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Top online blackjack casinos

All these games down below can be played in the most rated number one casino Jackpot City, but you can also find it in other casinos. If you still have no idea how to play Blackjack, here’re some basic rules and strategies. Firstly, learn the cards’ value. In blackjack, each card has its own value. The goal is to beat the dealers’ card, by getting the combination closest to 21 but not more. Secondly, you will have two actions, hit or stand, easy. However, some casinos have deeper options and more abilities. For example, you can take insurance, but only when the dealer has an ace. It helps not to lose money when the dealer actually has a blackjack. Furthermore, the “double down” feature means that you can double your hand and get only one more card. In addition, you can do “split” and surrender. As a result, you are able to make two different hands from only one, but only if the value of hands is the same. Surrender is, basically, a chance to give up and receive half of your bet back. Usually, players do that, when they see the potential blackjack in the dealer’s hands.

Blackjack strategies

When you receive cards, all you have to do is to know your odds and follow the easy principle of calculating every situation from the table “Blackjack Reference Chart”. These strategies have been popular for years, and this is a real chance to have many advantages over the house.

Types of Blackjack

There are two main types:

  • Online blackjack against computer
    Basically, it works according to the results of a random number generator. In this type of game, you are able to play for free and learn the tips and strategies without having risk.
  • Live blackjack
    Is an available option, which gives players an opportunity to face a real dealer on the live stream. As a result, you get into the atmosphere of a real land-based casino, where you can speak to the dealer in real-time.

Where to play Blackjack?

As a matter of fact, there are loads of options available for many countries. Some of the top casino to play are:

  1. Jackpot City – is an old and reputable casino with a huge amount of advantages. The platform is powered by Microgaming, which also produces blackjack games. In addition, it’s licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and protected by eCOGRA audit company.
  2. Zodiac Casino – it offers plenty of variations of Blackjack. Therefore, you can find Classic Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and so on. You can even find a Blackjack with a progressive jackpot there.
  3. Royal casino – the platform is also offering a big variation of blackjack games, such as Classic Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and a lot more. It is a legit casino with specific regulations and licenses by several gambling commissions.
  4. Ruby Fortune – is a casino with a huge range of blackjack games for all skill levels, especially for beginners. Games by Microgaming include fantastic graphics and animation. There are European and Gold series blackjacks on the board.


If you’re looking for the top places to play Blackjack, you’re at the right place. Therefore, we kindly recommend you to play safe and check the casino review very carefully. In addition, don’t forget to learn the blackjack rules, because the game requires at least basic knowledge. For your future, tips and strategies will significantly increase the chance to win, especially in live versions.

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