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Is it legal to gamble in New Zealand?

There are many forms of gambling for New Zealand. You can buy a lotto ticket, bet on sports or play slots, blackjack, and other games in casinos. Nowadays, online casinos have become very popular, giving us an opportunity to gamble online. So, if you want to gamble legal and safe, we created a small guide with useful information. It will allow you to understand the laws, restrictions and the limit age, which is required to play casinos.

At what age can you play in the casino?

You become an adult at 20 years old in New Zealand. At this age you can earn minimum wage rates. However, at 18 years old you can legally drink in pubs, buy tobacco, and many more things, including purchasing property. At 16 you can get married and have sex. (consensual). And what’s about gambling? The legal age to play casinos depends on a particular form of gambling activities.
To play lotteries there is no limit age, however, in order to play pokies in pubs, restaurants and clubs you have to be 18 years or over. As well as sports betting, you need to be over 18 to place a bet, otherwise, if you place a bet being under 18 you will be fined up to $500.

Land-based Casinos

In case you want to hit the poker tables in one of New Zealand’s land-based casinos, you have to be over 20. In order to access the gambling casino area to buy drinks or place bets, you are required to be an adult. To prove your age in a NZ casino, you can show your valid passport or driver’s license. Be aware that fake identification can cost you up to $500 plus a ban in casinos, like SkyCity for 2 years.

Online casinos

As you understand, land-based casinos have several restrictions, and a popular alternative for that is online gambling. For any online betting you are required to be over 18. However, with online gambling it’s not that easy. There are many restrictions, concerning online gambling in NZ. Long story short, Kiwis are able to play any offshore casinos. According to the Gambling act from 2003, all gambling sites registered in NZ are prohibited for any operation. However, if the casino site is registered overseas, and is not regulated by NZ authority, it’s fully legal to play with them. In addition, you can keep 100% of your prize without taxation.

Who regulates online gambling?

In fact, online casinos are regulated by several gambling authorities. Some of them are more strict with the rules, some of them more loyal. The majority of casinos are regulated by reliable and reputable regulators, and certified by independent agencies, like eCOGRA audit company. It means that you’re in a safe place, if you choose the right one. Make sure to do a little homework and read our casino reviews. The most respected regulators are the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Curacao Gambling Control. How to find if the casino is licensed or not? In order to do that, go to the bottom of the page in the casinos site and look for the logo of one of these authorities.


We hope you know at what age you can play, and how to play legal. All things considered, you have to be over 18 to play online casinos. However, you are required to be over 20 to play land-based casinos in New Zealand.

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House is a winner?

Every gambler plays for a big win, or at least break even. How is it possible to win in an online casino if the only winner is the house? As you remember, there is a saying ‘House always wins’. It’s about the casinos that are always in advantage, no matter how much a player wins. So, this is the problem: are there real winners at gambling sites?

To tell the truth, yes, online gamblers take winnings, small or large. Of course, most winnings are equal to the total amount of the deposited money. So, basically, you return what you give. But sometimes stars align and a person gets a big win. For the proof, there are even bloggers like Captain Davo who is an experienced but addicted gambler. He shoots the videos for youtube where he shows his high-rolling results of casino games. Though he also deposits and bets a big sum, not like $20.

Apart from bloggers, you surely have seen a lot of comments from real players. Some of them are positive saying that they won a great fortune. And others are negative or neutral. So to speak, if people didn’t win anything on online casinos, there wouldn’t be such sites at all. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to play responsibly and try to prevent addictive signs. By responsible gaming I mean following the tips regarding the winning strategy.

If you are a frequent player, you might have already noticed some facts about games. Anyway, I wish to tell you some of the main things to keep in mind. They will stop you from getting addicted and, along with this, bring you wins.

  • Stop playing on time. It’s vital to know when to stop the game. During the gameplay, you may notice that you are losing with every following spin. As a rule, after the losing track comes the moment of glory. It’s the repetitive winning rounds. As soon as you’ve noticed the increase, raise your bet and spin until you make a profit over your initial balance. After the first losing spin, stop the game, quit. Go to withdraw.
  • Don’t buy into casino tricks. I know that after such a success you think that there will be more ahead. But no. Online casinos make things up so you could spin again and again. The process described above about success and failures repeats continually. In the end, you will just quit the game with more losses. So, don’t buy into these tricks. Stop at the right time and rest out with your winning.


All in all, if anyone wins on online casinos, he or she is using the strategy and knows when to stop. All the professional gamblers can be addicted to games, but still they know how to take the right risks. Try different strategies and winning tips, so you can be the guy who wins in online casinos.

A mobile casino is an easy way to access casinos games. Players can use smartphones and tablets to receive the best experience playing from any location. Latest smartphones run casinos smoothly and feature many fascinating games.

Playing is the easiest part of gambling activity. It’s not the nervous withdrawal process or risky depositing thing. This is gaming. Like in childhood, you never wondered how difficult it would be to start. You just played without thinking. The casino games are attractive because of their simplicity. However, it depends on the game you open.


Slot machines are the simplest category of all casino games presented. The only thing required from you is to click the ‘spin’ button. If even this action is too much for you, you can turn on the autoplay mode and just watch the results of spins.

Fine, it’s not all that you need to do. Firstly, make sure that the RTP of the chosen game is over 95%. Thus, you’ll have a better profit. You can find it in the game rules which you’d better read too, by the way. Study the paytable and special features. Then go back to the gameplay to place your first bet. Start with the smallest bet. After it, keep pressing ‘spin’ and enjoy!

Table games

Table games already require more understanding of the rules. The most common blackjack, roulette or poker are likely to be beneficial if you use some betting strategy. In case with roulette, try to bet on several positions at a time, thus you’ll win more. Well, in the process you will understand what I mean by the betting strategy.

Again, start with a small size of bet, gradually raising it. After you are ready with your decision, proceed to the ‘spin’ button. In table games you’ll find more than one button. There are also ‘deal’, ‘double’, ‘hand’ and etc. Their exact definition is found in the game rules.

Live games

The live games are very similar to table games. They also include card games like poker and table games of a roulette type. However, some differences exist. The most prominent feature is the live dealer, of course. The casino worker hands out cards or spins the wheel in front of the live streaming camera. You can see the gameplay at different angles. The buttons and results are on your screen, so you can’t miss a thing.

Meanwhile you can chat with other players and discuss the current game. What you should remember about the live games is that they are live. It means the dealer won’t wait for you to make bets. You are given about 30 seconds to place the bets or make a decision of further action. So, stay tuned to the gameplay.

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