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PC Online Casino vs Mobile Casino

As statistics says, online gambling marketing is generating over $50 billion a year. This year, despite the pandemic, the market is expected to grow by a reasonable margin. Thus, the rise of mobile gambling, and the tech advancement will influence the gambling market growth in the new year. All gaming companies provide a sufficient amount of information making the reviews of the best casinos NZ. Now, with the growth of tech advancement, HTML5 allows easy transition from game to game using mobile phones, giving players an amazing opportunity to play from anywhere in the world. On the page below we will compare PC Gaming and Mobile Gaming, using a rating system.

Mobile casinos

Mobile phones play an important role in our lives. We use smartphones by default these days, and playing from it is convenient, since we carry it all the time.

The convenience of use

Mobile gaming is much more convenient. If you want to play online casinos during your working time, you don’t have to wait until you get home. That is so easy to play for real money through the smartphone, due to the well-optimized interface, and simple access to all features.

Another advantage of using a phone is privacy. You can use your headphones to cover the noises that come from the game, including the main characters, to not bother everyone around you. And, since you use a mobile, you can play privately, without others knowing what you’re up to during the game.

Disadvantages of using a phone

Smartphones have a small screen compared to desktop, that’s why you have limits to see how the game goes. You are not allowed to multitask, since the small screen many features are reduced significantly. Moreover, the quality of the games on the phone is not as good as desktop versions.

In addition, phone batteries can limit your game at the most inopportune moment. While you’re fully engaged in the process, the battery can die, preventing you from reaching a milestone. Take it into account, and always check your battery level.

Most tournaments are not allowed to be played on mobile devices. You may be locked from taking part in tournaments, as they are provided only for desktop users, as well as land-based casino players. It makes it possible for big screen users, since the size of the screen matters during the special tournament event.

PC players

Variety of games

When you open a casino on your computer, you can access any game from the casino website, without having a downloaded application. All the games are firstly made for desktop players, therefore you will be presented with beautiful design, good sounds effects, and an ability to control all tab functions on your keyboard.

Real experience

When you play high stakes poker or live casino games, you need total immersion in the game. You don’t want to struggle trying to see what the dealer is doing, or pause the game to chat with other players at the table. PC gaming gives you all the options on one screen, so it’s easy to use all the functions while playing. When you play live games, you can see what is happening in the studio or talk to other players in the sidebar. When playing on a computer, you really feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino. As the casino backgrounds and lights, and all the developer’s ideas realized in HD are better to see through the PC.


Mobile games are convenient because you can play them anytime, anywhere, but, unfortunately, they come with serious limitations. The same situations with PC games. Since neither offers all the benefits, you can still play on both depending on particular circumstances. They also have something in common; for example, an Internet connection is required, and the ability to play in any casino in the world.

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The more you play, the more you notice that real money is further and further away from you. Online casinos seem so innocent at the beginning that you fall for their offerings. Though when it comes to real gaming, you stick to the losing track. No doubt that you wonder whether it’s even possible to win money on online casinos.

However, you’ve probably won the money. Surely it was some little sum not far beyond the limits of your initial balance. But apparently, this is not what you expected from the online casino. You imagined it as if you would win half a million dollars. This is possible only for the high-rollers who deposit big and bet max. However, they can fail too.

There’s another point of view. Some people blame the casino sites as though they rig the games and players never win. This is true for the fraudulent casinos only. The fair ones will never mistreat players or cheat on them. If your casino rigs the games, then it’s rather your fault as you’ve chosen the wrong site.

Wise choice

Hence it follows that you should select the right gambling site. Remember the rules of the fair online casinos.

Gambling sites must have an official license to operate internationally or in your district.
The sites must also be transparent and provide the necessary info about the owner and the company, thus you can check the legitimacy.
Terms and Conditions of the casino itself and its promos should be decent. Wagering requirements are also not too excessive.

Gamble responsibly

Even if the casino is fine in your case, you can still have problems with winnings. This is due to irresponsible gaming. It’s not a statement, just probability that you might be playing every game down to the wire. It’s good that you are persistent, but it doesn’t work for gambling. You see, the secret of winning a game is that you quit it at the right time. You can feel the urge to continue playing after a range of successful rounds, but you should not. You have already won, temper your greed and hazard!

Strategic gaming

The experienced gamblers haven’t made up strategies in vain. They believe the betting schemes can really help to win the casino games. Even though the online games are totally random, the players’ minds can’t help thinking over some plan on ‘how to win those slots and table games’. It’s the nature of human beings and very often it doesn’t let them down. So try to apply some winning strategies during your game play.

I recommend that you first learn to look for bonuses and use them! Today, the biggest share of casino earnings comes from bonus programs. Make sure to learn about the wagering requirements, how to wager the bonus, which slot machines to wager on, and go collect.

Before you join Royal Vegas, you have to know a couple of things about it. Beside the typical info about over 700 games and excellent experience that you can get at Royal Vegas, the online casino opens private info about the company and, of course, posts the terms right on the site. You can read them by yourself to stay assured. All in all, Royal Vegas seems to be fine and safe. So, let’s prove if it’s true.


The first thing we ought to judge by is the legitimacy. Any online casino should be legit and licensed. Otherwise, you can’t trust it. Thankfully, Royal Vegas is one of the trusted. It’s time to mention the owner of the casino, Digimedia Ltd. The company registered the online casino in Malta and successfully received the license in 2018 by MGA. You can check what this licence contains if you visit the Malta Gaming Authority site and enter the number of Royal Vegas licence: MGA/B2C/167/2008.


Hence the online casino is regulated under the code of MGA licence, it has no other rights except for providing safety to visitors. Royal Vegas applies SSL-encryption on the site. It’s a 128-bit technology that protects the data of private and financial use from hands of internet frauds. In this part you may stay sure. Safety and privacy are guaranteed.


Still I recommend reading the general terms applied at the gambling site. These terms are what you sign automatically when you join the casino. Pay attention to the point 10 ‘General”. It says “The Casino may, without notice to you, amend, alter, delete, interlineate or add to (“Changes”) these Rules, Terms and Conditions <…> at any time whatsoever”. Mind that the online casino can alter the terms if you once have an unsolving trouble with them. By the way, Royal Vegas mentions that all your actions are made on your own risk. In order to avoid any problems, just read carefully what you agree with, play responsibly and don’t abuse bonuses.

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