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Top 5 World Online Casino Winnings 2020

Jackpot news is a rare occasion. Especially when it comes to online casino winnings. For those who do not believe that playing on gambling sites can help to become a millionaire – we have collected the five biggest wins in slot machines over the past year.

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Top biggest online casino wins 2020

If you don’t believe that you can win really big money using virtual slot machines, here are the five largest jackpots in online casinos over the past year.

5th Place $443,000

A woman from the small town in Allenton, US, won nearly half a million dollars at the end of last year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has not worked since April 2020. However, her new gambling addiction has made much more money than one could imagine. Playing the Divine Fortune slot on the BetRivers Online online casino platform, the woman hit the jackpot of $ 443,480 and 64 cents by placing a bet of just three dollars.

It is noteworthy that the winner played a virtual machine right from her smartphone and at the same time watched TV with her husband late at night.

When asked where she plans to spend the winnings, the woman said that this is an excellent chance to pay off the house, car, and other debts.

4th Place 4.2 million euros

This jackpot was hit in the spring of 2020 when one of the lucky ones spun Empire Fortune on his laptop.

Empire Fortune is a popular slot that was developed by Yggdrasil in 2016. The game is in many legal online casinos, including Wildz, where one of the users won over four million euros.

The developers of the game said that over the past five years they have paid out 39.5 million euros in winnings. And these big jackpots attract players to these slots.

3d Place 7.7 million euros

We raise the stakes and present one of the largest progressive jackpots of the past year. It belongs to the player in the popular Mega Moolah slot from the world-famous company Microgaming.

Obviously, having visited the River Belle casino website on May 8, 2020, the winner did not expect that on that day he would become the owner of almost eight million euros. And to be precise – 7,784,425 and 63 cents.

Microgaming was glad for its user and said that all their games have already brought people more than 1.1 billion euros.

The winner in Mega Moolah received his cash prize at a time. It is important that the amount of this jackpot was exactly three million euros less than the win in the same slot. The previous one was taken a month before. By the way, let’s talk about this victory.

2nd Place 10.7 million euros

The same Mega Moolah slot, the same Microgaming company, but this time a slightly larger win, which was recorded at the beginning of April 2020.

Playing at Jackpot City casino, the user has received one of the largest one-time payments, hitting the jackpot in the popular slot. The exact eight-figure jackpot was € 10,735,716 and 84 cents.

1st Place 14.2 million euros

And the biggest known win at an online casino last year was the victory of one of the users of the Swedish online casino Lucky Casino.

The sum of 14,239,532 euros and 84 cents became the fourth largest jackpot ever paid in the history of all online casinos in the world.

At the same time, this win became the largest jackpot in Swedish online casinos.

“Somewhere in my heart I probably believed in this dream all along, but when I won the jackpot I thought it was a joke. It was only when I got a call from Lucky Casino that I realized that my life would suddenly change. It is impossible to describe in words how happy I am. I think it will take some time before I realize how much money I have won,” said the winner.

Top 1 Jackpot of all time

However, what is the biggest Jackpot of all time?

The British guy won €17.88 million in Mega Moolah. As a result, he set a record that got into the Guinness Book of Records.
Mega Moolah has a solid reputation as one of the most generous slots in virtual casinos. And it is in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest jackpot ever in online casinos. In October 2015, 26-year-old British soldier John Haywood, who fought in Afghanistan, withdrew the largest winnings of 17,879,645 euros. It is the equivalent of almost 20 million dollars. Surprisingly, Heywood only bet £30 and played just 7 minutes and 25 spins when he hit the biggest online jackpot in the world of online casinos.

Jackpot at the Mega Moolah slot again. After winning, John commented that everything was surreal and he could not believe in winning. The lucky one promised to use most of this money to help his sick father.

How to win the jackpot for a beginner

High payouts are one of the main reasons why players choose modern online casinos. There is a chance to hit the jackpot in every spin. It provides customers with excitement and a lot of vivid betting experiences. At the same time, the largest audience traditionally plays slot machines with the highest chance to hit the jackpot.

Many players dream of getting it since a huge amount of money will save you from financial problems. Besides, it will allow you to confirm the correctness of the chosen way of earning. The jackpot is the main prize, which is formed by deductions from each bet or is set by the casino itself.

Jackpot gambling is very diverse:

  • lottery
  • slot machines
  • bingo
  • roulette

Initially, this term appeared in the world of card games. According to the rules of classic poker, if a player has a combination of two jacks, the amount of bets increases, which makes the total pot even more solid. The combination of the words “jack” – jack and “pot” – the bank has led to the emergence of a word well-known to many, firmly associated with gambling.

Jackpot Games

Bingo is one of the oldest games available to modern gamblers. It appeared in the 16th century in Europe and in many ways resembles a lottery with special rules. The win in this game is the jackpot since when you form a combination, you use the bets of everyone who gathered at the gaming table. On the Internet, you can also find games with a fixed-size prize pool. The lottery has a huge number of variations. Almost each of them has a place for a jackpot. And when certain numbers appear that coincide with the participant’s card, you win the jackpot.

Card games in ONLINE CASINO offer the player to try their luck in pursuit of huge payouts. In poker, the players generate the jackpot by the small amounts that we sent to the pot from each bonus bet. You receive the winnings only after making a bet, and the player is lucky to get one of the largest combinations. Another possible rule would be to play at maximum stakes.

Since many casino visitors choose slot machines, obviously, there is the jackpot function. Players just have to choose a slot and study its rules.

Jackpot varieties

Each game, the jackpot works differently. In some cases, it is just a reminder of the maximum payout amount. In others, it is the main prize, which is quite realistic to break. More often than others, you can find games with a progressive jackpot. The peculiarity of this entertainment is that the size of payments increases due to each next bet of the players. The accumulation of the jackpot stops only at the moment when someone breaks the main prize. Immediately after the deduction, the procedure resumes and in a few days, the amount will be quite decent.

Online slots allow you to create jackpots of especially large sizes since dozens of slots can work for one win. The probability of hitting the jackpot remains low, but it remains for each player regardless of the size of the initial bet.

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