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The growth rate of gambling & Who gambles the most?

Online casino revenue to exceed $ 7.7 trillion by 2026

The volume of the online gambling market in 2019 amounted to $ 4.583 trillion, by 2026 this figure reached $ 7.742 trillion. The average annual growth rate from 2019 to 2026 is estimated at 7.91%, as stated in the Brandessence Market Research and Consulting report. For the current state of the industry in New Zealand and the world.

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Future of online gambling

Analysts predict that the online casino market will grow significantly due to a number of factors. The study provides a critical look at the online gambling market, segmenting it by casino type, player type, and location. In the current period, the market can be clearly divided into live casinos, slot machines, bingo, and others. Besides, it divides depending on the preferences of the end-user, into two groups: those who play from a smartphone and those who play from a PC.

The key factors that will influence growth over the next five years are the proliferation of smartphones, Internet use, and the availability of low-cost mobile betting apps. People have bought a total of 1.5 billion smartphones worldwide in 2016, according to a report by the Internet Innovation Alliance. The penetration rate of smartphones in the United States by the end of 2021 should be 72.7%. At the same time, the segment of De occupied 45.76% of the market two years ago, in 2019.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), in 2019 there were only 2.8 thousand active sites on the Web that offered bingo, poker, and lottery to users. The easy availability of Electronic Gaming Devices (EGDs), technological advances, and the presence of leading gaming providers will provide significant researches in the market of online gambling through 2026.

How COVID-19 affected gambling?

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has also influenced the increase in demand for online gambling around the world. The rise of digitalization, coupled with the availability of secure digital payment options, and increased research and development in technology around the world, is also driving the market growth.

Sports betting will continue to dominate the typical online gambling segment. Their share in 2019 was already 54.23% of the total market volume.

Who is an average online casino player?

How old is the average player? Where in the world do they play the most? How many women are there? The more difficult a question is to answer, the more important it can be in creating a portrait of your audience. Get to know your players better thanks to our survey of the audience of the iGaming industry in a number of legal jurisdictions. It was prepared by Slotegrator’s specialists based on data for 2020.

Online casino betting is a dynamic, fast-growing, and lucrative industry. New innovations appear regularly. They are changing regulations around the world make it one of the most attractive businesses, where every day brings a new challenge or new opportunity. Most importantly, the industry’s global revenue will reach $100 billion over the next five years.

Who plays at casinos?

After the events of 2020, when the iGaming industry was affected differently than many others and even took advantage of the closure of land-based casinos, now is the right time to open an online casino. But despite the fact that online gambling is a unique industry, one basic principle of doing business works the same for gambling, trading, music, fashion, and any other business. Therefore, to be successful in it, you must know your client.

What is the average age of a player in the UK? And in New Zealand? Australia? Who is more: men or women? What about education and income? Where in the world do they play the most?

A clear understanding of the segmentation and targeting is especially important. Most likely, it’s necessary for new enthusiasts who are just launching their online casino platform and integrating gambling software or betting platform. Read on to find out more about the global online casino audience in 2021.

Does a perfect player exist?

There is no single portrait of the average player. But while the details vary from country to country, these two facts tend to be common to online casinos and sportsbooks. The players are often men between the ages of 18 and 35. At the same time, the difference between the shares of women and men is small, only about 1%

The same trend is observed among land-based casino players, but in the online space, it is more obvious. A detailed study of Canadian players showed that 58% of land-based casino visitors are men. However, 78% of online casino users are men. A 2017 GeoPoll study found that 69% of Kenyan men and 44% of women had bet on sports. This figure rises significantly when it comes to gambling among young people. Since 77% of men aged 25 to 34 have ever played, and about 60% of them play once a week.

In terms of age, older players, especially those who are 60 and over, prefer land-based casinos. Although this statistic may change as older generations will spend more time at home with technology in the future than they do now.

A 2019 UKGC study shows that online gambling engagement among women and men is increasing. With 25% of men and 17% of women surveyed playing in the past four weeks, both of which are up 2% from the previous year.

Men or Women?

According to the popular Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information, Chinese players are more likely to be men than women. In addition, just over 50% of players in China are under 35 years old, 37% of those surveyed are between 36 and 50 years old, and 9% of players are 51-65 years old. Their educational level is usually lower.

Gambling is extremely popular in Canada. As a result, six out of 10 residents of the country are involved in some kind of gambling activity. The University of Lethbridge studied that, 70% of players are between 18 and 39 years old, among them, 47% are between the ages of 20-29. There are significantly more men who play in online casinos: their share is 82.4%.

In Australia, the percentage of male players is higher than their share in the general population. According to a 2017 study, while the male population is only 49%, 54% of the players are men. At the same time, women gamblers in Australia are 45.8%, although their share in the population is 51%.

While online gamblers are indeed most often young men, a huge number of gamblers are still in other age categories: in many countries, they are people over 60, and in many legal jurisdictions, the number of female gamblers is growing. The iGaming audience is quite large, and even small demographics are of great importance.

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