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New Zealand Latest Top 10 Online Casino

Online gambling casinos have now proliferated: it is easy to find lottery sites, sites with slot machines, and bookmaker offices. However, there is one important clarification: out of all this set, you can only trust some of them. Experts will tell which of the gambling sites operating exclusively on the Internet is worth paying attention to.

New Zealand Top 10 of Latest Online Casinos

  1. Jackpot City casino
  2. Spin Casino
  3. Cosmo Casino
  4. Royal Vegas casino
  5. Zodiac Casino
  6. All Slots casino
  7. Lucky Nugget casino
  8. Dunder casino
  9. Ruby Fortune casino
  10. Platinum Play casino

Criteria for selecting a casino for the rating

The main parameters that experts look at when choosing safe and fair casinos are as follows:

  • Availability of a license issued by state authorities;
  • Installed systems to control the earnings of the establishment;
  • Availability in different languages ​​and the ability to launch a mobile version;
  • The quality of the technical service and the number of communication methods;
  • Developed promotional policy, the presence of interesting and varied tournaments;
  • The range of games on offer;
  • A variety of systems for depositing and withdrawing finance.

Casinos in the past

Gambling has come to human history since the ancient East. Ancient India or Egypt is called the homeland of card games. The dice game, described in the Bible, was reborn into the entertainment of the rich people. As well as, Baccarat and the main table of every casino – roulette. Throughout history, we have seen many varieties of these games but changed the way to gamble. Now, in order to experience the favor of the case, it is enough to go to the site from a phone or laptop.

Modern gambling sites

The computer versions of the casino look as impressive and attractive as possible thanks to the top-quality graphics. Online gambling sites attract customers with movie advertisements, banners on websites, and lucrative offers for newbies. The top online sites are simple because ease of access is more important than style. It is considered ideal that there are transitions to blocks with promotions and tournaments, offers for VIP clients, and technical sections right on the main page.

Usually, the central part of the main menu is devoted to slots, “pokies“, which attract the majority of players. The algorithms of such machines are quite simple and understandable to all adult users: even a player who plays in a casino for the first time can handle special symbols, doubling, and bonus rounds. If you want more intellectual entertainment, players should go to the menu item where card games such as poker and tabletop are presented. Here you already need to think about the features of the rules, methods of distribution, and combinations.

The easiest games, where everything is based on luck, are roulettes and keno, in fact, online versions of instant lotteries. The “Live Casino” section gives the player the feeling of participating in a real game with a real dealer and broadcast from the studio. Along the way, with all of the above, the casino can accept bets on sports and organize other sweepstakes, for example, on the results of horse races or cultural events.

Nine terms that form the casino rating

Below we will consider the main components that should be at a high level in top-quality gambling sites. These are the appearance and set of games, permissions, and control, bonuses and money issues, restrictions and security, availability, and reputation.

1. Design

The first thing the client turns to is the design. This includes not only the functionality and the color palette: players like the casino to have a “chip”, for example, design with meaning or the possibility of an unusual pumping of the account.

2. Assortment of gambling games

The more advanced the casino is, the larger the range of slot machines and other entertainments within its virtual walls. When compiling a rating, it is not just the total number of games that a gambler can play by simply going inside. The subject should be varied, the range of suppliers should be broad. It is desirable to have games that have recently left the test mode. The perfect outcome is the presence in the catalog of all the top novelties, many types of poker and roulette, many software providers, and different “live” dealers.

3. Regulation services

Every serious casino that provides services on the Internet to a wide audience must have a registration. Information about which company is the managing organization for a gambling site is not hidden: it can usually be read at the bottom of the main page. There should also be an indication of the jurisdiction in which the casino operates, who is the regulator, and under what number the company has been issued a current license.

4. Service quality control

A reputable casino should be transparent, and open to external control. There are many trustworthy expert communities around the world that are engaged in such control. Among the independent international agencies, we can mention the organization “eCOGRA”, which evaluates the integrity of the provision of services in online casinos. In addition, it is desirable for the casino to cooperate with Internet portals, such as CasinoBest.nz, where you can find customer reviews and the most popular questions and answers concerning a casino.

5. Loyalty program

Promotions and bonuses for beginners and experienced clients are about the loyalty program. The types of player incentives may vary depending on the chosen casino strategy. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which can be withdrawn only after wagering the bonus money. In others, customers can get free spins on slot machines. The third option involves the return of a certain amount from the lost funds as a regular cashback immediately to the account. Most of the gambling sites have welcome bonuses, but only serious and reliable companies delight with the presence of really profitable promotions.

6. Financial questions

Money is what people come to play for in casinos. Therefore, from a good casino organization, one should expect many ways to deposit funds and withdraw winnings back. It is desirable that the casino supports more than a dozen options for replenishing an account and withdrawing funds from a deposit. Not only to bank cards and electronic money but also other modern methods.

7. Reliability of information storage

By registering at the casino, you leave enough confidential information. The name, surname, together with the number of the state document and personal address, as well as a photograph that the casino may require for identity verification, is already a large set of data. It is necessary to take into account the possibility of site hacking and security breaches in other ways. Top-quality gambling sites will not lose your information and will not pass it on to third parties.

8. Reputation level

You can only get a real idea of ​​what a casino is if you read the reviews of real players. Only people who have spent several hours at slot machines had the experience of communicating with technical support and other interactions with the system can give confidence. Even fraudsters can order good design and advertising, but only real gamblers will give an honest opinion of the project.

9. Availability

This point is especially important in today’s mobile world when people want to have access to a product from anywhere in the world. If the casino site is designed only for the computer, this is no longer enough. A virtual gambling site should be able to run the machine on any device that has access to the internet. Starting from a phone with a small screen to a laptop released ten years ago. Applications for mobile devices and shortcuts for computers are also desirable.

How to choose a slot machine to win?

All online slots differ from one another not only in characteristics but in the specifics of their behavior. In this article, you will learn about the strategies for choosing a slot machine at NetEnt casinos to win. Recommendations from our experts will help you determine which of the games is capable of paying the maximum amount of money. This means that you will not need to rely only on luck. For your information, if you consider only the payout fund of any slot, this strategy does not work. This is due to the fact that such funds are formed only from fun.

Demo version of the slot and its behavior

One of the most common strategies for choosing a winning slot machine in a casino is based on evaluating a slot machine in demo mode. All games from NetEnt are located on a single developer’s server. Therefore, we can conclude that the slots act the same. After all, operators deal with all financial transactions. Based on this factor, all slot machines have certain states, which are described below.

The slot is in the black. Such a machine is in the “payout winnings” mode. We can evaluate this by looking at the balance of bets played and how many payments the casino made.

The slot machine is in the red. Avoid such games as the balance between the prizes paid and the number of coins wagered is in the red. This means that it will be very difficult to get the winnings.

The neutral state of the slot. In this machine, the balance between the bets made and the coins won is at the 0 marks. In simple words, the game maintains a single position but may decrease the balance.

Profitable slot machine

To choose the “paying” online slot, you will have to go through more than one slot, playing the demo version. The most profitable game is the one that is in the “payout winnings” state. How can you determine which of the presented NetEnt slot machines is in the “plus” mode? We will talk about this further.

Go to the page called “Top paying online slots” on our website (or any other section with online slots). Next, select any slot machine. In this case, the percentage of return should be taken into account. RTP is listed for each slot. The higher this indicator is, the more bets made you can return. You will also find other parameters that are very important. These are the payout variance, the length of the bet return cycle, and the probability of activating the bonus option. In the reviews for each game, you will also find a review from the professional gambler, where the expert left a number of recommendations.

After you select a slot machine, launch it. You should choose the right bet size in demo mode. It should match the one you will use in real mode.

How to bet?

But don’t place one bet. Try changing its size and be sure to keep an eye on the state of the slot. When you get to a series of winning spins, there is a high probability that the machine is ready to pay out prize coins.
If you lose, select the rate until you find the most optimal one. But a situation may arise when even changing the rates does not help, then choose another slot machine.

Please note that the rare big wins are a random exception. Therefore, do not rely on such outcomes. By the way, this can happen when a large win is received and a lot of demo coins are used for bets. The player’s skill to identify a profitable slot machine is the most important of all.

After finding the optimal slot, you can switch to the real game mode. But it is very important to apply the rate that brought the maximum amount of prize coins in the demo version.
We would highly recommend choosing only the minimum rates. Firstly, this will allow you to make more spins, which means you save your coins, including in real mode. Over time, you can gradually increase the number of credits delivered.

Be sure to pick up more than one slot machine, at least 5-10. Moreover, the expected percentage of payments should be as high as possible. Test every game. If more than one slot did not give the desired result, play later.

The behavior of the slot machine is also influenced by the balance between the player’s account and the size of the bet. Naturally, everyone can get decent payouts with a very small bankroll. But it is recommended to start a gaming session with an account balance of at least 200 bets.

Please note that the combination of this strategy and participation in bonus programs is a lucrative offer.
Spend more time testing and soon learn to identify the “plus” slots.

Signs of the current state of the slot

To determine the state of a slot machine, you need to know only a few important criteria. They allow you to find the most profitable slot as quickly as possible. So, start playing the real game as soon as possible.

First of all, the frequency of bonus spins or other bonus games when choosing a certain bet speaks about the “positive” review of the slot. The more often the slot issues them, the better it is. But, if bonuses are rarely issued and bets return extremely slowly, we recommend choosing another slot. Or at least decrease or increase the number of credits placed on a spin. Our experts have come to the conclusion that in many games there is a certain relationship between such characteristics as the number series, the symbols that have dropped out, and the state of the slot. For example, these features include two scatter symbols on the first reel.


We decided to leave a few recommendations that should be followed when choosing a slot machine in an online casino to win. Study them. Perhaps they will help you get as close as possible to getting a big win.

New Zealand Latest Top 10 Online Casino
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Slot machines have always been attraction number 1 for gamblers. From long ago the hot-eyed players came into the casino venues with big enthusiasm to play slots and win right away. It feels funny that even after decades people still can’t find the way to win at slots. This perfect mechanism run by RNG has hardly ever failed online casinos. Slots bring much profit to the sites and keep attracting players as if using some magic.

Not a single doubt arises when you read yet another news about the lucky man who won a big sum just spinning the reels. This feels unbelievable as every time you launch the game, you leave it with an empty wallet and angry emotions. How do they win? What is the secret?

Lucky guy

The truth is they are just lucky. This is the secret, the power, the what-you-need. Of course, it may sound too dramatic. Luck has nothing to do with automatic mechanisms like RNG. Still, luck is what we inviolately believe in.

You can’t influence your luck. It’s something given by nature. However, if you study the thoughts materialization and similar spiritual practices, you can approach winnings. But that’s all very dreamy, let’s get to the realistic methods.

Hints to win slots

What I am going to tell you are not really hints, they are rather recommendations. Try to use them even against your will. Even when your heart tells you to make another spin, follow the instructions in full obedience.

  1. The right slot. You should know which slot will make you win. It’s not a guarantee but slots with the RTPs over 95% tend to give the players’ money back to them. So, try to find an interesting slot with an average RTP of 97%.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Before you really deposit and place bets on slots, try to practise the selected game in a free mode. During the free game you can place whatever bet sum you want, you can try out all the bonus features and study the game behavior. As you feel confident in the slot, proceed to the real money mode.
  3. Small bets. Mind that the actual game is not like the free game. Here you can’t play max bet rounds unless you want your money to fly away. Your first several bets should be the smallest. Test the game for real money, don’t let the RNG spoil your day.
  4. Play with the RNG. The randomizer analyzes your bet amount, your total balance and your behavior during the whole session. It’s your right to change bets, you can do it with every spin. I guess you’ve already noticed that the reels and positions sometimes are failing with each following spin. And alternatively they give constant winning results. It’s the game of the RNG waiting for you to give up. But you can play with it too, Whenever it gives winnings, raise bets, when losses – lower it to the minimum.
  5. Quit at the right time. As soon as you catch the winning wave of the random results, quit the game after the first failing spin. It’s a high probability that you will have a losing track of rounds. It’s hard to stop but you have to press the cross sign. Realize that you’ve already won the slot! Only if you quit the game right away, you can maintain your winnings and withdraw them.

In this FAQ section, we will figure out the several issues:

  1. How to use Paysafecard
  2. Advantages of using it
  3. Casinos that accept Paysafecard
  4. How to deposit through Paysafecard

First of all, this is a type of payment, which implies a card purchase in the nearest shop. Yes, you need to go outside, find the shop with these cards and buy one of them. In detail, the cards have different values depending on the certain region. (10$, 50$, 100$ etc). As soon as you buy a card, you will be presented with a 16 digits number, which you should fill in the casino cashier. Right after applying the card, the particular amount of money will be transferred to your account.

Advantages of using the Paysafecard

  • Very easy to make deposits, because it works like any other prepaid cards.
  • Quick transactions
  • There are loads of casino that accept Paysafecard
  • A limit of depositing can be a plus also, because you will have to go and buy another card

It’s an absolutely safe and fair method to deposit, because it works for many years with gambling sphere and shows only good results. In fact, the prepaid cards are the safest method to transfer money, just because you do not provide any personal information to the casino. Moreover, with Paysafecard you will not have any fees or commissions.

Casinos that accept Paysafecard

Paysafecard payments method is extremely popular among various casinos and countries, including New Zealand.

  • Jackpot City – is an interesting and unique casino with wide sections of bonuses and loyalty programs. It provides only licensed games by a Microgaming provider. In addition it introduces new innovative features, including an ability to play on mobile phones.
  • Royal Vegas – amazing platform that accepts Paysafecard and is available for New Zealanders. The casino is new in the gaming industry, however it was made by professionals. Furthermore, the game collection is presented by Microgaming. You can find there all you need, slots, table games, even live games with real dealers. In case you stack somewhere, you will be able to contact the 24/7 support team via live chat or email.
  • All Slots – another casino with available Paysafecard deposit method. In fact, it is an old and good casino with a great reputation among players from New Zealand. It’s popular for its excellent game selection of slots with different genres and bonuses. However, the name doesn’t mean the only slots there. You also can meet other genres, such as poker, blackjack, roulettes, live games and so on.


Generally speaking, if you want to make your first deposit, Paysafecard is a great option. The depositing process is very easy. If you are scared to lose big sums, you can buy a smaller card. With this technique you will be sure not to deposit again and again.

The reason why everyone wants to beat, cheat or win at online casinos is money. This is so greedy that we even forget about simple joy and fun. Of course, it’s a lot more cheerful to enjoy games when you’re winning than losing. But the gambling sites tend to bring rather failure. Still the question is open: how to beat the casino games in a legal manner. Well, if you are so obsessed with it, let me clarify some ideas for you.

Use strategies

The only legal way to win at casinos is using strategies. However, you should understand that strategies don’t give you a 100% assurance of winning. Using strategies you may with equal success lose money. There are different strategies found on the net, but the fact is that they can only work in individual cases. So, you’ll have to make them up by yourself. I’m just going to tell you about the most common working tips that you can use to create your own beating strategy for each particular game.

Learn the rules

First of all, know the rules of the game. Either you’re playing blackjack or slot, no matter. Start with checking the rules. Although they are quite typical, still each game is different and requires attention to the rules. Especially, if we’re speaking about card games. You have to understand what the ‘insurance’ or ‘3:2’ mean. Figure it out by yourself and build up your own winning strategy at each unique game.

Play for free first

Testing games before you play for money will also boost your strategy process. Don’t ignore the free mode. Practising for free will save your money and clarify some points at game rules which you don’t really understand. However, remember that strategy used in free mode games might not work with the real money mode.

Whether you are a high roller or have just a couple of bucks in pocket, place small bets at the beginning. The first rounds tend to be losing as you have to warm up your nerves. So, it’s never advisable to begin with high stakes. Calm down your feelings and save the budget. You can raise the bets after you make 10-20 spins.

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