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Raging Dragons Live Slot by iSoftBet

Today we are going to talk about the hot new product of the iSoftBet developer – the video slot Raging Dragons, which appeared on the online gambling market on December 19, 2020. The slot machine is dedicated to Asian themes, in particular, the mythology of this region. It has 6 free spins modes with large win multipliers, as well as an option with a random payout of prizes up to x8888. Play carefully, considering the fact that it has a very high volatility – to play for money, you need a bank of at least 200 bets.

Main theme

In this game, the users will get acquainted with the mythical creatures of Asia – dragons. The player needs to make a good impression on the monsters, otherwise they will burn him to the ground. If a gambler becomes friendly with dragons, he will be provided with a lot of gold coins.

Game mechanics

The gameplay takes place on 5 reels and 243 winning lines, which are located on the playing field with a 5×3 structure. The bet range is small – from NZ$ 0.2 to NZ$20. For a spin, you can get a payout of up to x12150. The video slot returns 96% of the bet. Prize combinations are created when 3-5 identical symbols appear on adjacent reels.

Bonus mode

The bonus round starts after 3, 4, 5 scatters fall out. The user receives 2, 5, 20 current rates, respectively, and will have to choose one of the following modes:

  • 25 free spins with multipliers x5, x3, x2.
  • 20 free spins with pay multipliers x8, x5, x3.
  • 15 free spins with multipliers x10, x8, x5.
  • 13 free spins with x15, x10, x8 win multipliers.
  • 10 free spins with multipliers x30, x15, x10.
  • Mystery Choice – the user is provided with a random combination of the specified free spins and winnings multipliers.

In the bonus round, wild symbols appear on all reels. In addition, after the scatter symbol appears, the user receives +2 additional free spins.


Raging Dragons video slot has an impressive number of wild symbols and free spins modes with various multipliers, which makes the gameplay exciting and allows you to knock out big rewards. The design of the slot is quite standard, as for an Asian-themed game, but the graphic design is at the highest level.

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Challenging feelings of excitement, risk, adrenaline and sudden relief are what you get at an online casino. Gambling is a tricky thing but once you get paid, you want more and more. Just imagine your mind getting a portion of such thoughts. This is exactly what an online casino is about.

Equal to a land-based version, online casinos work in virtual reality. They pay out real money though. Hundreds of games, bonuses, and on-time support in live chat are the principles of successful online gameplay.

Money process

Of course, the indispensable constituent of gambling is money. As you can understand, the transactions are virtual too. We all have bank cards in the modern world. So, it’s simple as never to enter your credit card data to make a deposit. Same is for withdrawal. The cards are not the only solution for money transferring. If you don’t want to show your bank credentials, just choose another option like e-wallet, bitcoin, bank transfer or even cheque delivery.

Safety aspects

You may not worry about safety problems. Online casinos have already cared for security of your data on the net. No matter what you do: register, make a deposit, bet, request for withdrawal or verify account, stay assured. No one will get your personal data.


The overall process of gambling starts when you deposit money into the online casino. This money gives you chances to play games. Then you need to choose a game. The easiest type is slots. But most profitable is video poker. During the gameplay you bet a part of your money and follow the rules of the chosen game. If you lose, make another bet. If you win, go to the banking page to get paid.

People losing money. Generally speaking, casinos use tricks to attract new players. Have you heard about the welcome bonuses that casinos provide? Surely, yes. In fact, by doing this you need to make an account and deposit some money. Once you have done this, it’ll be easy to deposit more in the future.

House Edge

The real earnings do not depend on players losing money, but also they take a house edge. They take a small percent every time you play a game. However, the percentage is not that big, around 5%. It’s definitely enough to make a lot of money, because you are not the only one who plays the game. The slots and roulette are the most profitable games, due the highest percentage. Moreover, there is another source of income. The easiest one is to involve commissions. The casino takes a percentage of the bet.


All things considered, online casinos make a lot of money, don’t worry about being scammed. Take into account, there are many people playing at the same time as you.

Whenever you search for the online casino, you probably get shocked by the real amount of the casino sites that you see. I bet you haven’t even looked through a 1/4th of the search results in order to find the one. This is fine because you don’t actually need to know what these all casinos offer. You only need to know the top 20, for example. As a result you’ll have an impression on each one of them.

But just to be curious, in your opinion, how many online casinos are there on the Internet? 500? 1000? More! I give you an approximate number of 3000. However, this amount is already probably close to 4000. There are so many reasons nowadays for casinos to open.

In 2020, as we all know, all the people were forced to stay home for a long time. Some people have lost their jobs and couldn’t find a better earning option than online gambling. I admit, online casinos are not created for making money. Anyway, losing track of results doesn’t stop players from gambling day to day.

The online gambling industry is currently on the rise. There is no single doubt that in 2021 there will be more casino sites and more gamblers. The players who used to play in the land-based venues are making their way online as the casinos close their doors. However, it’s not the story of the online casinos. They welcome new players with open arms and give them a lot of opportunities at the very start.

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