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Low and High Casino House Edge: the difference

Each person who wishes to gamble hopes to finish the gaming session with a positive result. The chances of leaving the casino with more money depending on casino games. Therefore, we’d like to present to you the article which shows the differences between the lowest and the highest house edge casino games. Also, it will help you to find the top paying online casino!

We’ll introduce to you the selection of top games which give higher chances to beat casinos. The lower the house edge, the higher the probability to win. So, keep reading to be aware of games with the highest and lowest house edge to start your solid gambling journey today.

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What is House Edge in NZ Casinos?

The gambling dictionary says that the term “House Edge” refers to the numerical advantage over the player. For example, when you play roulette, the green zero gives the casino an advantage over you. Your result does not necessarily depend on the house edge, since punters can end up poorly or well anyways. However, in order to take maximum benefits, they should optimize their chances by making the most comfortable conditions. Moreover, the odds are not consistent across the games, so it’s important to learn the house edge of all games.

For example, when you play cards with your friend or roll the dice, mathematically, the odds are equal for you and your friend. In case the winning conditions are not equal, one of the players gains an advantage. Imagine the situation, if the player and the dealer receive one card each, and when this is revealed, the person with the higher card wins. The chances are 50% and 50%. Therefore, nobody would win in the long run. But if we suppose that the bank has even a 1% chance more than players, the house wins.

The Difference Between the Payout Percentage and the House Edge in a Casino NZ

The house edge is another term for the casino edge. This term is familiar to all casino fans, therefore every table game, pokie, the lottery has the percentage for the house. It indicates how much money the game pays out on average, and which game provides the best returns. The percentage of return is determined by the game providers, not by the casino. Thus, take into account that regardless of what casinos you play, there is always the house edge.

While the payout percentage shows how much Kiwis can expect to win in online casinos. Basically, return to the player percentage how much of your bets will return in winnings. For example, if the game has an RTP of 97%, the casino will payout every $97 of your $100 bet.

House Edge of Popular NZ Casino Games

When we launch any game from the casino lobby, we expect to potentially win money and have fun. But not all types of games provide similar RTP since each game has a different payout percentage.

In the list below, there are three of the most popular NZ casino games:

Classic Blackjack – House Edge is very low compared to pokies equals 0.75% or more. The house edge in Blackjack varies in the number of cards used. Blackjack’s with a single deck significantly increased the chances of winning as the house edge is lower. Top online blackjack casinos!

Pokies – An average house edge from 2% to 10% in top online casinos. Although pokies have a higher percentage of the house edge, they are the most popular games in online casinos. The house edge also depends on the particular games, since each of them provides different features that influence the percentage.

Live Baccarat – The house edge is lower than in pokies equals 1.05% on average. Baccarat is a game with simple rules but has still one of the lowest house edges in gambling. If you want a little more relaxed atmosphere, this game is for you.

Online Casino Games with the Highest House Edge

Games with the highest house edge are also in demand by millions of players since they know how to get the best odds. Especially for such players, we have collected the list of games with the highest house edges!

  • Wheel of Fortune with the house edge from 24%
  • Keno with the house edge from 15%
  • Pokies with the house edge from 8%
  • Sic Bo with the House Edge from 2.50%
  • Craps which has the house edge from 1.4%
  • Roulette has the house edge from 1.3%

Of course, these percentages are presented on average, because they can vary from one game to another. Pokies are the most popular games with a very high house edge, but online pokies have a lower house edge than land-based slot machines. This type of game is extremely popular due to its variance, and simplicity. Pokies do not require real knowledge and skill to start playing. Moreover, slots provide a wide bonus system, with many promotions and rewards. In order to increase the odds of playing slots, you need to wager larger amounts.

Online Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

The lowest House Edge games always require some effective strategy or skill. With a certain knowledge, you can boost your chances and reduce the house edge.

Top games with the lowest house edge

  • Blackjack – 0.72% House Edge
  • Baccarat – 1.06% House Edge
  • Roulette – 1.35% House Edge
  • Craps – 1.4% to 5% House Edge


According to our experience, blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge. While the chances of you winning depends not only on luck but also on the strategy that improves your odds. However, other games with a low house edge have unique rules that add interest to the game and the skill really affects the results.

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Among all the games presented in the lobby of online casinos, surely, there are games with the HOT and COLD marks. Perhaps, you are confused by the signs and hesitate which game to play: hot or cold? Let me clarify this moment for you.

The HOT games are the top games, in other words. They are the most popular among online players. Generally speaking, the HOT sign means that gamblers have played this game a million times and are still playing it. To cease your high expectations, it does not mean that the game brings much profit. However, if it is a progressive Jackpot game marked HOT, then you can hit the Jackpot with a high probability. This is due to the fact that there are too many players betting at the same time.

On the other hand, the COLD games are not so different from the HOT ones. The only thing in contrast is the number of players. COLD games are not so popular, so they are marked accordingly. Again, it does not mean that COLD cannot be profitable. They are ordinary games with the same high RTP.

All honest casinos presented on our site are necessarily licensed because it is one of the criteria by which you can find out about an honest online casino.

The more you play, the more you notice that real money is further and further away from you. Online casinos seem so innocent at the beginning that you fall for their offerings. Though when it comes to real gaming, you stick to the losing track. No doubt that you wonder whether it’s even possible to win money on online casinos.

However, you’ve probably won the money. Surely it was some little sum not far beyond the limits of your initial balance. But apparently, this is not what you expected from the online casino. You imagined it as if you would win half a million dollars. This is possible only for the high-rollers who deposit big and bet max. However, they can fail too.

There’s another point of view. Some people blame the casino sites as though they rig the games and players never win. This is true for the fraudulent casinos only. The fair ones will never mistreat players or cheat on them. If your casino rigs the games, then it’s rather your fault as you’ve chosen the wrong site.

Wise choice

Hence it follows that you should select the right gambling site. Remember the rules of the fair online casinos.

Gambling sites must have an official license to operate internationally or in your district.
The sites must also be transparent and provide the necessary info about the owner and the company, thus you can check the legitimacy.
Terms and Conditions of the casino itself and its promos should be decent. Wagering requirements are also not too excessive.

Gamble responsibly

Even if the casino is fine in your case, you can still have problems with winnings. This is due to irresponsible gaming. It’s not a statement, just probability that you might be playing every game down to the wire. It’s good that you are persistent, but it doesn’t work for gambling. You see, the secret of winning a game is that you quit it at the right time. You can feel the urge to continue playing after a range of successful rounds, but you should not. You have already won, temper your greed and hazard!

Strategic gaming

The experienced gamblers haven’t made up strategies in vain. They believe the betting schemes can really help to win the casino games. Even though the online games are totally random, the players’ minds can’t help thinking over some plan on ‘how to win those slots and table games’. It’s the nature of human beings and very often it doesn’t let them down. So try to apply some winning strategies during your game play.

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