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New casino Blackjack is available for New Zealanders

Blackjack is the most played table game at present time. With no doubt, we want to enjoy it wherever possible and always diversify the gameplay with new features. To that, NetEnt developers presented the Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack based on basic rules, but with new features. The game is very easy for new players.

What is Branded Blitz Blackjack?

The rules are the following: every player has a common card set, the aim is to have a card set which has a higher value than a dealer’s card set. However, the value should be 21 or less. Moreover, you are able to enjoy a personalized gaming experience, by using the customization options. In order for casinos to brand their own studio. In fact, that’s not all you can do in the game. Also, if you wish, you can chat with a dealer or other players, using live chat.

Are the graphics good?

Usually, when it comes to graphics NetEnt products are designed with high quality. Branded Blitz Casino Blackjack is not an exception. In a word, you will see a table and a dealer clearly, in addition, it’s very easy to change the video stream quality. Furthermore, the sounds are great. You will be able to hear the dealers’ voices, the cards’ sounds, and the game sounds effects make you feel the atmosphere of a real land-based casino.

How to bet?

New Blackjack provides you with simple rules. In fact, it’s good for low stakers, because you are able to bet from $1 to the maximum of $100. Surely, you can open the payout table clicking on the “i” button. The pay table shows the betting options and the odds of the particular bet. As soon as the game starts, you will see a timer that shows you the time for you to bet. There are several options you can make: Hit, Split, Double Down, Stand. Hitting means to request a card from the dealer. “Stands” inform the dealer to stop giving the cards.


In some casinos that allow you to play Branded Blitz Casino Blackjack, you will have an opportunity to place a side bet. Moreover, you have a chance to place 21+3 bet, however, the RTP drops 93.71% with the original of 99.5%. Except this, the game provides very useful statistics, in order to build your own strategy. Also you can try the demo version for free, in case you are not familiar with blackjack and want to test the strategy without money risking.


We are glad to have new releases from the leading game provider. NetEnt usually provides high-quality products, and the Branded Blitz Casino Blackjack is one of the best live blackjack. This is true, because it provides interesting features that will entertain you well. Another important factor is mobile adaptivity. With that possibility you are able to play the game wherever you want.

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