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Top Rated Online Casino Real Money

It is difficult to settle for one option when there is such a huge choice. It seems that you read and understand, and think this is yours, but then you see another good online casino, and the choice becomes difficult. Sound familiar? Imagine what it would be like to put it all together when you have to make a list of hundreds of options with good recommendations for readers. Own experience of the game helps. I don’t understand how others compose their ratings. Navigation, they are based on some other indicators and opinions. This casino rating for money will help you figure it out and save a lot of time on experience and experiments when choosing one or another top rated online casino real money.

I cannot respond to comments from readers, emails, or other communications. We have to regularly monitor authoritative sites, including New Zealand’s sites. Otherwise, the picture will not work out. Complete beginners are better off playing in proven gambling sites from the top 5 online casinos rating for real money. As you gain experience, you can expand your pool of games.

Top 5 casinos

We have placed the top 5 most reliable, honest, and proven at the top of our ranking. Top 5 Casinos in New Zealand for 2020-2021 are:

1. Jackpot City

2. Spin Casino

3. Platinum Play

4. Royal Vegas

5. Cosmo Casino

If you just want to choose an online casino to play for money, but also to understand the nuances, then carefully read the page below.

Top-rated online casino real money

Any self-respecting casino values ​​the reputation that has been built over the years. And in our age of high technologies and at the pick of development of the Internet, it is possible to break something that was built for a long time. Just a few wrong decisions can break the casino’s reputation and force you to close the site. Many casinos have been working for a long time. They always had generally positive reviews, but a few unpopular decisions cost them a lot of reputational losses. Below is a list of indicators that we pay attention to when we rate this or that casino

The main criteria for the best casinos are:

  • Reputation and customer trust;
  • Wide range of games;
  • High percentage of return;
  • Fast verification;
  • Fast payouts;
  • Developed loyalty system and bonus policy;

We also pay attention to a large number of players. If few people visit the casino, then it hardly earns money, but the casino can be at a loss. In this case, it may simply not have the funds to pay the successful players. There were many such cases, so it is better to play it safe and not be fooled by free cheese and promises.

Who Creates Real Money Slots?

Most of all, people are attracted to gambling by slot machines. This is the simplest and most spectacular game. In slots, you can get cool emotions and win real money high. Fortunately or unfortunately, in roulette or blackjack you cannot catch the multiplication of the bet by 20,000x. Today, there is fierce competition in the provider market. To attract players simply by the opportunity to win a lot. It will not work, and the old games are no longer so popular with the young audience. Now the graphics, convenience of the interface, and the story are important.

Good rendering quality is an absolute standard. Nobody will play the ever-lagging slot either. There should be a twist in the game. The player wants not just scrolls, but also passage, levels, various rewards, and, preferably, various bonuses. Now there are several providers who are doing a great job:


Netent is one of the most famous and popular developers today. It ranks first in the rating at the moment, but competitors are also close. Among his best games chosen by gambling, addicts are Space Wars, Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2, Jack and beanstalk, Divine Fortune, Hotline, Gonzos quest, Starburst. There are more than 200 variants in total. We are constantly working on improving and adding new games.

Big Time Gaming

The Big Time Gaming provider is not currently the favorite among the clients of the best casinos. However, each new day, it becomes more and more interesting and attractive for players of different suits. First of all, it is good because it can potentially bring multiplication up to x100000. Moreover, this applies to all slot machines, and there are not so many of them, for a minute. In addition to the cool multiplier, you can buy bonus games in them, and this simplifies the process for those who like quick risks and results.


It is impossible not to mention the long-loved creator of slot machines Microgaming. These are Immortal Romance, Game of Thrones, Joker. The old company and their most popular slots are still visited by millions of gamblers, millions of dollars are won. This all happens despite the strong competitors and the fact that the quality of the picture is lame. No problem. Classics are always appreciated!


In games from the Igrosoft provider, the picture quality is even more lame than in Microgaming. But everyone knows Crazy Monkey, Strawberries, and many other toys that were almost the only ones in the nineties and 2000s. These are special memories and nostalgia specifically for the New Zealanders, who remember this peculiar sound of coins and reels in smoky halls.

What bonuses and promotions are there?

In order to attract new visitors now, you cannot do without such a powerful marketing tool as the provision of cash bonuses. Absolutely all the best online casinos are guilty of this. And not only the best. It is worth noting that this technique is used not only to attract new players but also to retain old gamers. And the players only benefit from this, so it’s definitely not worth complaining.

Bonuses can be classified on various casinos. First of all, these are rewards by status (newbies and regular customers). The second classification is for deposit and no deposit. The third is money and free spins. Check out the top 10 online casino no deposit!

It’s up to you whether it is worth using promotions from gambling sites or not. Be sure to pay attention to the wagering requirements. If you received 100% on the deposit (in fact, doubling the account), then you will not be able to withdraw twice as much without a game. Although earlier, it was possible to withdraw the winnings without wagering. Golden times! And this was used by scammers.

So, a wager is a condition for laundering and legalizing a bonus. For example, the received $30 with a wager of x30 means that you need to place bets in the amount of $30 × 30 = $900. In fact, a fairly large percentage of people launder from the first deposit. And then the output becomes available.

Should I take bonuses?

If the wager is no more than x50 and there are no restrictions on slots, then it’s worth it. Go to a slot machine with a high percentage of return and spin at a rate of 1-2 percent of the total bank. Here, even from $15, you can wind up the number of bets at least a million, but again everything depends primarily on luck.

There is some interest in this, and it adds color to the daily routine of the gambling addict. It’s one thing to just press the button and wait for the bonus, and quite another to maneuver through different games and try to recapture the bonus funds. But here it is a personal matter, so it remains only to advise you to adequately assess your strengths and resources.

Ranked top 5 casinos to play for real money

In the proposed rating of the best casinos in terms of payments, there are both domestic projects and foreign ones. Therefore, you can safely choose also by this criterion. Nevertheless, none of them have problems with the payment of funds.

We recommend that you always fully verify your account and payment methods before starting the game in order to get paid as soon as possible. 34% of players forget to do it in a timely manner, so they lose money without waiting for the withdrawal.

For example, the online casino Jackpot City has excellent ratings and reviews. In 2019, they had a record win of 15 million dollars in one slot machine. And they paid the whole sum without any delay. Thus, only verified and honest casinos are included in the top 5 online casinos for real money.

Top list of the best casinos on the internet

The availability of online gambling is the reason a large number of people play in online casinos. The casino rating for money, which consists of a list of online casinos, helps beginners decide which site to choose. But it’s not just beginners looking for top casinos. Experienced players are also often looking for the best conditions for themselves. In this case, they are interested in such parameters as bonuses, the availability of software (providers) of interest, a large selection of slots, fast payouts, and, of course, a clean reputation.

Based on these criteria, visitors leaf through the list and stop at the most suitable option for themselves. Oddly enough, gamblers sometimes have completely different preferences. Someone, having no experience, goes to the casino from the top of the rating, and carefully studies it, and then makes choice. In any case, each of the projects presented here is top-notch and deserves a mention and free advertising.

Where is the best place to make money with a casino?

Today it is possible to earn a lot with online gambling. This is a great opportunity if you want to money easy effective. In addition, today there are quite a few sites with online games that offer various options for slot machines. It is best to choose them carefully, taking into account the reviews of such sites and the reliability of earning with their help. Also, do not forget that your earnings will depend on how proven a particular site is.

That is why it is best to trust only trusted sites that have been on the market for a long time and are distinguished by their verification and quality. Playing online games can earn money anywhere in the world and be unattached to any location. This is definitely an advantage, especially for those who want to have an active income, but without much effort.

We recommend increasing your earnings by using a reliable site here. You can earn considerable amounts and at the same time, without effort. All that is needed is 18 years of age, documents confirming this, as well as basic knowledge of the casino game. This will help you get a safe and secure income.

Then you will be able to earn securely and without any fears. Also, remember that it is important to pay attention to reviews about such a casino, so as not to be mistaken and choose the best option for yourself. Also, remember that such a casino should be comfortable for playing and earning money.

Choosing a reliable online service

Talking about how to choose an online casino. It is important to consider a few of the following points:
First, pay attention to how reliable and proven a particular casino is. This is very important if you want your earnings to be reliable and efficient;

Study the reviews about such a casino to understand whether you should play on such a site, or it is better to find a more reliable and proven option for yourself. Reviews will help you not to be mistaken when choosing a place to make money.

As we said above, today there are quite a few online earning options on the market, which offer to play and earn at the same time. It is very important to carefully choose such a casino in order to make money reliably with it. Many have heard that scammers often trade on the Internet. If you do not want to become another victim, be very careful when choosing such casinos.

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At the present days there have appeared a lot of payment systems. They all are secure and fast. Ecopayz is one of them. Basically, it is an international e-wallet which processes money online quickly and safely. It has become popular among online casinos. By 2020, almost every Internet casino allows you to deposit or withdraw through ecopayz. NZ players are glad with the service too. They choose ecopayz for the following reasons:

  • Ecopayz accepts NZD currency.
  • The system is worldwide.
  • No need to enter your bank card info.
  • On the other hand, ecopayz can be connected with cards and send money to your bank and backwards.
  • Protects your private info and adds a security layer to transactions.
  • Fast as lightning for deposit and withdrawal.

Ecopayz is definitely an advantageous method of payment. To make a transaction to or from an online casino, you only have to know which gambling sites accept ecopayz. Let me list the most popular and safest of them available for New Zealand players. You should remember one thing: clarify if the online casino accepts ecopayz for both-way transactions.

  1. Casumo
  2. Spin Casino
  3. Lucky Days
  4. Night Rush
  5. Dunder
  6. 888 Casino
  7. Casino-X
  8. Genesis Casino
  9. Royal Panda
  10. Yako Casino

Let me guess, you have deposited to an online casino, lost in the game and now wish to receive your money back. Or ok, maybe you’ve faced a fraudulent casino? In both cases you can dispute the money, but the result will be completely different. Besides, it’s a consequential issue to dispute the charges. So, you’d better think wisely before you actually make a chargeback request.

Necessary requirements

First of all, I’d like to explain some facts to you. These are mainly the requirements by the moment you decide to dispute.

  • Chargeback is the service of bank credit cards using Visa, Mastercard, also bank transfers and some e-wallets like Neteller.
  • The request for dispute has time limits. In other words, you can make a request within 120 calendar days only. If you haven’t made up your mind during 4 months, further it’ll be impossible.

Later, I’ll describe each case (lost game and frauds) and give you the useful tips for a successful dispute of your charges from online casinos. Mind that the moment when you’ll have done it, the situation may lead to unpleasant consequences.

So, if you lose a game as all typical gamblers do right after deposit, you can’t just request for your money back. It even makes no sense. Like you deposited, you played and you lost. It’s almost the same as when you buy some food – buy, eat and are hungry again in two hours. Basically, the online casinos sell service. They give you a chance to play games for money. And the result, either you win or lose, depends on you and your actions.

Be careful!

Apparently, any attempts to dispute the money will be declined by both casino and your bank. For the reason that the service was provided, thus you played, and you got a fair result, so face it. There is only one possible reason to tell the bank. It’s charging the online casino of faulty activity. Starting from rigged games and ending in a totally fake fraudulent casino. However, be realistic, this statement will need proof. Very likely that the online casino will provide all the records where it states that you have played the games and successfully lost the deposited money. As a result, the dispute request will be declined. Unless you have a true proof that you’ve been deceived, you can’t take money back.

Is it still possible?

Speaking of a true situation with online frauds, whether it’s a fake casino or just someone has stolen your credit card, it will be much easier to prove. With such a statement and no visible authentic proof of a contrary, the bank will charge the money back. But it’s not a relief for you. This time you need to prove that the online casino provides faulty service including evidentiary material of a licence absence and rigged games. The former you can find out, no problem, but the latter is hard to get. The RTPs are private records of the service provider. Although it’s hardly possible to request for chargeback, stars can align and somehow you’ll get the money back.

Still after the dispute come the consequences. Get ready to be banned by the online casino. Most probably you’ll get into the blacklist of the company and all associated online casinos. Even though your request is accepted, and everything seems fine, your further chargeback requests will affect your gambling reputation. Thus you’ll not avoid the blacklist.


All in all, I recommend thinking thoroughly before making the actual request. Mind that whether you are right or wrong about the casino service, it may lead to the court. Trust me, it’s not worth it with all the further court consequences unless you’ve deposited a million dollars which I really doubt.

The reason why everyone wants to beat, cheat or win at online casinos is money. This is so greedy that we even forget about simple joy and fun. Of course, it’s a lot more cheerful to enjoy games when you’re winning than losing. But the gambling sites tend to bring rather failure. Still the question is open: how to beat the casino games in a legal manner. Well, if you are so obsessed with it, let me clarify some ideas for you.

Use strategies

The only legal way to win at casinos is using strategies. However, you should understand that strategies don’t give you a 100% assurance of winning. Using strategies you may with equal success lose money. There are different strategies found on the net, but the fact is that they can only work in individual cases. So, you’ll have to make them up by yourself. I’m just going to tell you about the most common working tips that you can use to create your own beating strategy for each particular game.

Learn the rules

First of all, know the rules of the game. Either you’re playing blackjack or slot, no matter. Start with checking the rules. Although they are quite typical, still each game is different and requires attention to the rules. Especially, if we’re speaking about card games. You have to understand what the ‘insurance’ or ‘3:2’ mean. Figure it out by yourself and build up your own winning strategy at each unique game.

Play for free first

Testing games before you play for money will also boost your strategy process. Don’t ignore the free mode. Practising for free will save your money and clarify some points at game rules which you don’t really understand. However, remember that strategy used in free mode games might not work with the real money mode.

Whether you are a high roller or have just a couple of bucks in pocket, place small bets at the beginning. The first rounds tend to be losing as you have to warm up your nerves. So, it’s never advisable to begin with high stakes. Calm down your feelings and save the budget. You can raise the bets after you make 10-20 spins.

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