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New Zealand firefighter wins $175,000 at an Online Casino

Jackpot at an online casino

New Zealand firefighter and paramedic Brandon Holmes won an amazing jackpot while playing at an online casino. His $10 bet turned into 175,000 dollars of American currency. It is reported by the local edition Fox17.

Two weeks before the win, Brandon Holmes underwent back surgery. After surgery, doctors forbade Brandon to work for 2-3 months. This is why Holmes, who worked full-time as a firefighter and part-time as a paramedic, had plenty of free time.

With some free time, he returned to his favorite old hobby of playing online poker.

“I played several tournaments and in between them I thought, ‘Oh, they have an online casino, let’s see what kind of casino it is.’

Holmes played slot machines one night and won a small prize of several hundred dollars. On the next day, he decided to try his luck again in the same virtual slot.

Brandon couldn’t believe what was happening. A bet of $10 on the Divine Fortune slot machine has grown to over $175,000!

“Everything started to happen on the screen, it said: “You won the mega jackpot” and “You won one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.” Brandon said to himself: “This cannot be for real, it simply cannot be!”. But everything was real.

Holmes says that he was not used to sitting at home and lying around like after an operation, but it suddenly became a blessing in disguise.

“It was kind of blessing that it happened right now when I was out of work. It would be a normal day if I worked. And I certainly wouldn’t be playing poker at this time.”

His future plans

Holmes shared his plans for how he would dispose of the jackpot.

“I’m getting married in June, we’ll have a honeymoon to plan, a wedding to keep paying for, a couple more things that we thought about before and we can probably do it now. We are also planning to order some kind of landscape design for our new home. But I invest most of the money further. ”

Choose the casino carefully

It should be added that all players from New Zealand need to carefully choose their online casinos. After all, if you become the owner of such an impressive amount, unlicensed online casinos, with a high probability, will refuse to pay you the winnings. Therefore, you should definitely choose an online casino with a verified official license. This is your defense in obtaining a legitimate prize.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the software providers that virtual casinos work with. World-famous providers value their reputation and if their product is available in the online casino you are interested in, this is a good sign. Also, check what methods of depositing and withdrawing a deposit are, read independent reviews about online gambling sites on the Internet, learn about all kinds of bonuses and promotions of gaming clubs.

All this and other useful information is available on online platforms with reviews and ratings of online casinos. Visits to the site with ratings of online casinos give players the opportunity to analyze the data received about each virtual casino site and decide whether to play there or not.

Offers for beginners and professionals: how to play and earn

Now on the Internet, you can find a lot of sites offering fun and excitement to spend your free time. These are virtual casinos, lotteries, and online bookmakers. At all these sites, you can get not only a surge of emotions but also real earnings.

Despite the huge number of sites offering to play and get big winnings, you need to approach the choice of your casino. Nevertheless, choose with a cold mind and careful analysis. And then nothing will spoil the time spent in the casino.

Before starting the game, you should figure out what rules the casino offers. What are the conditions for withdrawing the money won? Or what are the conditions for calculating bonuses and prizes, which, by the way, many casinos offer to attract new visitors.

So, the top New Zealand casinos offer a lot of worthy offers, not only for beginners but also for regular gamers. After registration, players can receive no deposit bonuses, prizes according to the loyalty program, and the opportunity to participate in various promotions.

For beginners, the following bonuses are offered:

  • upon the first, second, and third account deposit, casinos provide 100%–300% of its amount.
  • cashback up to 15% every week;
  • free spins and many other bonuses.

Besides, the top NZ casinos offer very lucrative loyalty program offers, among which the most attractive are the following:

  • a discount on the wager (bonus wagering coefficient), which can be reduced to 20%;
  • one-time cash prizes for reaching each new level.

By the way, there are several casinos with multi-level loyalty programs and the highest of which is the VIP. Players of this status already receive personal offers and invitations to participate in various sweepstakes and tournaments.

Another interesting offer of the casino is the slot machines with bonuses. slots marked “with jackpot” and indicating the amount of the current prize fund. But in order to get a real win, you need to register in advance on the site. Without registration, it is possible to play only in the demo version for free credits, which cannot be withdrawn or used as bets in other slots.

Free Demo Online Slots

Every player should know that there are free online slots. They require absolutely nothing from gamers. And anyone can enjoy the game. Free slots are online slots where you do not have to bet with real money. We will tell you why free online slots are popular and beneficial for online casino players.

Introducing a new online game

Free online slots are a great opportunity to get acquainted with a new game for you and try a slot before playing for real money. After all, starting a real game without any experience, knowledge, skills, and practice is practically stupid. Online slots are constantly evolving and changing, many have their own unique symbols and bonuses, often one game is not like another. By playing for free, users can safely evaluate the game, understand its variance and get ready. After that, they will be ready to make their first deposit and play for real money.

The opportunity to have fun

Many players choose to play free games simply because it is fun. Top online casino slots have interesting stories, beautiful graphics, and exciting soundtracks. And many users choose not to get rich or make money, but to have a good time and have fun.

It’s very easy to play for free

To do this, you just need to open the game and start playing. No need to make a deposit. Usually, the rules are as simple as possible, and the combinations are easy to remember. There is no time limit, you can play as much as you want. Of course, you won’t be able to make a profit, but you can surely have a great time.

Play Free Online Slots

Free online slots are a great opportunity to improve their skills for both new and experienced players. Users can get valuable tips and tricks to help them continue playing for real money. The main thing is to find free time and choose free games that are right for you.

On the CasinoBest.nz, you will find a huge number of free online games, you can play demo versions for virtual money, gain experience and choose the slots that suit you. Have a good game!

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No one can deny that roulette is a perfect game for winning. If you’ve lost playing this game, then you probably don’t know how to play it right. The casino game is easy and requires only little knowledge of the rules and betting stuff. Roulette at online casinos, especially in live mode, are full of benefits for players:

  1. You can place multiple bets and stay in advantage.
  2. Automatic betting strategies always bring profit.
  3. The navigating betting buttons are really helpful.
  4. In live mode you can see the dealer and chat with others.

In order to win a good fortune at roulette, you have only one thing to help you. It’s strategies. However, you have two options for applying these strategies. You can apply the known betting mechanisms which you can find below, or you can make up your own strategy based on your experience.

But, please, if you choose the second variant, practise the game in a free mode. As a result, you’ll get enough experience, you’ll learn all the nuances of roulette and make up your betting strategy that excludes possible mistakes.

Recommended betting strategies for roulette


The system is quite simple. What you need to do is to bet even amounts of money on black & red, odd & even. In other words, wide ranges of betting positions. As soon as you lose a spin, double your bet in order to cover the losses. The system has an effect in a long-term period.

James Bond

The JB system requires a bigger first sum, about $200. Split it into three bets like $140 on high numbers of 19-36, $50 on the line with 13-18, and $10 on zero. If some number fails and you lose, just double the same bet. Continue doubling it until you return the money.


The strategy is easy to apply. You need to increase your bet by $1 after a failing round and by the same $1 after a win. Again this system is effective in the long-term but still it doesn’t require much funds at the start.

Mobile online casinos are safe, however, some gambling sites pose a threat. The process of recognizing is pretty simple. Safe gambling sites have reputable licenses and are powered by well-known software providers. Minimum deposit casinos are also known for their good reputations and trustworthiness.

Internet banking is one of the safest platforms to make payments using your banking card. Using one of the provided internet banking methods is safe due to the latest encryption technologies. So, your personal information cannot be viewed by third parties.

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