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List of the Best Visa & MasterCard Online Casinos in NZ

When we look at the selection of cards for online payments, there are Visa and Mastercard. Many people ask the question which card is better: Visa or Mastercard? Both of them are available for online payments in New Zealand. Debit or Credit cards can be used to buy tickets, order clothes, and make payments in online casinos abroad. What is the difference between them, and which one to choose for online casinos? Look further to find out.

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Before making a comparison between Visa or Mastercard, we need to understand what these systems are about.


Visa is a payment system founded in 1976 in the USA, which is used in more than 200 countries of the world. Its share of the global payments is over $8.3 trillion. And across the world, more than 60 million customers have chosen the Visa card, and 2.9 billion accounts have been opened in this system. The main currency is dollars. Learning all the details, and keeping in mind how popular it is today, we can make a conclusion that it is more profitable to use Visa in the US, since there is a minimal conversation rate, however, which one is better to use in other countries, especially in New Zealand?


If we talk about MasterCard, the company’s headquarters are also located in the United States, but the main currency is not only dollars but also euros. Therefore, when traveling in Europe, experts recommend taking a MasterCard card. The conversion will depend on the zone in which the system user is located: in America, the transaction will go through the dollar, and in the European Union, through the euro. The MasterCard system operates in 210 countries, with 30 million retail outlets that accept these cards.

Now you clearly understand what Visa and Mastercard are, and we can continue considering the main differences between payment systems.

The main differences between Visa and Mastercard

In our case, it is difficult for a card user to immediately understand the difference between these two popular payment systems. It is important to know that international systems offer several options for plastic cards. Basically, we can divide the cards into several categories.

Categories of cards

Standard. These include Visa Classic, Visa Business, and MasterCard Standart. The listed cards are suitable for online purchases, cash withdrawals through an ATM, and payments using a terminal. You will need to enter CVV2 for Visa or CVC2 for Mastercard. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions for your purposes.

Electronic. Visa Electron, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro cards have some restrictions on online purchases. For example, it can be a convenient solution for those who often buy unnecessary goods online, allowing you to save your budget.

Premium. MasterCard and Visa offer Platinum or Gold cards. Despite the more expensive maintenance, they save a lot. For example, you can rent a car abroad at a low cost, and get additional insurance on the cost of servicing the card. Also, owners of visa cards participate in various discount programs. The bonuses offered by the premium card will depend on the specific foreign country.

Security of payments

Moreover, both payment systems provide additional security by using 3D Secure technology. “Verified by Visa” brand is what Visa uses to protect users, while Mastercard uses “MasterCard” SecureCode.

Initially, the main currency for payment for Visa was the dollar. While the MasterCard system offered to pay in both dollars and euros, depending on a particular country. Today, banks can add any currency as a settlement currency, including New Zealand dollars.

Less significant differences between payment systems include partnership offers for cardholders, which will differ depending on the bank’s service packages. Suppose some banks give customers the right to get cashback in the form of free money to buy tickets. In Asian countries, large hypermarkets and sometimes duty-free shops offer discounts when paying with MasterCard. Visa, in cooperation with various banks, provides access to premium service at airports, makes it possible to take part in cashback programs, etc.

Difference between Visa and Mastercard

Let’s highlight the main difference between Visa and Mastercard by points:

  • Territorial acceptance. Visa has 200 countries, and Mastercard has 210. In our case, this factor plays an insignificant role.
  • Possibility of payment. Over 60 million companies in the world accept Visa cards, while Mastercard serves only 30 million retail outlets.
  • Online shopping. Both payment systems allow you to safely pay for goods and services online, as well as open e-wallets.
  • Safety. Payment system cards provide almost the same security measures. Visa uses the Visa Money Transfer service. A similar service is available from MasterCard called MoneySend, which is also used by many banks. Also, “Visa” supports an additional security system–Verified by Visa, and “Mastercard” provides a special technology to reduce the number of fraudulent cases in the field of electronic payments.
  • Features. Each company offers the possibility of creating a virtual card. MasterCard additionally gives cards for business: MasterCard BusinessCard®, MasterCard Corporate Card®, and others, with the help of which it is convenient to distribute corporate and personal expenses. “Visa” has similar products such as Visa Business, Visa Corporate, and also Visa Purchasing. A card for organizations that use traditional methods of approval, payment, and tracking of purchases, allowing to increase the efficiency of procurement and business processes.
  • Special offers. Mastercard has a bonus program MasterCard Rewards. It allows you to pay with a card in order to get bonus points for their further exchange for prizes from the catalog. The “Visa” system also offers discounts of 5-15% and regularly carries out various promotions.

Which one is better to use in online casinos?

The difference between the Visa card and the Mastercard is as follows. If you’re a resident of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, the Dominican Republic, or the states of Latin America, it is more profitable to use the Visa card. In the European Union and African countries, it is more rational to use the Mastercard.

Gambling accounts are classified as high-risk due to a large number of transactions, the increased risk of refunds, and fraud from bad-faith players. For example, a person steals card data and uses it in the casino.

What to choose Visa or Mastercard?

Merchant account operators spend a lot of resources on securing transactions for the casino website. To prevent risks to their reputation and sanctions from payment systems, some banks refuse to cooperate with gambling projects. Therefore, you should choose the payment system for online casinos that will meet all the conditions of cooperation. These are mainly specialized operators or payment aggregators for gambling.

Considering which payment system to choose Visa or Mastercard for online casinos, it is worth paying attention to the fact that both are in high demand. Users can get a Visa credit card at any bank, and it is quite quick and convenient to pay with it. If we talk about online casinos, before you deposit money into your account, the card must be registered on the web portal by entering the last name, first name, and card number. The personal data of a foreign gambler will remain private since the gambling site values ​​its reputation and keeps everything safe.

The main difference in terms of online casinos is that MasterCard does not allow withdrawal of the promotion to the card and you need to put confidential information when making the deposit. On the other hand, the system is famous for the speed of funds transfer and ease of use. It allows playing in 5 dollar deposit casino NZ.

What to choose Visa or Mastercard? The choice of a particular payment system should be based on ease of use, priority states of service, and card payments, as well as on the security system and services offered, which are contained in the service package of a particular card.

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The gambling industry is just the same as any other industrial field. Online casinos refer to the online gambling industry, to be more exact. Anyway, this occupation takes its position in the world economy. The online gambling business prospers making new sites appear on the market.

And like any other business, online casinos must be regulated by special laws and authorities in the field. The laws of your country state whether gambling is permitted or not. The specific bodies related to gambling act according to the laws of their countries and have a right to issue official licenses for online casinos.

The most known regulating authorities are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Curacao and others. Under their jurisdictions the online casinos are obliged to follow the terms. If some rule was violated by the casino site, including mistreatments of users, the licensee imposes fines and even some restrictions up to casino closure.

There is also a different type of regulating bodies. They issue certificates to prove the games provided by the casino are fair. The popular authorities are the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or just eCOGRA. Them and Independent Auditors carry on constant tests on all the casino games. The whole variety of the online games are tested for randomness and fairness. As for the random games, they are powered by RNG mechanism.

This is what you should know about casino regulation. Besides, as these bodies operate the work of legit casino sites, you should primarily test a selected gambling site accordingly. Check if gambling is legal in your country, if the casino has a license and certificates. Every respected online casino must provide this information to the public’s view.

No one can deny that roulette is a perfect game for winning. If you’ve lost playing this game, then you probably don’t know how to play it right. The casino game is easy and requires only little knowledge of the rules and betting stuff. Roulette at online casinos, especially in live mode, are full of benefits for players:

  1. You can place multiple bets and stay in advantage.
  2. Automatic betting strategies always bring profit.
  3. The navigating betting buttons are really helpful.
  4. In live mode you can see the dealer and chat with others.

In order to win a good fortune at roulette, you have only one thing to help you. It’s strategies. However, you have two options for applying these strategies. You can apply the known betting mechanisms which you can find below, or you can make up your own strategy based on your experience.

But, please, if you choose the second variant, practise the game in a free mode. As a result, you’ll get enough experience, you’ll learn all the nuances of roulette and make up your betting strategy that excludes possible mistakes.

Recommended betting strategies for roulette


The system is quite simple. What you need to do is to bet even amounts of money on black & red, odd & even. In other words, wide ranges of betting positions. As soon as you lose a spin, double your bet in order to cover the losses. The system has an effect in a long-term period.

James Bond

The JB system requires a bigger first sum, about $200. Split it into three bets like $140 on high numbers of 19-36, $50 on the line with 13-18, and $10 on zero. If some number fails and you lose, just double the same bet. Continue doubling it until you return the money.


The strategy is easy to apply. You need to increase your bet by $1 after a failing round and by the same $1 after a win. Again this system is effective in the long-term but still it doesn’t require much funds at the start.

In the very beginning when you just think about joining some online casino, you can feel something is wrong with the whole gambling activity. To tell the truth, it can be so if you face a so-called scam, or fake casino. However, it never happens with legit online casinos. They have permission and approval from gambling authorities. This totally removes doubts.

Before we go further, there is one thing that you must be aware of. Online gambling is legal only in some countries. Make sure that the country you are browsing from permits you to do it. Otherwise, it is fully punishable by law. But don’t be too scared. Even if your country strongly prohibits online gambling, it may accept that you play at international online casinos. So, check this regulatory fact before playing games.

How to define the legality?

Now let’s figure out what online casinos are legit and what the legitimacy means at all. First of all, legitimacy is the approval by regulating bodies. As an interpretation of such approval are licences. Only official gambling authorities can issue the licences. The most reputable and famous authorities are Malta GA, the UKGC, also the ones from Curacao, Costa Rica, Kahnawake. To be more exact, there are several proving bodies worldwide that can issue the official paper of this kind.

Finally, here come the online casinos with the official approval from the mentioned authorities. They are legit which means they will not cheat on games or betray you in some way. So, you can join them anytime. The legit online casinos are Casumo (UKGC), Spin Casino (MGA), JackpotCity (MGA), Royal Vegas (MGA), Ruby Fortune (MGA), Dunder (MGA, UKGC) and more. You can easily check the legitimacy on the appropriate casino site. If you see a sign of at least one licence, the casino is officially legit.

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