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Top 10 Biggest Casino Wins


Can you imagine, that some of the largest jackpot wins were made with a minimum deposit. Gambling appeared a very long time ago. And a lot has changed since then, except for one thing: excitement and a surge of adrenaline. That’s what attracts gamers all over the world to the halls of casinos. The top 10 wins currently considered the largest include the following cases:

1. New Zealand, Mega Moolah, $ 7.41 million

An incident that happened in 2016 with a young New Zealander flew around the globe in a matter of hours. He won a $ 7.41 million jackpot in one spin on one of the most played Mega Moolah slots from Microgaming.
The player and casino representatives were in shock by what had happened. Another week, the happy winner of the fabulous jackpot was in a devastated situation.

2. Greece, MegaMoolah, $ 8.6 million

Another case in the series and again Mega Moolah slot machine became the reason for one of the richest casino winnings. Now the winner is a Greek Georgios. By the way, the player hit the jackpot back in the days when the dollar was not only more stable, but also more expensive. Georgios spent almost all his free time near slot machines, sometimes losing rather big sums. He waited so long until fortune came to him and paid off his debts.
River Belle casino was very happy about what had happened. The reason for that is the fact that after a lucky Greek hit his jackpot, players from all over the world rushed into this casino not only to try their luck, but also to look at the slot machine that gave the player such a win.

3. Australia, DarkKnight, $ 7.86 million

Back in 2016, Dark Knight closed the line of Microgaming legendary slots the gambling business. The reason for the incident was the expiration of the license. Majority of players took the news very seriously, because many of them won good sums there. The Australian winner hit $ 7.86 million from the first slot, which is a huge event in the world of slot machines.

4. Sweden, Hall of Gods, € 7.6 million

At one of the Betsson Casinos in 2012, a random dude hit one of the largest jackpots in the Hall of Gods slot from NetEnt. Immediately after the launch of Hall of Gods (2010), the slot made a rather large number of players happy, with extremely serious winnings, including millions of dollars.

5. Hall of Gods, $ 8.73, Sweden

The winner of such an impressive amount was the Swede, who decided to check her luck in online casinos. The same Hall of Gods presented such a huge prize, and it happened in 2015, just at the time when NetEnt’s products became extremely popular. Her bet of €50 hit the jackpot from the first bet, which is quite surprising. Whether the lady paid off the loans or she bought herself a new car is still unknown, but at least, she said, she really wanted it.

6. Mega Moolah, $8.82 million

The miracle happened when the player hit the jackpot playing from a mobile device. But the fact remains: the win from the Mega Moolah Mobile slot was in Zodiac Casino. An interesting fact: just during this period, in order to attract as many customers as possible, the casino held a generous promotion. As a result, it was possible to start the game by investing only $1 and, probably, this was his best investment.

7. Sweden, Mega Fortune, $9.57 million

Our hero had a Mega Fortune machine at hand. When the Swede realized that he had become a millionaire, he ran home to wake his wife. When this wife realized what had happened, she immediately, asked her husband to take her to a car dealership to buy a new car.

8. Norway, Mega Fortune, € 11.7 million

To overcome insomnia, the young Norwegian decided to pass the time at Betsson.com online casino. It happened in 2011 in a season when there were not many players at the casino at night. So, the owner of the casino had the opportunity to follow the game of a young gamer. After midnight, the player won a little more than $2 million. When he won the jackpot, the total winnings were € 11.7 million. The casino owner, as well as the player, could not overcome the feelings of shock and happiness.

9. UK, Mega Moolah, $ 17.2 million

One of the largest winnings that can be easily added to the Guinness Book of Records. There was an incident in 2015 at Betway Casino, where a 26-year-old soldier was spinning Mega Moolah slots at a minimum bet of 25 cents.
He won the jackpot of $ 17.2 million. When the soldier realized what had happened, he could not really explain his feelings to his father on the phone for another half hour. Only when the casino owner clearly explained what was at stake, he got the full picture.

10. Finland, Mega Fortune, $ 24 million

“I cried, laughed, cried again and again for half an hour” this is how a resident of Finland explained his condition when he realized that he had won an impressive amount of money. As for online casinos, this is the biggest sum in the history of the gambling business, and it would be fine if Finn was an avid gambler, but no, he played from time to time.

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Use the TOP online casinos of our rating from the table. In almost all online casinos presented, you can make a deposit of $5 to $10.

Internet banking is a method for online payments that allows us to transfer funds from banking card to online casino account (in gambling). This also refers to eWallets that keep your banking card in their accounts. With the help of internet banking, players can make deposits to online casinos, and receive special welcome bonuses if they deposit using e-wallet (internet banking).

The answer to this question depends on your objective. If you want to play just for fun, yes, it works. You can deposit, play, sometimes get payouts back from the casino. Though I doubt that this is what you really wish for. For the reason that people usually come to online casinos to win some extra money (as if they didn’t enjoy the salary), it often works for them too. But it always happens that online casinos are in a better position.

How can online casino work for you?

No matter how much or little you play, deposit or bet at a single game, casino will win over you. Or another player, or another one. It depends on when you stop. No one clearly understands it, and even if so, doesn’t follow this recommendation. Online casinos say to play responsibly but gamblers keep spinning. And this is their biggest mistake.

The only way to beat the casino

The thing is that you can be the winner only when you stop at the right time during the game. Once you win a good amount, make a couple of spins and go out if there are no successful ones anymore. Only this way is possible to beat the casino and make it work for you.

Thus and only you will see how the online casino really works in terms of bringing profit. But don’t get too fascinated about it. Still, the casino needs to make profit for itself too. So, if you lose all the money on slots, you just lose and never get them back.

Choose the trusted casino

Besides, remember to test the casino for trustworthiness before you deposit. It’s actually a very significant move if you wish online casinos were fair and really paid you out. The info on how to distinguish the ‘right’ casino is on our website. Check it out and follow the recommendations.

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