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Microgaming Launches Live Casino

Finally, Microgaming is going to produce its own Live Casinos games in the next year. We all have been waiting for this. Recently, you may have heard that Evolution Gaming acquired NetEnt. As a result, the number of Live Casino suppliers decreased, giving space for new providers. Therefore, the well-known provider of slots and table games decides to produce its own live casino games.

At the beginning of 2022, Microgaming’s collection of live games should go live. New Live games will be available at the top Microgaming online casino. There are a significant amount of online casinos powered by Microgaming, so you will definitely find it interesting.

Microgaming Hires the Old NetEnt’s Developers

When the world found out about Evolution Gaming’s takeover of NetEnt, the gambling industry definitely faced some changes. First, all live casino games of NetEnt were closed, and the live department of NetEnt were closed as well. Many talented creators lost their jobs, but thanks to Microgaming, they are going to hire these people and open the Live Casinos department at Microgaming studio. NetEnt’s ex developers will share the knowledge about Live Casinos and hopefully start a successful company.

Cooperation with On Air Entertainment

Hiring the NetEnt’s staff is just the first step. Previously, at the beginning of this year, Microgaming and One Air Entertainment have become partners to successfully develop live casino technology. Microgaming has a huge experience in the house, so developing a new type of gambling will not be a big problem. On Air Entertainment owns several live casino studios and has a headquarter in Malta, which is the center of online gambling.

The new live casino games will soon be launched and streamed at the top online casinos. Although Microgaming will be working behind the scenes of making live casino games, it will bring a great contribution to development.

Great Potential of Live Casino

It was expected to see Microgaming among live casino games at some moment. The moment finally comes, and we can’t wait to see what they are going to present. Microgaming studio has been the online casinos market leader for many years. But the lack of well-known live table games was a shame for such a big brand.

The company sees enormous potential in the live casino space since more and more players choose live games. All gamblers hope to see the successful partnership with On Air Entertainment, establishing an outstanding live games portfolio.

Microgaming has a clear view of what their decision may bring in the future. The goal is to compete confidently with Evolution Gaming. However, this studio is a leader in the live casino industry, especially after the acquisition of NetEnt last year. Also, check out the top live casino online games!

Is Microgaming only a Jackpot Games Provider?

Surely, we all know Microgaming as the biggest provider of jackpot games. Many of their titles including Mega Moolah and Wowpot are attracting players all over the world. Their portfolio consists of 800+ games with excellent reputations.

In fact, most of the Microgaming games are produced by partner studios. Basically, Microgaming is a kind of publisher that allows online casinos to put games in the lobbies. The company partners with small studios like Neon Valley and Gamburger, which have a chance to release their games thanks to Microgaming.

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The era of innovative technologies and artificial intelligence has reached online gambling too. In fact, both online casinos and players can apply cyberbots to the games with a purpose of outsmarting.

Players who are very good at computers and relevant programs create the bots with algorithms for winning. They do it for two reasons. First, they want to outsmart online casinos, in a word, to win. Second, they simplify the gameplay for themself. They no longer play, they win with a perfect strategy.

On the other hand, online casinos implement cyberbots to stay in advantage. In other words, to keep the edge in house. Mainly, the bots are created for table games like poker or roulette, and ever-known blackjack. To tell the truth, players have two problems with games that prevent them from winning. They are the programmed bots and the codes generated by a computer to shuffle cards, deals and so on.

In order to outsmart the online casino cyberbots, you need to know the algorithms of the bot and code. Actually, it is very easy to figure out if your opponent is a bot. It follows the same patterns and refers to general statistics. It also ‘thinks’ the same certain amount of time. No more, no less, a couple seconds and it gives the result.


All in all, the method to outsmart a cyberbot of an online casino is to recognize the patterns it uses. Simply put, if you know the strategy of an opponent, you know how to beat him. The algorithms are identical and consistent. So, if you understand the rules of table games, and have just a little knowledge of information science, it will not be a problem for you.

Bet wisely

Winning at online casinos highly depends on the bets that you place. This is important to bet wisely. It doesn’t work if you bet everything you’ve got. Yes, you can multiply the win, but equally fast you can lose it all. For this reason I want to give you some tips about how to bet at online casinos and benefit.

  1. Set money limits. The most useful way to bet wisely and save your budget is to limit it. When you have a certain available sum for a single game, you’ll probably waste it all, and the limit will stop you from betting more.
  2. Sort out the money amounts. Basically, it’s the same as the limits. There’s only one difference. You can place different limits on different games. For example, $400 is the limit for slots, and $430 is the limit for poker. As soon as you bet the slots limit out, quit the game and proceed to poker.
  3. Start at the lowest. No matter if you play a table game or a typical slot. Start with the lowest bet possible. You have to understand the game and analyze the gameplay. When you know how the bets are placed, or if it’s live, how other players bet, you can gradually increase the bet.
  4. Watch the gameplay. Every casino game result depends on your luck. But not only your luck decides what will be further. The randomizer gives out the symbols or playing cards. If you’ve noticed, sometimes randomizers are too generous for money. Take this advantage and raise your bet during repetitive wins. However, when they cease and you start losing, lower the bet or even quit the game. The constant one-by-one losses can damage your budget.


Remember these simple tips if you want to win at the online games. And keep in mind that the Bet Max button is there only for risky high-rollers or not very smart people. Betting is the key for a good fortune, use it with wits.

When transferring over $1000 or the equivalent in another currency, bank employees can transfer transaction data to the tax office. They will try to find out the origin of the money and the payment of income tax.

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