand is not lucky enough? I will tell you some recommendations. Please, take it seriously and use them wisely. Otherwise, they won’t make sense.

First of all, the gambler must be confident in the gambling site. Make sure it is trusted and really pays out. If you feel confused at this point, refer to our list of top trusted online casinos in the whole New Zealand.

Secondly, when you joined the real casino and managed to give it a couple of money losing spins, go back to the lobby. You should find the game having the highest return to player. For your information, the RTP is considered high if it’s over 95%. Where to find the RTP number? Basically, in the game rules.

  • A hint. You can make a wiser step and just find a list of all games RTP at your online casino. Usually, they place the document right on the website. Check the list and find the game with 99% RTP. In general, such games are table, like poker, blackjack or the old baccarat.

After you find the game, you need to practice it in free mode. No matter if you are a gambler with 20 years experience or a newbie in this game, you have to know the rules and how it behaves in practice. If you feel you have practiced enough, you can finally make a deposit and play for your money.

Play responsibly and don’t get addicted. If you have a feeling that something goes wrong, quit the game and complete it the next time. Surely, later you will have a cool head and easy hands.

Tips for jackpot

Finally, you can play progressive Jackpots from time to time. It’s always a sudden surprise to hit a Jackpot. Remember some tips for Jackpot and don’t get fully involved in gambling.

  • Spin Jackpot in the evening or at night. This time more players spin the big sum game. It means that one of these spins can be yours.
  • Don’t bet too much for a spin. It will not serve you well. If you hit the Jackpot, you’ll win the Jackpot money.
  • Play at the limited Jackpot games. In other words, daily or monthly ones. They are more likely to hit very soon, especially by the end of the period because it hasn’t been hit yet (if so).

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