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Motorsports Betting

Every human needs a little bit of adrenaline in life. Fast vehicles have attracted us since childhood. That’s why we get a dose of excitement every time we watch motorsports programs or drive our vehicles fast. With that hobby of watching extreme racings you can win money as well. There are loads of fascinating games at Jackpot City that are dedicated to fast and furious cars. With that opportunity players can place bets on the wide range of racing events on Formula 1, NASCAR, and others.

It allows you to make bets on a big variety of motorsports events around the world. Nothing is better than watching the race after placing a bet. In general, it’s fun to watch your favorite team or a racer fight for a victory, because if he wins you win.

How does this sport betting work?

Betting on motorsports is as exciting as betting on horse racings. However, the motorsports events last much longer, thereby keeping the excitement through the whole race. Moreover, motorsports requires the real knowledge of car configurations and about the racers themselves, in order to be aware of your odds in a particular race. For New Zealanders, there is a nice possibility to try this type of betting in popular casinos like Jackpot City.
In order to start successfully, you need to know what kinds of bets you can place. The bets are usually the same whether you watch motocross, F1, or Nascar. In fact, the odds are so high, because there are more than just outright options for betting. Therefore, if you guess the winner right, you will receive a solid payoff.

Match race

It’s a special type of betting, which is common to motorsports. In fact, it narrows down the competition, thereby making the odds higher. When you place a match bet, in easy words, you just choose the racers and bet on their result comparison, according to their odds statistics.

It’s important to realize that even betting on the best driver does not, necessarily, mean the highest chance to win. It’s a very risky sport that depends not only on professionalism, but also on luck. As a result, some vehicles’ problems and crushes can, easily, throw the player out of the race. And even outsiders have a chance to win the race.

NASCAR and Formula 1

NASCAR is a very popular car racing series with a long history. Big brands stand behind this championship that’s why millions of people watch their races and place bets. Generally, the popular bets include choosing the outright winner, a quickest lap time, and picking the pole position. In addition, you can even place a bet on the car accident during the race or any other unexpected situations.

Formula 1 has a huge popularity in England and Europe. Unlike the NASCAR racings with their round tracks, Formula 1, mostly, takes place on the public roads that are specifically constructed for races. Similarly to the NASCAR betting system, in order to become professional, you need to know everything about racers, champions, teams and cars. In Formula 1 you are able to place bets on several winners. In a word, drivers can work in one team and benefit from it.


If you are ready to start an actual racing bet, go for it. We recommend playing in Jackpot City, because they provide excellent conditions for it. However, if you’re not ready, check the racing games, which are provided in the same theme as real racings. For New Zealanders it’s a great opportunity to feel this atmosphere of race cars, tracks and famous professional Formula 1 one drivers.

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