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Terms and Definitions in Online Casinos

Today, many players in the gambling industry prefer to conduct their business online. The main difference between online casinos is their availability. Many people believe that they have more chances of winning online than in land-based casinos. But do not forget that any games were invented not only for entertainment but also for making money on those who want to get easy money.

Most often, in online casinos, players can enjoy the same range of games as in classic casinos such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker in its variations, slot machines, and so on.

Today we’d like to introduce an article with the interpretation of the main terms and definitions that a player may come across playing casino games. These terms can be considered specific since they are not used in land-based casinos. In most cases, these are words from the world of slots.

Learn the main online casino definitions


This term refers to the input or replenishment of the player’s account with real money during registration. The most commonly used are bank transfers, debit or credit cards, electronic online wallets, or other transfer systems. Note that the number of ways to replenish the deposit speaks about the quality of the online casino itself.


Bonus is additional incentive funds from online casinos provided to the player as motivation for registering, opening a deposit, or for passing certain “stages” in the game.

The most common bonus can be considered the “Welcome bonus“. It is received by new players (more often for the first few deposits), it can increase the chances of the first win. The “Welcome bonus” may also include “Free Spins” – free or bonus games. There is a possibility that such a bonus will be accompanied by any bet conditions.

Another very common option for a no deposit bonus is a “No Deposit bonus”. To receive it, the player does not need to make a deposit, a simple registration will be enough. This is absolutely a casino marketing move to attract new customers. Most often, it is accompanied by a “Wagering requirements”. A wager is the minimum number of bets or the maximum amount you have to play in order to withdraw the won money from the account.


Wager, in simple words, is a certain condition for receiving a bonus and at the same time, another way for an online casino to keep a player. Let’s take an example:

The player gets a wager to the deposit bonus, the casino allocates 100% for one hundred “dollars”, in theory, this is now 200 “dollars”. But this bonus with a wager, let’s say in “x25” (“multiplier by 25” – the coefficient is 1 to 25), which means that a gambler must play for at least 2,500 “dollars” before he gets the opportunity to withdraw his money. In case of withdrawal of the won money before reaching the specified threshold, you will lose your bonus funds.

It should be borne in mind that “Wagering” can be applied not only to the bonus itself, or to the deposit, but also to both options.


Indicates the start of the slot machine reel. The “Spin” button starts the game.

Free spins–

As we have already said, this is a variation of a bonus or, more precisely, a bonus game from an online casino. It can be included in the “Welcome bonus” or received by the player for a successful match (from three or more) Scatter – special symbols in online slots. The number of free spins may vary.


Scatter are special symbols in slot machines, the appearance of which (at least out of three) allows the player to receive free spins or a bonus from the casino. This function is made to attract customers to slots.


Slots are a very popular form of gambling entertainment in land-based and online casinos. Slot machines or pokies do not require knowledge of any special strategies. The so-called reels with symbols are located on the “screen” of the game. When you spin, the winning lines coincide or do not match. When three or more scatters fall out, the player receives a bonus.


Symbol – certain pictures depicted on the reel of the slot. It helps to collect the winning lines when spinning.

Wild symbol–

Wild can be called another bonus since Wild can replace any other picture in the line and thereby increase the player’s chances of winning. The only exceptions are Scatters. Since the Wild cannot replace them.

Sticky Wild–

This symbol literally sticks to the reel and remains (saved) on it during several spins in a row.

Expanding Wild–

Wild Expanding. This bonus is expanding (applies to the entire reel at once). It rarely falls out, but it can significantly increase the winnings, helping to collect several combinations at once.

Multiplayer Casino–

A kind of online casino in which the player can play not only against the “house” but also against other live users. This is how poker rooms work, for example.

Live Casino–

Live-casino is a type of online casino where visitors play with a live dealer. Today, large poker tournaments are held in the Live-casino format. Live casino games are gaining more and more popularity. Moreover, live casinos have their own bonus systems and certain wagering requirements.


In online casinos, this term is used to mean “place”. A page with a list of available games. They are divided into main categories, with additional divisions: popular games, new games, games with a progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpot–

Both in land-based casinos and in online casinos, this value is used to determine a special type of jackpot in video slots. The main difference between the Progressive jackpot and the fixed one is that its size increases with each new spin (spin). A certain part of the bet goes into the “body” of the progressive jackpot. It grows until the moment it wins, after which it resets to zero and starts growing again. Games with such jackpots are called Progressive Slots.


We have analyzed the basic terms and concepts used in online casinos that can help a beginner not to get confused and stay away from delays or troubles. As for the terms of card games, they are almost identical for all casinos. The concepts that are found in the so-called Blackjack dictionary are also used at online tables with this popular game.

The history of the existence of gambling shows us that the biggest winnings in gambling can come completely by accident, or can be the result of many years of analysis and practice, according to famous cappers. In online casinos, players are not required to comply with the rules of land-based casinos, but it is better to know the basic rules and terminology in advance. We recommend you check out the top online casinos!

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Cashout is the much-awaited process in the whole gambling activity. This is what gamblers come for to the casino websites. Unlike the land-based casino payouts, online ones take longer time to actually appear in your hands. The whole process of withdrawing undergoes three stages: request, approval and processing. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Requesting step

Congratulations if you’ve won money, but this is not yet the end of this story. First of all, make sure you’ve won enough. I’m serious. Online casinos have a certain limit of the payout sum. For example, $2000.

After you’ve confirmed that your sum meets this requirement, proceed to the banking page of your account. Select the withdrawal function and banking method you wish to have money on.

Another hitch at this time, sometimes online casinos set a rule that you only can withdraw by the same payment system as you deposited with. If it was a visa card, select the same card for payout. On the other hand, some casinos don’t include one and the same option for deposits and withdrawals. So, check these terms before you deposit to avoid being ‘surprised’ and upset.

As soon as you are satisfied with your choice of method, click the withdraw button and wait until the next stage ends up.


Your request must be approved by the security and payment departments of the casino. If you’re withdrawing for the first time, get ready for the long verification process. They are probably going to need some docs and other proofs of your identity. Reply them for their request as soon as possible unless you want to wait for ages.

When the casino confirms that this is really you, who is trying to take cash out, they approve your request. Then they just send the request to the payment option you’ve chosen.

Payment processing stage

This stage can take a long or short time depending on the option you selected. For faster payout I recommend choosing an e-wallet. They are usually processing money within one day. Alternatively, if your method is a debit card, for example, it may take from 1 to 3 days. In most bank transfer cases the transaction takes even more, 3 to 5 days. So, be careful at the requesting step.

If you are not experienced enough in this matter, trust the gambling professionals. Read reviews of online casinos on the casino review section.

Money is the prior reason why people get interested in gambling. Discovering the new sphere necessarily leads to doubts and questions. The issue of real winnings and earnings is apparently the most popular among the newbies.

However, your experience is the first proof that your selected online casino is the place for making money. Each casino has a different policy, and the players can sometimes behave badly towards casinos. If we suppose that each party is doing everything right and accomplishes the terms, then you really can make a kind of income on online casinos.

Before going further I’d like to warn you that online casinos are not providing money on a regular basis. Games are not a job. They can never bring earnings constantly like your current job or clients. This is why online casinos must not be considered a source to earn for living.

Alternatively, you can join and play online casino games just to have fun, feel hazardous risk and receive extra money. I repeat, just additional bonus to your actual income. However, you certainly want to get this extra cash every time you play online. For this you need to have some experience in gambling. Whether you choose slots or table games, you have to know what you’re playing.

In order to get the necessary experience, I recommend trying the free mode. Almost every casino has free games without obliging you to bet real money. Try them out, practise until you feel confident in the online casino.

Then you can make use of strategies that will help to make money. On our site you can find betting strategies on how to win for real. Practise the games and master your strategies. WIth due time you will take winnings and make money more often than at the very beginning.

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