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NZ Online Casino No deposit Free Spins

Most of the NZ online casinos operating online develop their own bonus and promotional programs for their sites. This is done to attract new players and increase the audience of users in order to create the most comfortable conditions for them to play. We’re now ready to present NZ online casino no deposit Free Spins top of casinos for you.

Important! Casinos offer different conditions for receiving gifts, which are thought out to the smallest detail, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with them in detail before registering.

On the Internet, you can find a casino with a cash bonus, which is credited immediately after registration. In some cases, to activate, you must enter a promotional code in your personal account. There are cash prizes that you can get after contacting technical support. These are holiday bonuses, birthday gifts, rewards for leveling up, attracting customers through an affiliate program, or regular promotional offers.

Top NZ Casinos with Free Spins

Jackpot City


Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Platinum Play

NZ$ 800

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Royal Vegas


Welcome Bonus

The main conditions specified in the rules:

  • Activation and wagering period. Each casino is different: some of them allow you to wager the bonus for weeks, in others in several hours. Do it as soon as possible, otherwise, you will lose your money.
  • Limiting bets by amount and type. In case of exceeding the size of the bet for one spin, the casino will cancel the bonus.
  • Games offer. The rules state the list of slots for which you can use bonus funds. Usually, a whole list is drawn up, which may include different types of games.
  • Player identification. Carried out before the withdrawal of winnings. The administration finds out the age of the player, checks the name, address, presence, or absence of multi-accounts. Multiple registrations are generally prohibited.

Receiving a cash bonus is not a guarantee of winning, although it can happen if you are lucky. However, here you need to fulfill a number of conditions and wager the money received according to the wagering requirements.

Types of bonuses without depositing

Among the special offers of online casinos, each player can find the most acceptable option.

Casinos offer various types of bonuses in monetary terms and as free spins. Free spins are part of the gameplay of slot machines or can be issued as a reward for certain actions.

Free spins

The number of free spins per account activation can vary from 5 to 100 or even more. Players can get free spins for:

  • deposit money to the game balance (the number of free spins depends on the amount of the deposit);
  • joining a group or community on social networks;
  • communication on thematic forums;
  • installation of the application;
  • news subscription;
  • participation in promotions;
  • playing the lottery in the form of winnings.

Players can receive free spins as options in casinos automatically. They eliminate financial risks for players since the house sponsors the bets. And the money won can be immediately withdrawn or used to participate in new tournaments.

Bonus spins for deposits and registration are issued on wagering terms and restrictions on time, types of games, and bet sizes. In some cases, players can choose their own games. The conditions for the number of compulsory spins during the days of the week may vary.

Freeplay bonuses

Freeplay is a special type of casino bonus with the withdrawal of money. Only top online casino gives this type of bonus. To keep players on the site and increase traffic, the administration develops exclusive offers for regular customers in order to encourage their activity. Many casinos provide free plays for large deposits, and loyalty to the playing field.

The principle of the gift is the ability to receive real money using a virtual casino account. The user can borrow a certain amount from the casino to conclude valid bets.

Important! The loan is issued without interest and is credited as a no deposit bonus.

There is a time limit for gift activation. After its expiration, the player returns only the debt, keeping everything that he managed to earn. In many cases, casinos do not require you to wager it.

The amount of free play ranges from $5 to $10. However, there is a limited choice of slot machines. As a rule, you are not allowed to play roulette and cards.


Almost all casinos provide players with various types of bonuses:

A cash bonus for no deposit casino registration is one of the most requested options. Receiving it does not require depositing the account. The amount of the gift usually does not exceed €20. Such proposals do exist, but they are very rare.

Depositary means additional funds to the game balance. Most often, this is the amount of 50% or 100%. Although there are more profitable options. Registration at a casino with a cash bonus takes place, as usual, however, personal funds come with the bonus money.

Withdrawals will only be available after meeting the wagering requirements. In order not to lose money, we, again, recommend you to study the conditions in advance.


Cashback involves the return of part of the loss to the account in cash. The size of it you can find in the condition section. It can vary from 5% to 25%. There are also percentage restrictions, depending on the number of bets and the established limits. Using cashback is a good way to ensure your funds. The money-back bonus is not profitable for online casinos and is most often found in new online casinos.

Reload Bonus

Many casinos provide reload bonuses mostly for regular players. They represent cash gifts in the form of a certain percentage to increase the balance. Usually, top online casinos NZ offer such bonuses as rewards. Many deposit bonuses you can get once, sometimes on the second deposit. This disadvantage is compensated for by reload bonus programs that allow you to use additional money regardless of the number of deposits. To receive a bonus, you need to make a deposit with a certain amount, and to withdraw funds, you must fulfill the wagering requirements.

In addition to the above, there are bonuses in the casino for VIP players who make large deposits. Usually, gifts are given in the form of free spins or additional cashback.

Why do I need a wager?

There are hundreds of casinos operating on the Internet. To stay afloat, many of them offer players incentive gifts. Most gamblers agree to accept them in the hope of winning. However, it should be borne in mind that gambling sites put forward a number of specific requirements for wagering bonuses, each of them has its own wager. The rules, depending on the offers, can be very different.

Important! If the player does not fulfill the prescribed conditions, he will not only not receive additional money, but also will not be able to withdraw the winnings from the made deposit.

However, this does not mean that gifts should always be refused. On some sites, there are separate balances with bonus money and your own funds. Therefore, before using the promotional offer, you should study the conditions for obtaining and wagering the bonus.

It is important to have a clear idea of ​​what a wager is, what its types are and what features must be taken into account. The word wager is a multiplier showing how many bets a player should make in order to withdraw the funds from the casino account.

Varieties of the wager

Realizing that it is necessary to fulfill a number of obligations, most gamblers agree to receive prizes. However, not all of them take into account the varieties of the wager. There are several of them:

  • the classic version, which involves scrolling the bonus money the required number of times, then transferring it to your personal account and withdrawing it;
  • sticky wager, in which the bonus is not allowed to be withdrawn after all the conditions are met, since the gift funds are used only for making bets in the casino;
  • deposit, valid for payments made to the gaming account;
  • deposit-free, with conditions similar to the classic version. Only in this case, the casino provides a cash bonus for registration without a deposit.

Wagering conditions

It goes without saying that users of such online sites get their own benefits. Therefore, the conditions for them should be as clear and acceptable as possible. If something is unclear, we recommend you contact the technical support of the casino for clarifications on the wagering requirements. As a rule, operators respond to messages very quickly and answer any questions. Based on the information received, it will be much easier to make the right decision.

Important! After activating the bonus with a wager, users get the opportunity to assess the quality of the casino’s work. Also, they determine the profitability of gambling, as well as learn how to manage money and try to play smart with small investments.

Experts recommend choosing gifts with a wager of 20X or less, which means that you need to place bets in an amount 20 times the size of the bonus. Upon receiving such offers, there is a chance to recapture the bonus money.

How to withdraw money from a no deposit casino bonus?

The availability of no deposit casino bonuses with the withdrawal of money is easy to track using search engines. To do this, you need to create a request in the browser line and the system will give you several resources with the most popular casinos. Here you can choose your own welcome bonus and go through the registration procedure.

Important! Each gambling site has its own internal policy, and the administration puts forward a number of requirements. After these requirements, it is possible to withdraw your money at the expense of the bonus.

It is possible to receive a refusal to withdraw funds for the following reasons:

  • if you have a second or third account, especially for the purpose of multiple activations of bonuses;
  • refusal to verify. When a player, for one reason or another, does not want to provide documents, to confirm the identity, does not provide all the papers, evades verification. His actions will be regarded as a violation of the rules of the site, and the casino will block the account along with charges;
  • if you exceed the maximum size of the bet according to the restrictions provided by the wagering conditions. The system does not react to such actions during the game, however, you can see all the bets made in the statistics. The player can find out that the conditions have not been met after applying for a withdrawal.

In some cases, a small deposit may be required to verify your identity.

Account verification also includes the provision of a scan of a passport and bank statement or utility bill, a snapshot of a payment card, or a screen of an electronic wallet with the owner’s personal data. A Skype call may be requested, where the player should show up with a passport in hand.

Popular ways to withdraw money are:

  • transfer to bank cards;
  • use of electronic payment systems, including cryptocurrency ones.
  • Withdrawals can take from five minutes to several days.


Various bonuses, incentives, gifts, and promotional offers are part of the casino’s marketing policy. In a highly competitive environment, such casinos show interest in promoting their brands. In addition to attracting new players, the casino must be able to retain them and form a loyal audience.

To receive bonus money, a player must perform some actions: register, deposit an account or invite a friend. Advertising banners contain a lack of information regarding the terms of promotional offers. The rules of the game are in a special section of the online casino website.

For me, the good slot should leave a good impression, has stability, keeps the balance, and often throws up bonuses, fueling your interest and excitement.

Also, when you entering the site, you immediately see the top online casino slots offered by the particular casino. You don’t need to trust this list. The casino must earn and that is why not one of the casinos will show you a list of slots that are now playing well or, in a simple way, on the return. Most likely, almost all of these slots will only benefit the casino.

Best Slots Giving Slots in Online Casinos

Below I have given my top slots, in which I often catch good X’s. This rating of slot machines does not pretend to be on the list of the most profitable slots. These are just my favorite slot machines, in which I always remain in the black. Also, when choosing a slot, you need to understand a few things:

  • RTP slot
  • High variance slot or
  • Low dispersion

Popular High RTP Slots

And so the list of slots itself:

  • Immortal romance
  • Book Of Ra
  • Gonzo quest
  • Resident
  • Crazy monkey

Once again, this is a list of games that I constantly play in the top online casinos that are in the black. You can find all these slot machines in any of the proven clubs in our rating.

Book Of Ra

Book Of Ra is a well-known winning slot on the theme of ancient Egypt, which is very popular among both beginners and professionals. The developer of the game is the Novomatic company, which is the leader in the world of gambling software.

Book Of Ra has a low variance, which means that it gives out winnings quite often. This allows you to get a very long gaming session, which is very popular with many beginners.

The slot is incredibly easy to operate; only a few buttons are responsible for setting bets and spinning the reels. Even if you first sat down to play, it will take you no more than 15 minutes to master the controls and rules of the game. RTP is 98.6%

Gonzo quest

Gonzo Quest is also dedicated to the search for ancient treasures, but this time, the action takes place in a lost jungle, among tall thickets and dangerous predators. The developer of the device is the Swedish company NetEnt, which has many years of experience and produces only top-quality games.

Gonzo Quest features updated graphics and pleasant soundtrack, it is also easy to operate and gives wins quite often, which allows it to take second place in our Top. RTP is 97.8%


This is a unique slot machine that really allows you to win with a unique themed design that invites you to feel like a scout, whose task is to find out secret military secrets.

Resident is designed in gray-green tones, and the attributes of a spy’s life are used as images on the reels: weapons, tools, gold coins, documents, and other things.

Resident also belongs to low-dispersed machines, which indicates frequent winning drops, even at low rates. RTP is 95.4%

Fruit cocktail

Quite old, but no less popular fruit-themed slot machine from the developer Igrosoft. Differs in simplified graphics and an unpretentious soundtrack.

Fruit Cocktail is a classic slot that is really interesting for players who love retro slots. At the same time, Fruit Cocktail does a good job from time to time, which gives it the right to get such a high position in our selection. RTP is 96.4%

Crazy monkey

Crazy Monkey is a legendary fruit video slot that has long become the hallmark of online gambling in New Zealand. The game is notable for its bright graphic design. There are images of fruits, symbols, happy monkeys, etc. on the reels. There is also a cheerful soundtrack.

Crazy Monkey gained popularity for a reason, this slot was the most generous for a very long time, and even today, it occupies an honorable fifth place in the overall rating for 2021.

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Cheating, hacking, deceiving are all words for misbehavior of players. Through the years, since the opening of land-based casinos and up till now, in the era of the Internet, people are seeking for the opportunity to steal money from online casinos. You can say: “Casinos steal my money too!” But no, you give them the money at your own wish and will.

Can someone hack the casino?

The online casinos are not so stupid to let you cheat them. Even the smartest hackers in the world can’t beat the security systems of the site. Of course, there were multiple attempts and some of them were successful. But anyway it certainly ended up with bad consequences as anyone in the world now can be caught. You can make up your own hacking strategy, by the way, considering all the flaws and circumstances. However, it’s no guarantee you’ll be through with it. All in all, some illegal affair at online casinos isn’t worth it, right?

Reading up to this point, anyway you want to know how to hack software of an online casino. So, I’ll give you only approximate ideas as I’m not a hacker at all. The whole strategy development lies down on your shoulders.

RNG Hacking

The first thing you should understand is that all games are driven by RNG. The slots, cards and balls are shuffled in an absolutely random way. In order to hack an online casino, you’ve got to hack the generator. One of the instruments to help is another software. The special software is determined to program all at once online slots or sometimes one specific slot. You need to run this software simultaneously with your casino slot just to mess with it. Thus you deceive the casino by making the RNG invalid working it out in your favour.

Team work

Another popular way to hack a game, live casino game, to be exact, has nothing to do with real ‘hacking’. It’s just a cheating method that can be used by regular players (who don’t have special computer skills, I mean). So, you need to gather your friends around. You all should enter the same live poker game, for example. Everyone must agree to show the cards and, of course, split the winning among them all. Basically, you just see the cards of your friends and you all can manage them to win the dealer. If everything comes out successfully, you then withdraw and divide the money equally.

The previous method of cheating doesn’t yet have the appropriate security system on the side of casinos. It means you can use it. But still, do it wisely and don’t gather around the greedy friends. All in all, it’s better to play the casino games just for fun and not for stealing money. You know, the illegal affairs never lead to something positive. Besides, the protection technologies are at the highest level now, and the online casinos implement this very type of security.

The gambling industry is just the same as any other industrial field. Online casinos refer to the online gambling industry, to be more exact. Anyway, this occupation takes its position in the world economy. The online gambling business prospers making new sites appear on the market.

And like any other business, online casinos must be regulated by special laws and authorities in the field. The laws of your country state whether gambling is permitted or not. The specific bodies related to gambling act according to the laws of their countries and have a right to issue official licenses for online casinos.

The most known regulating authorities are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Curacao and others. Under their jurisdictions the online casinos are obliged to follow the terms. If some rule was violated by the casino site, including mistreatments of users, the licensee imposes fines and even some restrictions up to casino closure.

There is also a different type of regulating bodies. They issue certificates to prove the games provided by the casino are fair. The popular authorities are the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or just eCOGRA. Them and Independent Auditors carry on constant tests on all the casino games. The whole variety of the online games are tested for randomness and fairness. As for the random games, they are powered by RNG mechanism.

This is what you should know about casino regulation. Besides, as these bodies operate the work of legit casino sites, you should primarily test a selected gambling site accordingly. Check if gambling is legal in your country, if the casino has a license and certificates. Every respected online casino must provide this information to the public’s view.

As soon as you join the online casinos world and may have already spent a couple of hundreds on games, you don’t want to lose anymore. Your only chance left is to learn how to play wisely. Using some knowledge, you can win a lot more than usual. Of course, it may not save you from losing as far as the games’ results are random. But it can help you try to win every time you play. I’m going to tell you some simple but true pieces of advice on how to make every game work on you.

Right casino is required

Before you start to play games and join the online casino itself, you need to choose it. The very correct way to choose the casino is to check it for the following points.

  • Licence. Every well-reputable casino has a licence. Usually issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, Costa Rica or others.
  • Terms. Read the conditions and policy thoroughly. If something confuses you, it can be a wrong online casino.
  • Feedback. Don’t ever deny comments on the online casino you choose. The real comments from real players can be the key to searches of the perfect casino.

Game with a high pay

Indeed, what helps you to win is the game itself. Each game has an RTP percentage. It’s the amount of money you return. Remember that RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, don’t waste your time and money on this game. The percentage is given in the game rules, so you’ll easily find it. In general, the highest RTPs are found in table games like blackjack and poker. Slots are considered to have low RTPs. But you can still find good ones from Microgaming or NetEnt.

Master the game

The most useful thing you can do to win money is to learn the game you’re playing. Being a professional at one and only online game is extremely important. You have to learn the game rules and practice it a million times. It doesn’t mean that you need to play all this time for money. Alternatively, use the free mode to master the game. Once you feel like a guru of the game, proceed to real money mode of gaming.

Use strategy

Even though you’re a professional, you can’t just play the game and win. It doesn’t work like this. You have to build a strategy. It can be a betting strategy when you play slots, for example. Firstly, bet the smallest amount, then bet gradually higher, and maybe again low. It’s your strategy according to your game knowledge,

In case you play table games, for example, roulette, you can also use the betting strategy. Let yourself bet on several options with various bet sizes. For example, everyone knows that in order to win at roulette one should place bets on odds and even, or other cross-related sections.

Remember about promos

Promotions are supposed to be beneficial for players. Equally for online casinos though. Learn the promo page of your casino, especially the wagering requirements for each offer. Choose a promo and use it wisely to benefit more from an online game. Implement the promo into your gaming strategy, thus you’ll get more chances to win every time you play.

Stop at the right time

The final hint for your next winning round is to stop. Once you are a winner, quit the game. Right away. Don’t make other spins. It’s the main mistake of all gamblers. They never know when to stop and lose more and more with every step. Make different moves. Stop playing as soon as your balance gets higher than the initial. It’s your most obligatory step if you want to win every time.

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