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Top payout online casinos

Payout is the reason why players make deposits and play at online casinos. When a player picks a gambling website, he or she should pay much attention to the payout rate of a casino. In fact, this is the most important part of the whole gambling activity. The higher payout percentage, the more money you can make.

Online casinos always take their advantage. Even the top online casinos, which seem to payout most, get their share of the cake. The sum they receive due to players’ losses is called a house edge. Generally, it is not big. Just about 5-15% on average. However, this little percentage can affect the players’ winnings. Or better to say, their losses. The higher the house edge, the less chances to win.

Reversely, the payout percentage must be as high as possible. Unfortunately, it cannot be 100%. As a rule, the online casinos pay out with just 95%. But don’t be disappointed. A few casinos have high rates. Luckily, these online casinos are international and accept players from almost every country including New Zealand. Follow the list below to clarify which casinos have the top payout.

  1. Jackpot City. The highest noted payout rate of 97.8%.
  2. Spin Casino. Play various types of games with a 96.95% chance to take your money.
  3. Royal Vegas. In the famous Royal Vegas you will find lots of Microgaming and NetEnt slots covered by Evolution Gaming live games. Payout rate is 97.12%.
  4. Ruby Fortune. 96.16% is the payout rate at Ruby Fortune.
  5. All Slots Casino. Try out over 500 games with 96.07% of payout.

Above you can see the online casinos with the top payout to players. Surely, at any of these casinos you will find a game at your taste. By the way, when you launch a game, always check its payout percentage, or so called RTP. It makes sense too, because the top winning is counted by total payout rate of a casino and a game’s RTP.

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Before we actually estimate the total revenue of online casinos, I would like to mention that no one can provide the real amount of money earned by casinos per month or per year. Besides, it depends on the casino reputation and popularity. Fair and customer-oriented online casinos probably make more money compared to the income of the small, less popular gambling sites.

Online casinos have expenses too

Like any other business, companies working in the online gambling industry have to buy services, pay ‘for rent’ and other fees. The highest expense of online casinos is game software providers. A well-reputed casino has at least three partnered softwares, each of them costs about $11,000 a month. In addition, they all take charges from the games when players use it. The monthly charge is about 15% per game.

Apart from the providers, online casinos need to pay for marketing and affiliate programs. It’s again estimated about $12,000 a month. Add to this other payments for hosting, security services, salary to the team and additional expenses. Totally it equals to approximately $25,000 – $30,000 a month.

Yearly revenue of online casinos

Let’s take an average revenue amount of the online gambling industry a year. It’s around $50 billion a year. Thus, about $4 billion each month. It would be simple just to divide the sum by the number of operating online casinos, which is about 4,000 online casinos on the whole Internet. We consider small and big popular casino sites.

Dividing it all, we get $1 million per casino. But as I’ve already mentioned, not every casino works at the fullest. So, there must be about 20% online casinos that make a real profit worth approximately a million dollars.

Presumably, an online casino makes $1,000,000 a month. This sum covers the fixed expenses of $30,000 and payout to players, let’s say it’s $150,000 a month. Saying again, I’m not sure which sums are correct. Anyway, online casinos result in about $800,000 a month, which is approximately $10 million a year.

If you want to check if small deposits go through the casino, then yes. But do not forget that payment systems can take commissions for making a payment.

People losing money. Generally speaking, casinos use tricks to attract new players. Have you heard about the welcome bonuses that casinos provide? Surely, yes. In fact, by doing this you need to make an account and deposit some money. Once you have done this, it’ll be easy to deposit more in the future.

House Edge

The real earnings do not depend on players losing money, but also they take a house edge. They take a small percent every time you play a game. However, the percentage is not that big, around 5%. It’s definitely enough to make a lot of money, because you are not the only one who plays the game. The slots and roulette are the most profitable games, due the highest percentage. Moreover, there is another source of income. The easiest one is to involve commissions. The casino takes a percentage of the bet.


All things considered, online casinos make a lot of money, don’t worry about being scammed. Take into account, there are many people playing at the same time as you.

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