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Top Pokies for Windows Phone users in NZ

Before you see the real top of games, you should see how we test games and the criteria we take to review the slot. As a part of the review process, we have to make sure that the review is written by a gambling expert with a huge knowledge set and great experience in gambling industry. To write a useful article, we take time to assess everything concerning each game. Therefore, it’s important to check an adaptivity for Windows phones and to see how it works with this type of operating system. However, we understand that IOS and Android devices are more popular than Windows, that’s why it might not work in the same way. Mostly we look at the volatility of pokies, RTP, paylines, bonus features, and other necessary aspects.

How to play pokies from Windows phone, guide!

In fact, there are not a big range of devices that operate with Windows, however, they exist and many people use them. For example, there are Microsoft, Acer, HTC and Nokia, which use Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, the number of available casino apps wishes for the best, therefore, the access will be made mostly through the internet browser.

Quick look at the process to launch a slot

  1. Use our list of top pokies to choose the most suitable for you
  2. Look at the list of casinos that provide this game. Check the safety aspect of these casinos
  3. When you open an account, don’t forget to apply a welcome bonus
  4. Find the game and go for it

Are pokies safe?

In general, you have to check just two segments to be sure of safety. Both, the casino and the game must provide a license from a reliable gambling authority. The majority of popular casinos hold the license under the jurisdiction of Malta. We advise you to play casino with the logo of Malta Gaming Authority. Of course, it’s not the only one reliable regulator, but we recommend you to choose casinos which hold MGA licenses. It’s still a good range of available casinos with this regulator, which accept Windows phone users. Malta Gaming Authority is famous for two reasons. First, it keeps players safe and protects them from fraud. Secondly, it checks the casino attitude toward players.

Popular types of pokies for Windows users

  • Online video pokies – that’s pretty much the basic type of slot. The biggest brands launch video pokies regularly. It comes with a big number of features, bonus games, fascinating symbols and interesting themes.
  • 3D pokies – is a new slot genre. The interface is made in 3D format. It looks really amazing, however, the selection of games is limited.
  • Jackpots Slots – this genre gained the popularity extremely fast. That’s because it allows players to win enormous sums of money for a small outlay. Usually, they are represented as progressive jackpots. It means that the amount of jackpot is rising slowly each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.

Top pokies for Windows users

In fact, the number of pokies that you can play on your Windows phone is impressive. Actually, there are thousands to choose from, so in the list below you can see the most popular examples to experience excellent gameplay.

  • Mega Moolah – is a king of progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming.
  • Starburst Touch – great slot by NetEnt.
  • Superman the Movie – amazing adaptation of DC movie by PlayTech
  • Aliens – nice thematic pokie by NetEnt
  • DC Justice League – another comics fan slot by the NextGen


All things considered, it is possible to play casino pokies through the Windows device. The range of options is limited, nevertheless, there are thousands of reliable slots to play. Moreover, you can play for free and for real money. Some pokies are allowed to play the demo version, in order to get to know the game and learn the rules.

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The issue of payout always arouses many questions among players. Probably, the reason for this mistrust of online casinos is elicited by the bad experience with fraudulent casinos. In fact, many people face fake casinos on the internet. They deposit, play but never get anything back. Or some players might have a bad experience with real casinos. Such a problem as no-paying-out because you violated the casino terms.

Why it doesn’t pay back?

If we don’t consider all these misunderstandings between player and casino, It’s 100% true that online casinos really pay out. Every time a player requests, verifies the account, and under condition that he or she hasn’t validated the rules. As you can see, there are only two requirements for the successful withdrawal that results in having real money in your hands.

Do the homework!

Nevertheless, I feel obliged to point out the important things to consider. First of all, you should wonder about payouts before you actually sign up at any online casino. You need to see the proof that your selected online casino is not a fraud. It should be licensed, real and certified. And, please, follow the golden rule of all experienced gamblers – read the terms of an online casino before you register.

The process of withdrawing is what players are looking forward to. Sometimes the online casinos are so fast that you can’t even say a word, the money is already in your bank account. But, unfortunately, there are casinos with a slower procedure. It takes them three, five or even ten days to process your request. In fact, it’s not all the fault of the online casino. To tell the truth, a money transaction is such a scrupulous thing that has to pass through several steps.

Banking options

First of all, the speed of withdrawal depends on the banking option you choose for payout. If you choose a bank card or transfer, prepare for a long waiting. Usually it takes about 3-5 banking days. Sometimes 1-2 days, but it’s rare due to the fact that the bank security department must check and confirm all the data. The fastest option is an e-wallet, of course. It processes money transactions within minutes. Instantly in some cases. Generally, it doesn’t even require any docs for verification. I’d say an e-wallet is the fastest and easiest method to take winnings from online casinos.

Casino department

There is a constituent of online casinos too. It’s the request processing. The department responsible for the withdrawal requests also affects the total waiting period. Of course, every online casino swears they do it momentarily and later it all depends on the banks. However, the casinos check the data and documents too before they send the request further. It’s an obligatory security measure. So, it may take some time. In case they lack some info about you, they might ask you to provide it. Be prepared. As soon as the security verifies everything, they will send the request to your bank or other payment system.

Verification process

Mind that your first withdrawal process will be the longest ever. This is because your online casino must confirm every single piece of information that it’s you and not a fraud or bot, whatever. That is the reason why they might want you to provide unnecessary docs from banks. So, don’t be rude with them, they actually help you to take your winnings. Afterwards, when the first verification procedure is done, all the next payouts will be fast.


All in all, no one likes to wait for a long time. Especially, players for their winnings to pay. So, make a combo using the fastest option – e-wallet and the fastest online casino to pay winnings. The latter you can find on our site. We have articles dedicated to the rated casinos with top fast payouts.

We are all convinced that online casino games are totally randomized. Of course, every game rules tell us about an installed RNG. Moreover, there are special independent authorities like eCOGRA that approve fairness of results. Well, do you believe it? Are they really that random? Then try to answer another question: why do you notice absolutely cold rounds that bring you no winnings?

How RNG works?

The fact is that RNG is probably not so random in reality. What hides beside the online games is the computer. A counting system that knows you’re winning or losing and, accordingly, gives out the spin results. The computer is programmed to maintain the payout percentage of a casino. Thus you never win much.

There is something wrong with randomization. For example, you might notice a losing track of spins until you get to the lowest. And then suddenly you hit a streak of successful rounds raising your balance back to normal or even more. This process is made by a smart computer with algorithms. No matter if you play at an online casino or land based one.

Judging by this and other ‘unpredictable’ results, I can only say that online casinos must use the special algorithms to make some spins cold. Usually, the cold track lasts until your balance is low enough. During this time you might have done 5 or 10 or 20 spins. It all depends on your budget and counts accordingly by the computer.

Later comes a moment of raising the balance level. If you notice the repetitive positive results, that’s it. My advice to you is to spin until you overcome your initial balance then stop and go withdrawing. If you know where to finish gambling game, you are a winner. After the payout, you can deposit again and the computer will work with the new balance sum.

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