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Top Online Craps Casinos

Rating of the top online craps casinos in 2021

This page presents the current rating of online casinos with craps. Our expert team collects fresh information and analyzes player reviews about New Zealand online casinos on hundreds of different sites. Based on the data obtained, we compile a list of the top casinos in 2021. Also, our professional writers update the information daily. Check out the top online craps casinos:

Top 5 NZ online casinos

  1. Jackpot City 
  2. Spin Casino 
  3. Royal Vegas 
  4. Cosmo Casino 
  5. LeoVegas 

How the rate online casinos?

Gambling experts analyze many online casino ratings and evaluate the best out of them. Each gaming site has many parameters for analysis. Experts review the site according to numerous parameters, including:

Availability of a license

It guarantees that the casino operates legally and complies with its obligations to the players.

Availability of original software

It is important that the online casino provided customers with only licensed gambling entertainment. If during the review of the casino, experts found out that script software is offered to players, then such a site has no chance of getting into the rating.

The assortment of games

A gambling holiday will turn into a real adventure if the casino offers a wide range of entertainment options. Their list should not be limited to slot machines only. The best casinos also offer customers roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, and other exciting games.

The level of return of slot machines

Slots with a high RTP level offer good winning chances.

Bonuses offered

They should not only be large but also provide for low wagers. Then the players will be able to quickly wager the bonuses and withdraw them to their personal account.

Available payment methods

There should be a large selection of them so that users do not have difficulties with depositing and withdrawing funds. The supported list should include not only bank cards but also popular electronic wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and others.

Winnings withdrawal speed

The top includes casinos that payout money to players quickly – within a day. There is no point in playing in a casino where you have to wait for the transfer of winnings for a long time.

Service level

It is important that the player has the opportunity to quickly solve the problem that has arisen, to get a quick answer to his question. To do this, gambling sites should have round-the-clock technical support that responds to customer requests within a few minutes.

Positive reviews

Experts also take this into account. The opinion of the players is important to us. Honest reviews allow you to make a more complete picture of the conditions in a casino.

The listed criteria are the most important when compiling the rating, but we should consider other points. A detailed analysis of each casino allowed the experts to compile the top of the best online casinos. The game is always fair and opens up a lot of opportunities for getting big wins. It is important to consider!

In proven casinos, it makes no sense to place small bets, since even with a favorable outcome, the winnings will be quite small. In this regard, we advise you to regularly make a deposit at the rate of 100 or more spins at the selected rate.

The popularity of online casinos

The popularity of gambling sites on the Internet is constantly growing. Every day more and more people are typing the query “online casino” in their search.

Can’t choose a convenient gambling platform to play craps? The team of experts has selected the 10 best online casinos with a wide range of games, fast withdrawals, and generous bonuses.

Advantages of online casinos

Many gamblers choose casinos for their vacation, despite the availability of other entertainment options on the Internet. The popularity of online casinos is associated with a higher probability of winning. All players have the same chances of receiving prize payments since your skill and experience do not really matter.

Bookmakers compare to online casinos

The situation is different with alternative online entertainment for money: Bookmakers. Anyone can make bets in them – both beginners and experienced bettors. But to make a successful bet, you need to analyze a large amount of information on the upcoming event, study statistics, expert reports. Then you need to try to guess the result of the match, even the most experienced bettors cannot make it 100% correct. Because of this, the chances of winning in a bookmaker are not as high as in an online casino. At the same time, each bet takes time to prepare a prediction.

Poker rooms

Playing them requires knowledge of the rules of the card game, the peculiarities of the card combinations. Experience matters, as well as the player’s own strategies. It is also important to be able to use special trackers to collect statistics on opponents. All this increases the chances of winning but does not guarantee a 100% win in the hands. Even professional players often lose because there are many strong opponents in poker. The listed features of other gambling entertainment explain the popularity of online casinos. It is much easier to win in them. Even beginners have a high chance of receiving prize payments. The main thing is to choose the best online casinos for playing and try your luck at one of the craps games.

7 Tips from an Online Casino Expert

You should choose games with a high return percentage
The optimal indicator is considered to be 96% – 98%. Then you will get the highest possible profit from your bets.

It is important to pay attention to the variance of the slots

It can be low, medium, or high. The higher the slot variance, the less often it gives out winnings. But in most cases, they turn out to be large. But in order to win big, you need to have a big bankroll, so that it will be enough for a series of unproductive spins. If you don’t have a lot of money on your account and you want to win often, then it is better to choose machines with low or medium variance.

You should not play at the casino at maximum stakes

They are able to empty the bankroll in just a few spins without bringing any winnings. It is better to make large deposits, but distribute the amount in such a way that it will be enough for 100-200 spins. Then the probability of loss will be minimized.

Winning stricks

You can get a strick of successful spins and, and on the other hand strick with consecutive losses. In any case, you need to not give in to emotions, otherwise, large losses are inevitable. Having hit a big jackpot, players often take big risks in the hope of winning even more, which is why they lose their money. But a series of losses can push the gambler to continue playing in order to win back. However, it is possible to gain profit in rare cases. That is why it is important to control your emotions and make informed decisions.

Strategies will help you win more

Many of the gambling schemes are aimed not only at ensuring the bankroll, but also at extracting the maximum profit from the bets. But even popular strategies need to be tested before playing for money, as sometimes they require minor adjustments.

Slots with progressive jackpots

The size of the accumulative prize pools in some slots is seven figures. Just one successful spin in such a device can turn a player into a real rich man. That is why, to play for money, many gamblers choose jackpot slots, not missing out on the opportunity to become the owner of the millionth win.

Slots changing helps to be more profitable

If the slot machine has already issued a large prize, then the probability of receiving a large payout in it again in the near future is very small. Therefore, after receiving a huge win, it is better to change the slot to another, then there will be more chances to hit another big jackpot during the current gaming session.

The famous developer of casino games launched the world’s first Live Craps game. It’s available on all casino sites partnered with Evolution Gaming. The company’s product manager announced that every game which is in a land-based casino is now available in the live section of Evolution Gaming. In fact, Live Craps was the final product to complete the whole collection of games from the average physical casino. The game will definitely thrill the craps enthusiasts from New Zealand and the US.

Live Craps

The interface design of a game is produced in the style of a speakeasy. That’s why it’s so attractive for bar lovers. Moreover, the game goes in the fast-paced mode with many betting options, as well as winning ways. In order to win in Craps, you need to guess the outcome of the roll of two dice. The online version is very close to the original game. However, many new features and functions have been added to make the game easier and more exciting. At first glance, the rules may seem complicated as there are multiple betting options. As a matter of fact, Evolution Gaming provides an excellent tutorial that explains the rules in detail. In addition, beginners can choose a “simple mode” to play an easy variation with a lower amount of betting options.

Evolution Gaming

The main priority of Evolutions Gaming is live dealer games. It guarantees a great experience, whether you’re playing on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. The company has three offices in the world, in Malta, UK, and Lithuania. Actually, you can’t even imagine how fast it’s loading. The streaming quality of live games is excellent, because all games are in HD format, additionally, providing multiple camera angles for each live game.

Malta and Alderney are the main regulators. In fact, the Alderney is a strict regulator, from which it is hard to receive a license. Moreover, TST Labs have tested and certified the games. Evolution Gaming takes gaming security very seriously, committing regulatory and legal compliance, and providing all necessary certificates.


Live games by Evolution gaming are great. Especially the new live Craps. There is a great adaptation to smartphones and tablets. Check out the casinos with the logo and stamp of Evolution Gaming and be assured that you will play only high-quality casino games.

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House is a winner?

Every gambler plays for a big win, or at least break even. How is it possible to win in an online casino if the only winner is the house? As you remember, there is a saying ‘House always wins’. It’s about the casinos that are always in advantage, no matter how much a player wins. So, this is the problem: are there real winners at gambling sites?

To tell the truth, yes, online gamblers take winnings, small or large. Of course, most winnings are equal to the total amount of the deposited money. So, basically, you return what you give. But sometimes stars align and a person gets a big win. For the proof, there are even bloggers like Captain Davo who is an experienced but addicted gambler. He shoots the videos for youtube where he shows his high-rolling results of casino games. Though he also deposits and bets a big sum, not like $20.

Apart from bloggers, you surely have seen a lot of comments from real players. Some of them are positive saying that they won a great fortune. And others are negative or neutral. So to speak, if people didn’t win anything on online casinos, there wouldn’t be such sites at all. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to play responsibly and try to prevent addictive signs. By responsible gaming I mean following the tips regarding the winning strategy.

If you are a frequent player, you might have already noticed some facts about games. Anyway, I wish to tell you some of the main things to keep in mind. They will stop you from getting addicted and, along with this, bring you wins.

  • Stop playing on time. It’s vital to know when to stop the game. During the gameplay, you may notice that you are losing with every following spin. As a rule, after the losing track comes the moment of glory. It’s the repetitive winning rounds. As soon as you’ve noticed the increase, raise your bet and spin until you make a profit over your initial balance. After the first losing spin, stop the game, quit. Go to withdraw.
  • Don’t buy into casino tricks. I know that after such a success you think that there will be more ahead. But no. Online casinos make things up so you could spin again and again. The process described above about success and failures repeats continually. In the end, you will just quit the game with more losses. So, don’t buy into these tricks. Stop at the right time and rest out with your winning.


All in all, if anyone wins on online casinos, he or she is using the strategy and knows when to stop. All the professional gamblers can be addicted to games, but still they know how to take the right risks. Try different strategies and winning tips, so you can be the guy who wins in online casinos.

Honest gambling operators provide services in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the states, the residents of which they allow to gamble.

Passing verification in a licensed club is safe since such casinos take the confidential information of players seriously. Violation of this agreement can lead to serious penalties.

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