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Important Changes in Gambling Over the past few years

About 30-40 years ago, land-based gambling was stable and monopolistic. But 10-15 years later, with the development of Internet technologies, we witnessed the emergence of the first online casinos. A decade later, mobile gambling became the trend in this sphere. It had everything the player needed, but new innovations are coming. Further, we will talk about innovations that are changing the industry now, and about the new future developments.

Have a look at the most used innovations in the gambling sphere. Basically, they show an image of a modern casino of the 21st century.

Important changes

1. Loyalty cards or club cards

A couple of decades ago, club cards helped to track the gambler’s winning history and his/her rating. These cards were used only on board games. However, today we can see them in the slot machines. Players can use them as a payment method, or to get bonuses. Now, as much as you play games and participate in tournaments, you can receive points and gifts. The more you play the more benefits you get.

2. Non-cash game

Today, the history of cash payment has gone. Electronic payments is one of the most important innovations in the gambling field. It’s a convenient and fast method to deposit and withdraw your winnings in almost all world-known casinos.

3. Online Pokies

Nowadays, more than 80% of c casino income is generated by slot machines. Moreover, the customized percent of return allowed casinos to offer slots with accumulated jackpots, which is an invention—a progressive jackpot.

4. Progressive jackpots

Considering low odds of hitting such jackpots, it keeps a lead among not only online casinos but also land-based casinos. It provides several variations and is used also in online roulettes, and blackjack, showing how attractive this technology is.

5. A shuffling machine

An automatic shuffling machine allows a 20% decrease in gaming time and prevents mistakes during the count. It also makes it impossible to influence the results.

6. Online gambling

The popularity of online gambling significantly increased over the past decade. It has gained millions of new players around the world. Online gambling slightly replaces real casinos due to convenience and other factors, which we will mention later.

7. Live-dealer games

Talking about gambling innovations, it’s worth mentioning the live games, which are able to immerse players into the atmosphere of a real casino. We advise all our readers at least once to try this mode since even an old casino gambler will love it. The atmosphere is created with the help of live cameras in the dealers’ room, motion sensors, allowing users to watch all dealers’ actions, and other players’ moves, as well as talk to them.

8. Mobile casino

According to statistics, over 50% of users play on their smartphones or tablets. And the casino owners take the benefits from it. Gambling experts predict the bigger growth of mobile users within the next two years. Mobile gambling allows players to place bets wherever they are, and enjoy the same top-quality content on the small screens of mobile devices.

9. Social games

This innovation allows players to receive free spins, bonus prizes, and additional dollars. This includes tournaments that take place in every casino each month or holiday. In fact, social games just began to appear in the online casino walls, but the potential is huge.

10. Virtual reality

VR technology is new but plays an important role in the gambling sphere. Some casinos and software providers already allow players to wear a VR helmet to take part in live casino games. For example, leading casino providers including NetEnt and Microgaming actively participate in the development of virtual online casinos. Our readers can check the top Microgaming online casino. 

11. Artificial intelligence

One more important change in the gambling industry is the introduction of artificial intelligence in the future. It will give an opportunity to improve customer support by implementing chatbots at the casino site. As a result, it will help to answer the toughest questions of players in a second. Moreover, the AI is capable of understanding gamblers’ wishes and keeping them interested, and safe. Yes, it provides security by detecting fraudulent activities.

What features gambling operators use now?

Modern online casinos try to give as much comfort to players as possible and take the leading position in the gambling ratings. Therefore, they regularly use the latest technologies to improve the casino and attract more audiences.


Today, almost 20% of casinos work with bitcoins. And more platforms introduce cryptocurrency as a payment method. Digital currency is safe and provides private transactions. These benefits force casinos owners to keep up with the time and make everything possible to please the player. No matter how fast e-wallets and bank cards process a money transfer, blockchain provides the fastest transfer.


These innovations involve additional interactive elements to the game. For example, these are bonus rounds in slot machines, tournaments, and quests.

3D games

The best software providers of online casino NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go, or others expanded their gaming collection with 3D Games a long time ago. And still, all of them develop 3D games with beautiful graphic designs and interesting stories.

Innovations equal success

A gambling market is full of creative ideas, but not all of them affect the industry. The innovations we mentioned above are refreshing for many old casinos that started to lose the audience. The introduction of these factors should be done according to the specifics of the casino. For example, some casinos specialize in live games, and it’s recommended to implement VR technologies.

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The answer to this question depends on your objective. If you want to play just for fun, yes, it works. You can deposit, play, sometimes get payouts back from the casino. Though I doubt that this is what you really wish for. For the reason that people usually come to online casinos to win some extra money (as if they didn’t enjoy the salary), it often works for them too. But it always happens that online casinos are in a better position.

How can online casino work for you?

No matter how much or little you play, deposit or bet at a single game, casino will win over you. Or another player, or another one. It depends on when you stop. No one clearly understands it, and even if so, doesn’t follow this recommendation. Online casinos say to play responsibly but gamblers keep spinning. And this is their biggest mistake.

The only way to beat the casino

The thing is that you can be the winner only when you stop at the right time during the game. Once you win a good amount, make a couple of spins and go out if there are no successful ones anymore. Only this way is possible to beat the casino and make it work for you.

Thus and only you will see how the online casino really works in terms of bringing profit. But don’t get too fascinated about it. Still, the casino needs to make profit for itself too. So, if you lose all the money on slots, you just lose and never get them back.

Choose the trusted casino

Besides, remember to test the casino for trustworthiness before you deposit. It’s actually a very significant move if you wish online casinos were fair and really paid you out. The info on how to distinguish the ‘right’ casino is on our website. Check it out and follow the recommendations.

People sign up at online casinos for a reason to get money. Usually, the just-registered players have a chance to use their first head-spinning bonus. This is the only chance they can use it – upon sign up. If you intend to do it once again, it’s impossible. Unless you have a totally different personality which I really doubt.

Only one account

The fact is that you can’t register at one and the same online casino several times in a row. Moreover, the casino may take such an attempt for bonus abuse and block you without opportunity to withdraw the rest of your money. In case that you have changed some data and from now on you can’t proceed withdrawing, it’s better to contact the help centre of the online casino and let them advise you what to do.

Be fake?

Otherwise, there’s only one possible but absolutely artificial and illegal way to register at the casino repetitively. It’s stealing personality. Or creating a new person with totally different unique data. It regards not only the username and email. It also spreads to the verification docs, banking docs and data. Everything should be so true, that not a single security check could spot the fake. Meanwhile, we don’t recommend doing this. It’s better to stay safe and free.

Besides, even though it’s not possible to register many times at one casino, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do this with several other online casinos. What I mean is that you can sign up and play at as many different online casinos as you want. No one will stop or ban you for this. Actually, you can even sign up, play through your bonus money and complete the wagering requirement, then withdraw and close the account. Later proceed to the next one and so on.

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