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Should you Pay Taxes On Gambling Winnings from Online Casinos NZ

Do you love playing online casinos in New Zealand? If the answer is yes, you might want to know how to be a responsible gambler and pay taxes on winnings. Many Kiwis don’t know whether they should pay taxes or not? The reason for that is irresponsible behavior. All players must gain some knowledge before launching any casino game. Especially for you, we have prepared the article for Kiwis to let them know how to legally play in online casinos.

Nowadays, the gambling industry is growing significantly fast, so millions of players around the world enjoy slots and other games every day. The popularity of online slots depends on many factors, including the convenience of online gambling sites. The best thing about online gambling is that you don’t have to travel anywhere, you can play games with mobile devices, and choose a variety of gambling sites for free. However, many players can get confused selecting the best one. But you can open the top online casinos NZ on our site and pick the best online casino. There are dozens of reliable gambling sites with comprehensive reviews for you to be aware of all key aspects.

Important note: casinos are not legalized in New Zealand. However, players can easily play online casinos, especially offshore sites. So, what are the main rules and regulations about gambling in New Zealand.

Current Tax Laws in New Zealand

First of all, residents of this country do not have to pay taxes on their winnings. Even if you win large sums of money, you don’t have to pay taxes on winnings. But there are some exceptions to that. Let’s discuss the main details about the tax situation in New Zealand.

For example, poker players might be asked to pay taxes. However, if you win small amounts, you may forget about reporting on your income. But if you get massive winnings regularly, you should deposit some taxes on your winnings. But still, you can skip the taxation process if the winnings are not big.

New Zealand not only allows players participate in online gambling but also encourages people to do that. That’s why there won’t be any problems gambling online, since the government has not made strict rules and regulations. Beginners can play safely without the worry of being caught by the government for tax evasion. But professional players whose main source of income is gambling should pay income tax.

How to Pay Taxes on Gambling Winnings in NZ?

There are several reports you should make to give some money as taxes.

Report all the Earnings

If you just started the gambling journey, usually, you don’t need to report on earnings. However, if you play online casinos for a long time, it’s essential to report on all earnings on the tax return. Otherwise, if you earn millions and never report on your earnings, you’ll be punished for irresponsible behavior.

Report the losses

Along with big winnings, you lose big too. So, it’s beneficial to report on losses too and give important information to the government. In order to pay fewer taxes, make sure to mention your losses.

Note down important things

It’s important to record all your result of gambling activities in the diary. We recommend you track your gambling process both to pay taxes and to predict your future winnings. This is a great technic for a professional gambler since you can increase your winning potential.

Advantages of playing at online casinos

Playing at online casinos is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Players can choose a variety of games: Top 3 online casino NZ provide a wide range of options for all players. So, you can always choose the game you like.
  • Players can launch games on mobile devices wherever they are: Online casinos are way more convenient than land-based casinos. All you need is a computer or mobile phone and a good internet connection.
  • High perspectives: At some time, you can become a professional gambler, making money online. You might become a winner of multi-million jackpots or a person with a stable source of income.


All in all, New Zealanders can safely and legally play at online casinos. However, if gambling is your main source of gambling, and you earn serious money, you should pay taxes and report on your earnings.

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For each bonus, the online casino sets its own wager, which indicates the multiplier for wagering. The reward amount is multiplied by the current coefficient. For example, the wagering multiplier is x10, the player received a $50 bonus on the deposit. For wagering, you need to place bets totaling at least $ 500 ($ 50 x 10). After that, you can request a cashout. If you create an application earlier, the bonus is canceled along with the winnings from it. Less often, the wagering conditions apply to both the bonus and the deposit. In this case, in order to wager, the player needs to scroll through the total amount of the promotion and the payment made.

In order to choose the right casino you need to follow the criteria. In fact, a trusted casino, obviously, provides safe and fair conditions for players. So, if you’re looking for the most trusted casino, make sure to read this page till the end. Here you will find the instructions of how to define trusted online casinos.

  • First of all, trusted casinos should be rated high by users. The rating defines a real user’s experience, and how the casino treats players.
  • Secondly, make sure the casino is regulated by the top license authority. The licensing and certifications show the fact that casinos are responsible and have fair intentions to players.
  • Thirdly, check the reputation of game providers. It’s necessary to play only games by reliable software developers. The reliable provider should be certified and checked by audit companies. One of these companies is eCOGRA. As a result, it provides fair statistics of random number generators.


As shown above, there are many casinos that keep up with these factors. The list of trusted casinos you can find in the article section, we provide comprehensive reviews of many platforms, including the ratings by real players.

When you play the games, you obviously want to have a profit from online casinos. However, not always and not everyone can win on online casinos. Sometimes it’s the gamblers’ fault as they don’t meet the casino requirements or they can just miss their luck for some time.

Of course, the problem can be on the casino’s side. Some sites are fraudulent or just cheating. Though it’s totally illegal. Still you can stumble upon them any minute. So, what to do in order to avoid ‘bad’ casino sites and win money on online casinos?

Choosing the one

The first mistake towards your money dream can be choosing the wrong casino. You should select an online casino not by its cover, but by the service they provide. No doubt, the site should look attractive and catchy. But the support service, security, licensing, and of course banking system must be all appropriate. Speaking of the official license, the casino company has to obtain it in order to be proven fair in the players’ eyes. So, check the site for the mentioned points on a high level and remember to read real comments.

RNG powered games

The fair games are random games. The Random Number Generator is a key factor for players to win money. The mechanism is responsible for every single result in a game. It can make you a winner, and it can make you a loser. That is why RNGs have always been victims of hackers. However, not everyone can hack the randomizer so far.

Addiction to games

Generally, people who tend to lose money on online casinos are those who spend too much time playing. In other words, addicted gamblers have no understanding when it’s time to close the game. Addiction is a real problem for many people. They literally can’t stop spinning, thinking they can do better. But in fact they cannot. Only one thing separates them from winning. It’s the will to stop the game. To tell the truth, experienced gamblers can win the money, and they do win it. If only they could stop after that winning round, they would be already richer than the richest.

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