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Top online casinos in the world

Online gambling is an activity carried out worldwide. In fact, this is hardly possible to count all the casinos out there. But if you ever do it, you will find over 3000 online casinos. Among all of them, some 20 or 50 will be the most distinctive. They usually provide better service including, first of all, fast payouts. Then security, support, promotions, and games. As a rule, at least one of these options differs from casino to casino. To put it differently, online casinos implement the unique idea of a rewards program, for example. The idea is exactly what catches the customers. Thus they vote for this casino naming it the top.

You should realize that every country in the world has its own regulations regarding casinos. Some countries permit citizens to only gamble online. On the other hand, others appreciate their opening. The reason is that the gambling industry is the most profitable in the country. Therefore, such countries as Malta or Costa Rica, Curacao or the UK allow companies to create international online casinos and make them operate worldwide. I have to mention that the top online casinos must obtain an official licence from at least one gambling authority issued in the relevant country. Namely this license gives a permit to function in the whole world.

The top online casinos that operate officially almost in every part of our world are the following. Note that they are different owing to the special offers and unique treatment.

  1. JackpotCity Casino

    The worldwide top online casino has the highest rating of all. It ensures really positive experience, great service, and 24-hour help followed by a grand first bonus. Besides, its mobile version differs by fast speed, games selection and functioning. Banking options are various including fast ones.

  2. LeoVegas Casino

    Speaking of the top online casinos ever, it is just wrong not to mention LeoVegas. The casino has been rewarded with numerous annual prizes for giving the top service and having the top mobile version. Its exceptional game selection will come at taste for everyone.

  3. Betway Casino

    Another top online casino that luckily became famous worldwide in 2006 is Betway. Now it remains, apparently, the most visiting online casino by sports bettors. It is the biggest sportsbook with a variety of teams, matches and sportsmen competitions. Betway also offers various banking options for both deposits and withdrawals including Bitcoins.

The above mentioned online casinos are only the three top in the world among over 3000 others. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that some international casinos have different conditions for each country due to their laws. In other words, when you are searching for the top and reliable online casino, pay special attention to the options enabled in your country. Otherwise, you will have to face some problems. So, although these three are the top online casinos worldwide, choose the one offering the top service to you.

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Slot machines have always been attraction number 1 for gamblers. From long ago the hot-eyed players came into the casino venues with big enthusiasm to play slots and win right away. It feels funny that even after decades people still can’t find the way to win at slots. This perfect mechanism run by RNG has hardly ever failed online casinos. Slots bring much profit to the sites and keep attracting players as if using some magic.

Not a single doubt arises when you read yet another news about the lucky man who won a big sum just spinning the reels. This feels unbelievable as every time you launch the game, you leave it with an empty wallet and angry emotions. How do they win? What is the secret?

Lucky guy

The truth is they are just lucky. This is the secret, the power, the what-you-need. Of course, it may sound too dramatic. Luck has nothing to do with automatic mechanisms like RNG. Still, luck is what we inviolately believe in.

You can’t influence your luck. It’s something given by nature. However, if you study the thoughts materialization and similar spiritual practices, you can approach winnings. But that’s all very dreamy, let’s get to the realistic methods.

Hints to win slots

What I am going to tell you are not really hints, they are rather recommendations. Try to use them even against your will. Even when your heart tells you to make another spin, follow the instructions in full obedience.

  1. The right slot. You should know which slot will make you win. It’s not a guarantee but slots with the RTPs over 95% tend to give the players’ money back to them. So, try to find an interesting slot with an average RTP of 97%.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Before you really deposit and place bets on slots, try to practise the selected game in a free mode. During the free game you can place whatever bet sum you want, you can try out all the bonus features and study the game behavior. As you feel confident in the slot, proceed to the real money mode.
  3. Small bets. Mind that the actual game is not like the free game. Here you can’t play max bet rounds unless you want your money to fly away. Your first several bets should be the smallest. Test the game for real money, don’t let the RNG spoil your day.
  4. Play with the RNG. The randomizer analyzes your bet amount, your total balance and your behavior during the whole session. It’s your right to change bets, you can do it with every spin. I guess you’ve already noticed that the reels and positions sometimes are failing with each following spin. And alternatively they give constant winning results. It’s the game of the RNG waiting for you to give up. But you can play with it too, Whenever it gives winnings, raise bets, when losses – lower it to the minimum.
  5. Quit at the right time. As soon as you catch the winning wave of the random results, quit the game after the first failing spin. It’s a high probability that you will have a losing track of rounds. It’s hard to stop but you have to press the cross sign. Realize that you’ve already won the slot! Only if you quit the game right away, you can maintain your winnings and withdraw them.

We recommend you to study the software from popular NZ manufacturers such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming. These brands have many slot machines with minimum bets of 0.25 to $1. In this case, a deposit of $5 will be enough for you to play and receive a win.

Almost all online casinos are easy to register. Many of them have quick registration, where you only need to enter your email and the currency you want to play in. After that, you get your profile and the opportunity to play slot machines on the casino website.

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