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Jackpot City Loyalty Program & Bonus System

Why Jackpot City?

Jackpot City NZ is one of the most popular and reliable virtual gambling halls. The casino started operating in 1998, and since then, has gained huge love and trust between customers from all over the world. It is owned by the Maltese company Digimedia Limited, and licensed by the local gambling authority. Top Online casinos are regularly checked by various independent agencies for fair and safe experience, including the international organization eCOGRA, which protects the rights of online players.

Jackpot City continues providing a great service for players year by year. In previous year, Jackpot City announced a NZ$16,4 million jackpot winner in the Mega Moolah slot. This event has attracted thousands of new players, thereby raising the casino popularity even more. From the very beginning of casino activities, a large number of players have been winning enormous prizes.

Here we will be talking about a new loyalty system in Jackpot City, which allows you to earn loyalty points, and later on, exchange them into real credits. Loyalty programs in this casino consists of 6 levels of privileges.

6 levels of privileges

As soon as you create an account, and sign-up, you’ll automatically be awarded with the 1-st “bronze” level. You may realize that the first level is not very beneficial, but you can quickly start your journey to get new benefits, and earn more loyalty points to unlock new levels. The question is the following: how to get these points? Well, you need to make a qualifying first deposit, and after that, you will be presented with 2,500 loyalty points, which is already enough to go straight into the “Silver Level”, as a result, unlock 3% level bonus, and 25% extra on daily specials. Let’s see what you got on each level.

  • Bronze level: 0 – 2499 loyalty points
  • Silver level: 2500 – 11999 loyalty points
  • Gold: 12000 – 49990 loyalty points
  • Platinum: 50000 – 124999 loyalty points
  • Diamond: 125000 and more.
  • Prive: after invite only

Basically, after each $1 you wager on slots, you earn 1 loyalty point. However, it only works for slots. When you wager on table games, for example, you have to wager $5 to earn 1 loyalty point. In the case of video poker, you have to wager $20 for 1 point. Interesting note, if you want to achieve Gold level, you will have to wager 9,500 on slots. But it doesn’t mean you have to deposit such a big sum to your balance account, since every time you win, you can re-bet the money, and it counts towards the wagering. In general, wagering differs due to the different RTP of the games. As playing table games you have a higher odds than slots, that’s why you have to wager more to jump to the next level.

Let’s figure out the main types of rewards

By that, we mean Level bonus, Status points, Daily Specials, and Monthly bonus. You have to read the description of all of them, to take the most out of the loyalty program.

  • Status points – this is the number of loyalty points you need to get in order to achieve a certain level.
  • Level bonus – shows the real percentage from your real money wager. It gives you an opportunity to earn
  • loyalty points faster. For example, in silver level you get loyalty points 3% faster than in Bronze.
  • Monthly bonus – it’s about extra bonuses which you get for maintaining your loyalty status for 3 month straight. The higher level you maintain for three months in a row, the more loyalty bonuses you can earn.
  • Daily Specials – it simply gives a set of games with easier to earn points.

How to cash out your loyalty points?

After achieving a good amount of loyalty points, it’s time to exchange them into bonus credits. To do that, go to the “Loyalty” section, and enter the amount you want to exchange, press the “Redeem” button and, and you’ll be awarded with corresponding amount of credits.


Jackpot City offers a wide range of loyalty privileges, and benefits. We discussed the main aspects of how to get bonuses, and how to exchange them. Make the first move by signing-up, making the first deposit, and you’ll be instantly promoted to the second “silver” level. For that, you’ll be getting 3% more loyalty points from each wager.

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Sometimes people state that all online games including Blackjack are rigged by casinos. To tell the truth, there are such casinos that cheat on games to make profit. These casinos are called scams, to be more exact. But don’t be disappointed too easily. There are good casinos too. Actually, if you search for a gambling site, you will see only fair casinos that never rig or cheat. They don’t do it for the reason that they value their reputation.

Generally, any game can be rigged, but blackjack is the most vulnerable to this due to its complete randomness. Therefore, we’ll introduce several reasons why casinos don’t rig the cards at blackjack:

  • Reputation. If a gambler notices rigging Blackjack or other game, everybody on the Internet will be aware of this too. So, the casino will have far less customers than before. Players will consider it a scam, and what is more, all the auditing authorities including eCOGRA will get the approval back.
  • Penalty. First of all, if an online casino is accused of cheating, it gets a huge penalty. The amount of money that it has to pay is so big that it just isn’t worth it.
  • Closing. This situation is unimprovable. The online casino will have to close the doors. Apparently, the owner will have to end up with the further gambling business too.

To conclude, online casinos would rather be fair and rich than close the whole business and lose everything. So, rigging Blackjack or other games is not profitable at all. Inversely, it is very risky. There is no single online casino that will take such a life-cost risk.

It is really important for players to know the owner, licences and regulations of an online casino. In fact, these are the main points a person must learn about before registering at some casino. In the casino’s turn, they’d better show this info to the public. If the public sees the company data, and that everything is transparent, they trust the casino.

In case with Tangiers Casino it is a bit different. The online casino does not openly show its owner information. Neither does it have the licences attached. Hence the players might be confused whether to trust Tangiers or not. The fact is that Tangiers is officially licensed and regulated in Curacao. Besides, its owner company is called Celicorp Ltd. This company has already launched several alike casinos since 1999, and they all are successfully running. If you need more proof, pay attention to the seals of approval by OnlineCasinoReports and VegasSlotsOnline. They are issued to the trustworthy and high qualitative online casinos only.

Although Tangiers Casino does not reveal its head company info, it does not mean it is not safe. All in all, look at the bottom of the casino page and see what security systems it applies. Anyway, it is up to you whether you sign up at Tangiers or not. If you feel that everything is alright, go ahead. Otherwise, step away and search for another casino online. There are plenty.

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