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New slots and bingo by Play’n Go

As usual, we have been presented with two new releases by a popular game provider. In case you are a slots fan, there is a new fantastic Rise of Athena game. In addition, especially for casino lovers, there is a new Viking Runecraft Bingo. As always, Play’n Go attracts players with great releases for all tastes. Even if you’re not a fan of Play’n Go games, we recommend you to read an article and get to know the company better.

What is the new slot about?

For the past few years, we have been playing many slots with Greek Mythology. And the developers from Play’n Go presented us with a new one with the same theme, “Rise of Athena”. Perfectly done job can give us a chance to win a jackpot of x5000, collect interesting wild symbols, and receive free spins. Wild symbols come with several multipliers of x1 to x3, that can be multiplied as far as they land on one line. As a result, the maximum wild multiplier is x27. With three or more Scatter symbols dropped on the reel, you will be awarded with 12 free spins. Additionally, Rise of Athena provides an RTP (return to player) rate of 96,2%, with a medium level of volatility. Mobile app: Rise of Athena is available on multiple platforms, including IOS and Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The gameplay takes place in the browser.

Viking Runecraft Bingo

Let’s look at the new innovative Bingo by the same Play’n Go. The theme is dedicated to the mysterious past of Vikings, magic, and ancient warriors. There are interesting characters, such as Odin, the king of Gods, Thor, and the fairest Freya. Firstly, the game consists of 30 balls being drawn out of the 90-ball pot. Secondly, you get your cards by placing bets, and then push the start button to initiate a draw. This type of bingo really differs from the variants of other providers, because it provides some slot characteristics to make the gameplay more exciting. Thirdly, there are bonus rounds for each of the characters. Furthermore, the RTP rate of 96%, high volatility, and fast game pace makes the gameplay fun and profitable. The game is also optimized for small screens of mobile phones. All things considered, this game has a place to be. You will easily find the excellent and safe casinos that offer these two new games.

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Players are obliged to deposit the minimum amount to the account for receiving the won funds. Otherwise, the transaction will not work.

When we’re speaking about online casinos and their safety, the latter is applied to several spheres. The online casino as an entertainment provider must operate officially. The games in its lobby must be safe and not rigged. Finally, the site itself should guarantee the safe environment for the players. Let’s include here safety of personal data and money transactions.

The fair and well-reputable online casino should consider all the factors that can affect players comfort and safety during the gameplay. That is why gambling sites have additional, auxiliary so to speak, security services. They maintain the high level of all the aspects. LEt me clarify them all.

What must be safe at an online casino?

  1. Legit owner. First of all, the gambling provider must be officially registered according to the jurisdiction of the base country. The following point is the license. Usually, online casinos receive the document from the same country authority. For example, in Malta the body that issues the fair gambling proof is MGA.
  2. Safe place to stay online. This refers to the site. It should undertake protective measures like SSL encryption, firewall etc. Any services that can protect the players’ and casinos’ data including transactions between them.
  3. Randomized games. No matter which game you prefer, each game result should be fair and absolutely random. Generally, they are all powered by RNG. Nevertheless, there are special bodies that test the games for fairness. The most popular is eCOGRA. The Independent Auditors can carry out check-points anytime.

These are the main three safety measures that any self-respectful online casino must take. Summing it up, I’ll repeat what exactly you need to note for yourself when you enter a gambling site: license, company profile, RNG certificate or IA test seal, security proof like SSL encryption seal.

When you play the games, you obviously want to have a profit from online casinos. However, not always and not everyone can win on online casinos. Sometimes it’s the gamblers’ fault as they don’t meet the casino requirements or they can just miss their luck for some time.

Of course, the problem can be on the casino’s side. Some sites are fraudulent or just cheating. Though it’s totally illegal. Still you can stumble upon them any minute. So, what to do in order to avoid ‘bad’ casino sites and win money on online casinos?

Choosing the one

The first mistake towards your money dream can be choosing the wrong casino. You should select an online casino not by its cover, but by the service they provide. No doubt, the site should look attractive and catchy. But the support service, security, licensing, and of course banking system must be all appropriate. Speaking of the official license, the casino company has to obtain it in order to be proven fair in the players’ eyes. So, check the site for the mentioned points on a high level and remember to read real comments.

RNG powered games

The fair games are random games. The Random Number Generator is a key factor for players to win money. The mechanism is responsible for every single result in a game. It can make you a winner, and it can make you a loser. That is why RNGs have always been victims of hackers. However, not everyone can hack the randomizer so far.

Addiction to games

Generally, people who tend to lose money on online casinos are those who spend too much time playing. In other words, addicted gamblers have no understanding when it’s time to close the game. Addiction is a real problem for many people. They literally can’t stop spinning, thinking they can do better. But in fact they cannot. Only one thing separates them from winning. It’s the will to stop the game. To tell the truth, experienced gamblers can win the money, and they do win it. If only they could stop after that winning round, they would be already richer than the richest.

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