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Online Casino Wagering Requirements

All online casinos with slot machines provide so-called loyalty programs. Each bet on the slot gives you so-called loyalty points. The number of points determines the player’s loyalty level. The more points the player gets during the game session, the more level of privileges he/she receives. The level also influences how many rewards and money prizes you will get.

As far as you know, casinos provide bonus money, free spins, cashback, bonus money to deposits, etc. The bonus may not look that tasty. As a rule, bonus money, free bets, free spins, cashback, come with wagering requirements. Any bonus has a wager. In general, the wagering requirements are conditions the user has to follow in order to withdraw the bonus money from the casino. The wagering coefficient is determined individually in each casino. The bigger it is, the larger it is to return the money. Slots, roulette, and sports betting are the easiest games to wager the bonus. However, you should follow the right strategy. Let’s learn the types of the wager, and how to win back quickly.

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What does online casino wager mean?

Who issues the wager, and what does it mean? In easy words, wagering requirements consist of a certain amount of bets that a player has to make in order to be able to withdraw the bonus money. Let’s get deeper and analyze the example. Imagine a user gets a $100 bonus with an x20 wagering coefficient. Therefore, a player should place bets on $2000, and only then you will be able to withdraw $100 of bonus money. On an important note, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, the main idea is to fulfill the wagering requirement and place bets.

Is it possible not to fulfill the wagering requirements?

It’s not possible to skip the wagering procedure since only this will allow you to make a withdrawal. Many newbies are interested in the possibility of not playing the wager. Obviously, the main goal of a casino is to make money. And if, for example, the casino will give the bonus to everyone without the wager, then none of you will even play slots, or other games, and will try to withdraw the bonus money right away. What’s the reason to play, if you can get free money chips immediately? Some players could even create multi-accounts. As a result, players are obliged to play for the bonus. But if the player does not need bonus money and does not want to wager the bonus, he/she can refuse the promotions. As soon as you cancel the bonus program, you can continue the game in the usual mode.

What should you consider as a beginner:

  • If you already started playing for the bonus money, then you have to wager it.
  • The casino uses your deposited money first, and only then the bonus money.

In case you played even for one dollar from the bonus money, and then cancel the bonus, the winnings will burn off. However, the initial deposit money will remain the same. There is a common rule of all casinos, that you can’t withdraw the won funds until you comply with the conditions. There are also sites with large commissions for players who refused the bonus and wanted to withdraw the winnings. The commission ranges from 10 to 20% of the deposit.

Wagering requirements on roulette

It’s better to play European roulette with deposit and no deposit bonus. But the question remains the same, how to wager on roulette and which one is more profitable. In general, it’s better to wager the bonus on European roulette. Compared to Americans, playing the European roulette, you will have more chances to win.

Perfect wagering conditions come with Live Dealers games. There are more chances to guess when betting on “red” and “black”. Additionally, there are different RTPs in different roulettes, however, in the case of a live game, you don’t need a return rate at all. Before wagering a bonus, you should carefully study the wagering rules. Be careful, it is often described in the rules that you need to play only on a roulette slot. In general, this means that this is a bad faith casino without a license. Therefore, these casinos want the user to lose the entire deposit, and not to wager the bonus.

Wagering requirements on slots

To wager the bonus on slots, you will need not only luck, but also a proper calculation. But first, make sure to take care of the banking. We recommend you divide your deposit into several parts so that you could always leave and return the money if needed. Moreover, you should be very careful choosing the slot machines to play with. Players can choose between a high wager or a low wager only on slots with a high return (RTP). In the best conditions, the RTP should range between 96% and 98%.

You also need to pay attention to the variance of the slot. For example, on high-quality slots, it is possible to multiply your winnings by 500. It is also important to learn the options and features of slots. Many machines have their own settings and characteristics. For example, on modern slots, scatters can appear in both the bonus and the main game.

To be able to play the wager, you also need:

  • Avoid the risky game. The probability of a player’s loss is 90%. Don’t play a risk game if you want to at least keep your original bankroll.
  • Set a minimum pot. It’s the right strategy if the size of the spin is around 1% of the total stake. Make sure to reduce the rate if you feel that it’s not your day today. In fact, it’s a long process to wager the bonus. Many players try to wager the bonus within a day, and, as a result, lose the entire bankroll in one day.
  • The highest RTP slots are Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Book of Ra, Immortal Romance, and Starburst slots with one of the highest return rates among all slots. These slots will help you easily wager the bonus money.

What is a casino wager?

This is the minimum number of bets a player must make in order to cash out a win. In the early days of online casinos, many players cashed out more than one thousand dollars due to the easy conditions for using bonus funds. Often, casinos provide restrictions to eliminate the loss chance and retain the player.

Usually, there are the wagering coefficients of x30, x40 x60. With this indicator, you can find out the amount that you need to play to be able to wager the bonus.

Welcome Bonus at Online Casino

The lower the wagering ratio, the better for the player. However, it’s not all you should pay attention to. In some casinos, you have to wager not only bonus funds but also the main deposit. If the welcome bonus is 100%, then it doubles the total bets.

What restrictions are there?

In addition to the wagering coefficients, there are more conditions the players should follow.

Limit on the size of the bet

Many casinos set strict rules on the use of high rates. For example, in some casinos, the maximum bet cannot exceed 5% of the reward amount. In some casinos, there are limits for maximum bet size, for example, $10.

Restrictions on online slots

You can wager only on specific slot machines. Most often, the casino draws up a list of games, which you can play to wager the bonus.

Various wagering contributions

The percentage of all bets that will be counted when using bonus funds in different types of games. For example, slots usually have 100% contribution from the stake, and roulette, blackjack and poker, depending on the casinos’ bonus policy, only 5-50%.

Time limits

The rules indicate how long it takes to wager the bonus. Some casinos give up to 14 days to wager, and some give only 72 hours.

General Rules for Wagering Bonuses

Usually, players only see the size of additional rewards and do not pay attention to the terms and conditions of the promotions. And, take into account that when you try to withdraw funds before meeting the wagering conditions, casinos freeze the bonus money. Newbies are more likely to fall into this trap.

What is a bonus wager?

As a rule, the more attractive the bonus offer looks, the more serious the wagering conditions are. Wagering requirements depend on the type of bonus:

  • No deposit bonus or welcome bonus. Does not require account deposits. Casinos give them for registration. What’s more interesting is that the wager is higher than x50, and other restrictions apply.
  • Beginners receive the initial deposit for the first deposit. Casinos charge up to 100% of the deposit amount to the bonus account. In the end, you have to play for this money 30-40 times.
  • Bonuses for the second, third, and other deposits imply additional accruals of 25%, 50% or 100% of the amount that the player deposits into the account. In addition, the wagering requirements may be easier than for the first deposit.
  • Reload promotions are available only to regular customers. Players get them weekly or monthly for the total amount of deposits or bets played. The wager rarely exceeds x20. The wagering coefficient of x20 is a perfect condition in the casino industry 2021.
  • High Roller VIP offers are available to players who deposit large amounts and bet big. On top of that, casinos set average wager requirements, but often limit gamblers to a small percentage of wagering on slots and other games.
  • Free spins also come with a wager as a premium offer. Surely, if you win during the free spins games, you still have to wager the bonus money. The coefficient can reach up to x50. Also, when you lose, you can get some money from the losses. It’s called cashback. The casino pays out the part of lost funds with a small wager.

Wager and withdrawal of winnings

Each casino provides a detailed description of requirements to successfully withdraw the won money. If you know the rules, you can play safely, and be ready for all kinds of obstacles.

You play the bonus money in the last order. For instance, if the account has $100, and $50 additional, as a rule, players are going to play for their own funds first.

Remember about restrictions on bets and slots, when choosing the slots to play.

Here are some tips for successful wagering:

If there are no restrictions, the optimal bet size is medium. We do not recommend playing at minimum stakes.

Choose the bonus with only a bonus wager. Avoid casinos with wagering of all deposit amounts. In this case, you will have to wager not only your bonus but also your own funds.

Make sure to choose a special offer with a long validity period. It’s not possible to wager in three days, you should think about it ahead. If you don’t wager the bonus in the time frames, all the winnings will be burnt.

Is it possible not to win back?

It is necessary to understand how to fulfill the conditions. If the player does not understand the wagering process, it’s better to refuse any bonuses from the casinos, as it can bring many unpleasant surprises. In this case, you will be responsible only for your own funds and do not think about wagering the bonus.

Take into account that the casino may provide time limits for canceling the promotion. Players can cancel the promotion offer only if the funds were not used in bets. For example, the limit ranges between 24 or 48 hours. If you want to cancel the promotional offer, make sure you didn’t use them while playing the slot machines. Otherwise, you will lose all the won funds. Only the initial deposit will remain on your account.

Casino welcome bonus conditions

The promotion terms say that it’s impossible to refuse a special offer. As already said, the withdrawals will be available only after meeting the wagering requirements. And if you have not fulfilled the conditions for the wager, don’t try to withdraw the winnings, otherwise, you will lose all the winnings. The risk is not worth it.

What is an online casino wager?

We have been playing casino games regularly for a long time already. It’s just hard to keep your passion in check. You lose, lose again, and then, sooner or later, a powerful jackpot comes, which covers all the losses. And instead of cashing it out and taking him somewhere on vacation, we almost always want more and more money. We’re chasing even more money every day. And I had only to withdraw the winnings and relax. Or choose another slot machine. Let’s consider some tips from experienced gamblers.

In general, we can highlight 3 tips:

  1. We do not recommend people who cannot control their patience to play for money. And to everyone else, if you won more than deposited, for example, from $100 to $150, then you shouldn’t continue betting, since your patience will ruin all the sessions. Instead, you should immediately withdraw the money to your e-wallet or card or somewhere else. Thank God, there are enough options for depositing and withdrawing your winnings in every reputable casino!
  2. There are many fraudulent casinos on the net. Our readers lost many thousands of dollars before they found out. Basically, they could not withdraw money. Choose only trusted casinos. Our friends choose only licensed casinos from our lists. The admin of this site monitors the popularity and trustworthiness of gambling sites and lists only those casinos that honestly payout the winning money earned.
  3. Raised money. If you won, buy something for yourself or for your family.
    Good luck while playing! Here, if you are interested in low-deposit online casinos, check the online casino $1 deposit
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Wondering if it’s real to win money with just simple games? To tell the truth, yes, it is. The online games function just like sports betting. All you have to do is to place a bet, and if it strikes, you win! Of course, it is not so easy. You have to consider several things before you start playing: licensing, fair play, game rules.


Starting with the first point, all the real online casinos are obliged to have a licence. This is kind of approval for the activity they do. The most popular licences are issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Costa Rica. If you notice at least one of these licences at an online casino site, congrats! You’ve come to the right place.

Fair gaming

The fair play refers to the games. In a word, the games should be all fair and have absolutely random results. For the fact that online gambling is a totally random activity, the casinos must implement a Random number generator to all the games in the lobby. Besides, there are special authorities that check if the games are fair and real. These are the famous eCOGRA and Independent Auditors. Usually you can see a relevant report of the tests on the casino websites.

Game rules

And, finally, you should understand that it is extremely important to know what you are playing at. The real big win depends on your knowledge, practice and. of course, RTP. The latter is the percent of money that you take back to your pocket. Basically, the RTP of a good game must be over 95%. Remember, the higher the RTP, the more you win.


Summing up, the online games at casino websites are real. You really can win money with games. But don’t treat it like your main income. Otherwise, you will become gamble addict. All in all, just keep in mind that fair online casinos with money real games must have a licence, fair results certificate and high RTPs of games.

After visiting gambling sites which are really similar, or even identical, and the only difference is the name, no doubt you get confused. I know that you feel suspicious about all this like what if every casino is owned by the same company? What if it’s all lies just to get my money? Don’t exaggerate. Yes, online casinos take your money but only when you allow them to. Let me explain to you why online casinos are almost identical.

Single owner

First of all, it’s important to say that there are two types of legal online casino owners. There are companies that own only one online casino and they dedicate all their life to this gambling business. Such casinos are easy to spot. They are usually named the same way as the head company. For example, MrGreen online casino and its owner is Mr Green Limited, Betway casino brand is owned by Betway Limited and so on. You can find this info either on our site casino reviews, or on the gambling sites in the bottom of the page.


The other type of online casino owners is holdings, so to speak. These are the companies which hold and manage work of several online casinos. Examples of such owners are Apollo Entertainment Ltd, Fresh Horizons Ltd, Genesis Global Ltd and others. Their sites are similar. As a rule, they provide the same service including promos, games and even the same customer support team that is responsible for issues of all online casinos in the holding. That is why sometimes it gets hard to contact an operator. He’s got too many requests. Besides, if you’ve ever contacted an agent, you could notice him asking about the name of the online casino you play at. This is because the team is the same for all of them.

They make money

Ok, now we know that identical casinos with one and the same owner exist. Then the other question is why do these people have so many gambling sites? And the answer is money. It’s all business. After making one successful gambling platform, the owner decides to copy the site to attract more players. If the first site doesn’t suit the visitor, then the next one will surely do. And it works indeed. The service remains the same though. And no matter whether you’ve chosen the first or the latter, you’ll play the same games and contact the same help centre.

Gambling authorities

Another interesting thing you might have noticed is that all online casinos are based in one and the same places. For example, Malta, Costa Rica, Curacao, Gibraltar or other little countries that are far away from your actual home. The reason for that is the country regulations. In the world, there are only a few countries where it is legal to open online casinos. Thus, most casino owners register and license the official companies in these precise countries.


Although there are casinos that are owned by the same people, it doesn’t mean that they are fake or fraudulent. They have licences and approvals from local and international authorities. Their gambling activity is official and fair. So, don’t let the stereotype confuse your thoughts. Play with a complete peace of mind.

Gambling seems very suspicious for most people, especially those who don’t play online games for money. The stereotype that online casinos are all cheating and don’t actually pay out is true only for the actual frauds. There are many fraudulent casinos on the net that you can easily stumble upon.

However, the picture is not that bleak. The fair gambling sites exist too. And there are a lot of them. Such online casinos take care of their customers. The players get the appropriate support and overall service including constant payouts.

If you have experienced gaming with frauds, you obviously chose the wrong casino. What you need to do in order to avoid the ‘bad’ casinos is to follow simple rules. The recommended actions won’t take much time but they will certainly save your wallet.

  1. Make sure the casino is totally safe. The legal site must have the license. This document proves the online casino operates under strict regulations. The reputable licensees are Malta GA and UKGC. You can also meet some others like Curacao or Costa Rica. Though the latter is not recommended.
  2. The certified games. All games are supposed to be randomized. Thus casinos cannot rig them. That is why there are authorities that issue RNG certificates. They are mainly eCOGRA or Independent Auditors. They carry out tests of games on a regular basis.
  3. Known owner. Apart from the license sign, the main webpage of fair online casinos should contain info about the head company. You can even search for the company reputation on the Internet.
  4. Feedback matters. There is no better proof than the real players’ experience. You have to search for the comments on your selected online casino. Pay attention to mostly negative ones. As a rule, they are more real. Consequently, they can pay you out.

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