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Top Live Casino Online

Truly, the possible variants of playing live casinos have appeared in a big number of casinos, especially the casinos, which are powered by NetEnt. This software provider is a leader in the development of live casino games. The aim of this technology is to make the gaming experience as close as possible to the land-based casino atmosphere. As a result, they provide only high quality of video in 1080p, several angles from various cameras, the fastest game rounds, high table limits, and an ability to talk to a dealer through the live chat. However, these features are dedicated not to all games and not to all casinos. Having graphically intense software is not easy, that’s why we will inform you about legit platforms with an excellent selection of live games.

Top live casinos in NZ

The variety of gaming entertainment in online casinos is expanding each day. Modern virtual casinos provide an opportunity to play anything, traditional slot machines, roulette, best online blackjack casino, and other table-type games. One of the innovations at the dawn of online casinos was live dealers. Amazing and unique games began to gain more and more audiences.

How to play in a live casino and what rules you need to follow are what we will describe in more detail in this article. Fans of online gambling are often interested in video slots, but over time they get bored. Looking for new emotions and thrills, you can turn to board and card games. When running, for example, a roulette wheel, the user is rather bored to watch the monotonous animation. Lack of dynamics makes you bored soon.

Providers began to promote new ideas in the development of the online gambling industry. Online casinos with live dealers have become an innovation. This kind of entertainment for real money has become in demand. The latest innovations surprise with graphics and 3D animation. The first reason they come to the dealers is direct contact and the unique atmosphere of the gameplay. Spins in slot machines will never bring such emotions from the process, the exception may be a big win.

Video slots are rich in variety, providers are working daily to improve graphics and win potential. The development of live casinos does not lag behind, in addition to traditional blackjack and roulette, there are interesting options, we will talk about them later. The advantages of this time are obvious, the player enjoys the atmosphere as if he is in one of the popular Las Vegas casinos. You can contact the person in the monitor and ask questions. All this makes the time spent in the virtual club richer.

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Most Popular Live Casino Games

In any kind of entertainment for money, there are more popular games and less popular. Popularity comes from big winnings or gameplay. Software providers are always looking to please modern internet fortune seekers. Currently, not all providers are working on the creation of live software with the participation of real people. Nevertheless, there are companies that deal exclusively with online casinos with live dealers.

Such firms prioritize table and card games. Also, new games are being developed that have not been created before. Below we will consider the known types and how to play in online casinos with dealers:


Blackjack is perhaps the most famous card game of all time. Simple and clear rules, quick bet totals, and good potential for quick wins. The above-listed advantages attract the attention of not only modern online gamblers but also large high-rollers that can rob an entire casino in one evening.

This type of entertainment attracts users by an opportunity to feel the presence of a real person. This type of bet gives more confidence to the players of the casinos than bets with a computer. Playing blackjack with a live dealer is simple, open the appropriate section and select the desired room. The rooms may vary depending on the level of bets. The participant can communicate with the dealer and other players at the table. If you haven’t played Blackjack before, ask questions to the person dealing with the cards or open the rules window.

Live roulette

Live Roulette is about beautiful girls, a lucky ball on a wheel, and a unique sound of a victorious fall. A modern live room with a roulette wheel has several viewing angles, so it is easier for the player to make sure that the game is fair and safe. Live roulette casino also consists of several rooms, depending on the value of the bets. Even if you don’t like the dealer, you can change the room and continue in a more pleasant company.

The rules depend on the type chosen, the most famous of them are: “European”, “American” and “French”. There are other types to choose from with increased multipliers and additional functions. The assortment depends on the chosen virtual casino. The interface allows you to conveniently watch the ball falling and the victory of other users.

Most interesting games

1. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is one of the most attractive live dealer games. In many ways, the popularity of this type of entertainment is due to Dream Catcher. In the beginning, a large rotating wheel with numbers appears on the monitor. The wheel consists of numbers and multipliers, the user can bet on one cell or several. The final result depends on the final stop of the pointer. Cells “1”, “2”, and “5” are the most common, therefore the multiplication by the bet when winning is minimal.

If the arrow falls on a multiplier, it gives a multiplication that increases the winnings. There were times when the marker dropped by a factor three or more times in a row. At such moments, the gameplay heats up, and the joy of receiving the win increases. The maximum bet in Dream Catcher can be several thousand dollars, the minimum is a few cents.

In the lower right corner, you can see the history of the dropped numbers. If the session is unsuccessful, you should not swear at the host, he just does the job.

2. Football Studio

Football studio is not the brightest view, but very young. The providers decided to simplify the gameplay as much as possible by reducing it to two cards. Users can bet on three outcomes, a dealer wins, a player wins, and a draw. The winners are those on whose side the card of the higher value falls. In the case of the same cards, the outcome is a tie.
Football studio is definitely suitable for those who like a dynamic process and quick profits. The interface allows you to monitor the history of winnings, and most importantly, to see which outcome more users are betting on. Preference scores are shown as a percentage.

3. Monopoly

Players do not need VR glasses to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere. Many are familiar with Monopoly, an unforgettable board game with the purchase of real estate and factories, as well as the bankruptcy of friends. Providers have made an adaptation for online casinos with incredible improvements.

It is based on Dream Catcher, the same wheel with numbers, where instead of multipliers there are sections with bonus games and re-spins. Bets are placed on multiplications from x1 to x10, as well as on the numbers “2” and “4”. The latter makes it possible to play a bonus.

The bonus offers several options for the development of events, from bankruptcy to getting multiplied from x1,000. Calculate your bets wisely and try to bet on bonus slots for additional features. If you have any questions, you can always contact the host or other participants of the table.

4. Deal No Deal

Deal No Deal is an interesting type of game that you might have met on TV shows. To get to the main stage of the game, you need to catch the coincidence of all sections on the wheel. The user is given two minutes. He needs to catch three sections of gold in one cell. Getting into the main stage, 16 suitcases appear in front of the player, each of them can be supplemented with money.

Suitcases have different prices, the task is to fill as much money as possible and win the maximum. After two minutes, the croupier begins to close the suitcases. At each stage, the dealer can offer a deal so that the player refuses to play further. The user needs to correctly calculate the odds of winning.

Gradually, new online casinos with live dealers appear, which delight with a variety. Try new items and follow the news.

Play with live dealers anywhere

Almost every person on the globe owns a smartphone or gadget with Internet access. The devices make life much easier not only in everyday life but also in entertainment. You always want to spend your free minutes at work, school, or on vacation. Companies for the development of software for casinos are well aware of this moment and adapt the content for gadgets.

Slot machines and other types are successfully launched from a phone or tablet, but what about the launch of a live casino from a smartphone? Everything works fine on any device, you don’t have to be the owner of the latest version. Log into your personal account from the device and open the desired online casino with live dealers.

Live Dealer Developers

Above, we talked about the few providers that are engaged in the development of exclusively live casinos. The most famous provider in this genre is Evolution Gaming. The games listed above are created by this particular company. Monopoly, Dream Catcher and other interesting products are created by Evolution.

Live casino bonuses

As a rule, guests of virtual casinos have two balances, real and bonus. Upon receiving interest on the deposit, the player can go to spin slot machines or enjoy the dealer’s company at roulette. There might be casinos where wagering the bonus balance in Dream Catcher and others are prohibited. Before starting real money betting, check the online chat or the rules for details.

To get the best deals on your first and subsequent deposits, visit the rating of live dealer casinos. We have placed in it the best sites with a rich assortment and bonus offers. Sometimes the bonus balance can be wagered in a smaller amount, it all depends on the terms and conditions.

Key components

Despite the fact that live games differ significantly from each other depending on the chosen provider (available games, limits, branding options, etc.), all casinos with live dealers have similar key components without which it is simply impossible to implement such software.

1. Studio

The studios may differ depending on the capabilities and strategy of the provider. This can be a professional television studio, a hall in an existing land-based casino, or just an office with installed cameras, gaming equipment, and tables. But, one way or another, a live casino cannot exist without a specialized studio for working as a dealer.

2. Game control unit

Each table in the studio has a Game Control Unit (GCU) connected to it. If you pay attention, for example, to card games in a live casino, you will notice that before opening a card, the dealer swipes it over the scanning panel. This is exactly how GCU works, encrypting everything that happens in the studio and allowing the program to determine which cards are in the game and who of the gamblers they belong to. The same principle applies to other games. For example, in roulette, the game control unit allows the program to determine the winning number and, accordingly, the players whose bets were successful. GCU is simply irreplaceable in modern live casinos and allows you to avoid mistakes (which is especially important for games with a high degree of load and a large number of gamblers).

3. Dealer Monitor

Since almost any live casino is equipped with a chat function with a dealer, any studio has special monitors that show the number of online players, as well as their nicknames. This encourages the dealer and the players to communicate (as a rule, when a new gambler appears, the dealer greets him). The dealer also needs a monitor to control the rates and to help the players.

4. Interface components

The three attributes listed above are studio-specific. The majority of players are now aware of them. But there are also key UI elements in each game:

5. Broadcast window

6. Chat window

7. The window for accepting bets

8. Timer

Of course, the number of buttons, links, and pop-ups will vary depending on the game, but these are the four components that gamblers will find in any casino with live dealers. Regardless of the name of the provider.

How to install live games in your casino?

Despite the fact that the competition among live providers is slightly lower than among the developers of classic online casino software, the modern operator has a lot to choose from. Several dozen companies specializing in games with live dealers have already won the authority and respect of the gambling community, as well as the attention of users. All that remains is for you to choose the most suitable solution and integrate it into your casino.

In December 2020, Evolution cemented its status as the leading provider of live dealer games by acquiring another industry giant, NetEnt, which led to the reorganization of both companies. As a result, Evolution Gaming changed their name and are now known simply as Evolution.

NetEnt will continue to release games under their own brand, but from now on they will focus not on live casinos, but on video slots and other products.

At the end of the year, Evolution also unveiled several innovative solutions, such as the world’s first live craps, streamed from an authentic underground bar-style studio. This novelty can significantly improve the offer of any site.

Where to play live games?

In order to choose the most reliable and fair place to involve in live games, you need to read many reviews of the casinos and compare one to another. In this article, we will provide you with a list of casinos. We recommend you start your gambling journey exactly from these ones. On each of these casinos, there are available free reviews on the site. Let’s look at the top options for live games.

  • Royal Vegas casino – an incredible option with plenty of live games on the board. Furthermore, a casino offers generous welcome bonuses and high security. In fact, it’s a top-rated casino among players from New Zealand and Canada, because all the payment processes are legit and functioning well enough.
  • Zodiac Casino – live games are unique and provide another level of online casino activities. You are able to sit at home and enjoy playing blackjack or poker while talking to the dealer in real-time.


Live gaming technology is growing faster than you think. As a result, the quality of video and the atmosphere engagement increased significantly for the past five years. We kindly recommend you to try a live game, if you haven’t already. Although gamblers prefer the live version, because of its fairness, you are able to see all dealer’s actions during the game.

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If you deposit through any payment option, there are definitely limits on the size of the available deposit and withdrawal amount and fees. We recommend you check the banking fee in the cashier section of your internet banking app and casino account. So, you better choose the method that does not apply to any fees. However, limits on the deposit and withdrawal amount are the wides among all payment methods.

Why people choose slots?

Slot machines are the most attractive for players online casino games. It’s obviously clear why people choose slots. They are easy to play. You don’t even need to think much. Just bet and spin. Slots also have an impact on visual perception. Everyone likes to look at something bright, shiny, and especially, with a story behind.

Why people don’t play slots ?

This all is good, but no one sees that slots are the least profitable. Their theoretical return to player slightly exceeds 97%. In fact, the average percentage of slots RTP is 94%. Can you imagine? The 6% of your money goes to the online casino. So, basically you don’t even get paid more than you have deposited.

Hence it gets almost impossible to win on slots. Better to say, you can win but it’s difficult to keep the winning result. Though there are several ways to move closer the chance of leaving the game with a satisfactory feeling.

How to win slots?

  • Choose the right slot. Saying the word ‘right’ I mean the high RTP. Remember that for beneficial results the slot’s RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, it’s not even worth trying. Before starting to play, check the game rules. There you’ll find the percentage.
  • Start on minimum. Don’t bet much from the very beginning. Most probably your first rounds will be failing. So, it makes no sense. Wait until you make about 10 spins and only then raise the bet. But also gradually.
  • Play with bets. Concerning the fact that casino games are spun by random number generators, you can equally randomly change bets. However, don’t practise it excessively. When you feel like winning, raise the bet to get the higher pay. Then again if you have constant failing results, lower it on minimum.
  • Stop on time. The best thing that you can do for your winnings is to quit the game. As soon as you win higher than your initial balance, quit it. Don’t make another spin thinking “the next gonna hit higher!”. It won’t. RNGs are meant to decrease your budget after a successful big win.

Honest gambling operators provide services in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the states, the residents of which they allow to gamble.

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