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LeoVegas introduces its new Christmas Bonuses

LeoVegas announced the process of receiving the bonuses in the format of the advent calendar. The casino will surprise you every month with new prizes. However, you can go to “My Offers” page and find your daily bonuses. As soon as you make a registration, the bonuses are ready to go.

When the Christmas promotions start?

The Global Campaign begins on December 1, 2020 and finishes on January 1, 2021. In fact, there are strict rules. All the players will get the bonuses between 01:00 to 00:59 CEST. Basically, you will have 24 hours to claim it, and the bonus must be wagered in three days. This year the promotions will be provided also for sports programs and Live casino, as well as traditional offerings. Check the list of available markets on the official LeoVegas website.

What is included in the offerings?

Advent calendar says that the offering will include free bets on traditional casino games and a live casino, offers on deposits, free spins, boosts for profit and matched free bets. The type of bonus will depend on the day, due to the rules of advent calendar. In fact, this promotion program is available on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. As a rule, the promotions will only work with real money.

Traditional LeoVegas offerings

  • The current offers include a live daily 25% Deposit Bonus from Monday to Friday.
  • On Fridays you will get a card to activate a special Dead or Alive free spins.
  • There are lunch free spins, between 11:00 and 15:00 EDT. These free spins are available for two NetEnt slots.
  • 12 weekly free bets and profit boosts are available at LeoVegas right now.
  • LeoVegas VIP program allows you to receive the best experience, regular bonuses and exclusive features.
  • 20 free spins on Legacy of Dead during the weekends, but only if you are depositing and wagering in roaring bingo rooms.

Welcome bonus is giving you a real chance to start a great journey with a big bag of money on hand. LeoVegas provides $1000 + 200 free spins on your first deposit. Moreover, the Live casino in LeoVegas rewards you with $500 on your first deposit. And the last one dedicated to Bingo, and gives $500 + 200 free spins.


In the near future you will be presented with new Christmas gifts and promotions by LeoVegas. Fortunately, this year the casino will increase the bonus system and add new types of offers. Don’t miss the opportunity to play for free and receive some prizes.

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Sometimes people state that all online games including Blackjack are rigged by casinos. To tell the truth, there are such casinos that cheat on games to make profit. These casinos are called scams, to be more exact. But don’t be disappointed too easily. There are good casinos too. Actually, if you search for a gambling site, you will see only fair casinos that never rig or cheat. They don’t do it for the reason that they value their reputation.

Generally, any game can be rigged, but blackjack is the most vulnerable to this due to its complete randomness. Therefore, we’ll introduce several reasons why casinos don’t rig the cards at blackjack:

  • Reputation. If a gambler notices rigging Blackjack or other game, everybody on the Internet will be aware of this too. So, the casino will have far less customers than before. Players will consider it a scam, and what is more, all the auditing authorities including eCOGRA will get the approval back.
  • Penalty. First of all, if an online casino is accused of cheating, it gets a huge penalty. The amount of money that it has to pay is so big that it just isn’t worth it.
  • Closing. This situation is unimprovable. The online casino will have to close the doors. Apparently, the owner will have to end up with the further gambling business too.

To conclude, online casinos would rather be fair and rich than close the whole business and lose everything. So, rigging Blackjack or other games is not profitable at all. Inversely, it is very risky. There is no single online casino that will take such a life-cost risk.

The reason why everyone wants to beat, cheat or win at online casinos is money. This is so greedy that we even forget about simple joy and fun. Of course, it’s a lot more cheerful to enjoy games when you’re winning than losing. But the gambling sites tend to bring rather failure. Still the question is open: how to beat the casino games in a legal manner. Well, if you are so obsessed with it, let me clarify some ideas for you.

Use strategies

The only legal way to win at casinos is using strategies. However, you should understand that strategies don’t give you a 100% assurance of winning. Using strategies you may with equal success lose money. There are different strategies found on the net, but the fact is that they can only work in individual cases. So, you’ll have to make them up by yourself. I’m just going to tell you about the most common working tips that you can use to create your own beating strategy for each particular game.

Learn the rules

First of all, know the rules of the game. Either you’re playing blackjack or slot, no matter. Start with checking the rules. Although they are quite typical, still each game is different and requires attention to the rules. Especially, if we’re speaking about card games. You have to understand what the ‘insurance’ or ‘3:2’ mean. Figure it out by yourself and build up your own winning strategy at each unique game.

Play for free first

Testing games before you play for money will also boost your strategy process. Don’t ignore the free mode. Practising for free will save your money and clarify some points at game rules which you don’t really understand. However, remember that strategy used in free mode games might not work with the real money mode.

Whether you are a high roller or have just a couple of bucks in pocket, place small bets at the beginning. The first rounds tend to be losing as you have to warm up your nerves. So, it’s never advisable to begin with high stakes. Calm down your feelings and save the budget. You can raise the bets after you make 10-20 spins.

Important to realise that the overall success of the online business depends on the amount of traffic. However, in this sphere, the reputation of a brand plays the most important role.

How to promote a casino?

In fact, the process of promoting a product or a shop really differs from promoting an online casino. According to experts the process of advertising an online casino usually takes place in the search areas. In other words, you have to promote the casino in Google search, in order to increase the traffic. Moreover, there are some tools to promote a gambling site.

  • Use social media – creating pages in social networks leads to an increase of the awareness of casinos, therefore attracts new users.
  • SEO – this tool allows to bring the platform to the top line in the search area.
  • Email marketing – sending the messages directly to someone who is interested in the product.
  • Streaming – a person streams the game and attracts new customers.


There were some basic instruments of how the casinos promote themselves. Applying this, you will reach new clients and increase the traffic through the casino. In fact, it’s important to know how to target the audience not only in gambling sphere but in many industries.

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