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Impact of COVID-19 on Online Casinos

It’s almost impossible to find an industry that has not been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has changed people’s everyday life by forcing them to wear masks, keep their distance, and do everything possible to protect themselves from the virus. These restrictions had a big impact on the sports industry. However, the online gaming sphere and some other industries became more popular during the lockdown. New research in New Zealand informs about a new flow of punters who return to their favorite pokies and live poker tables. In addition, due to the isolation, thousands of new visitors open online casino sites for the first time.

Many gaming providers attract new players who want to win real money during the isolation. Although the situation with COVID-19 slowly decreasing and restrictions are not so tough, it has changed the rules and created new trends everyone should know about.

New trends due to COVID-19

More online casinos appeared

At the moment the pandemic began, a number of available casinos exploded in the gambling market. Hundreds of new sites appeared one after another creating a huge competition. Each of them realized how profitable it would be with so many potential players who want to make money. With more available gaming lobbies, Kiwis started to spend more money on bets and, according to statistics, they spent about $260 million.

Take into account that many online platforms work without a proper license. As a result, many people come across fake sites or dubious casinos with poor security. Such bad-faith sites cannot guarantee payouts and protection of your personal information. Be very attentive when looking for casinos for betting. Read proper casinos reviews by independent experts, and make sure it follows all the safety requirements and runs business fairly.

More mobile casinos

The mobile form of gambling became popular during the pandemic. The reason for that is easy access and convenience. Even if you are sitting at home, it is more convenient to lie down on the sofa and turn on the slot machine via your smartphone or tablet.

However, you have several options. First, you can play directly through a website in a mobile browser, or enjoy the user-friendly interface of applications. In the case of browser play, you don’t have to download an app and install it. But, it’s so sensitive to changes in internet connection. It takes more time to set up a mobile app, but you will have 24/7 access to a game library.

Some casinos do not provide opportunities for mobile users, while others work only with applications and mobile browsers. If you wish to play using smartphones, check the top mobile casinos and choose your favorite one. Since many casinos in the New Zealand market are not equally good, we advise you to choose only from our list. Don’t forget to check for bonuses, the number of reliable providers, and which payment system you can use to deposit and withdraw funds.

More bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, dozens of new casinos started to appear during the pandemic. This influenced a high competition between them. All of them try to get as much player’s attention as possible, that’s why they need to come up with the best bonus offer. NZ gamblers can check the best casino offers and can always pick the one they like.

Initially, casino owners offered the basic 100% Welcome Bonus, however, with such a big competition, it became difficult to attract players with such a weak promotion. Now they play big and offer 200%, 300%, 400% Welcome bonuses to new users. In addition, a no deposit bonus has evolved too, giving players an opportunity to play for free.

Loyalty programs have become more generous, giving players a luxury experience, and additional prizes. If you become loyal, you receive generous rewards, including weekly prizes, generous tournaments, and free spins.

Developers keep creating games

Nowadays, with this amount of new players, there are not enough games to keep the players interested. We all want new emotions and super jackpots. Thanks to creative gaming studios, they release new games every week and keep expanding their gaming portfolios with live games, and interesting pokies. Although, COVID-19 had an impact on the number of new providers, still, there are leading manufacturers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play that holds the top positions. We recommend you to check out the top Microgaming online casinos since this leading provider constantly launching new games. Surely, there are new studios that keep up with new trends and release high-quality games.

How gambling survived the pandemic?

COVID-19 and pandemic have had a huge impact on the development of many industries. The online gambling industry, compared to other spheres of business, took the only advantage of these hard times. Concerning the land-based casinos, the situation is the opposite. Unfortunately, all casinos were forced to close their doors. But this gave us an opportunity to enjoy the online solutions. Let’s have a look at the major trends that COVID-19 has launched.

  • New virtual casinos
  • More generous bonuses for beginners and loyal players
  • Mobile casinos


Generally, the pandemic brought many benefits to the gambling business and gambling lovers. Now, we have access to a huge number of attractive gaming solutions, improved bonuses, and evolved jackpots. Fortunately, the pandemic is coming to an end, and people are returning to their normal life. But still, the popularity of online gambling is growing significantly, and this is a good way to make money.

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Seeing how much profit online casinos make, you’ve probably got a thought of opening your own. It may seem easy to accomplish, but make up your mind only after you read the post till the end. The fact is you have to consider many issues starting from game providers and ending in banking management. The own gambling service requires a lot of attention and, of course, money. If you thought it would be cheap, you were dead wrong. I’ll show you all the aces now, you’d better have at least a million dollars in your bank for this business. The more, the better, though.


So, for the beginning you need to determine which software providers you are going to have in the games lobby. Will they be only slots or table games, or each category with live games in addition. Depending on your budget you can have as many providers as you wish. I recommend dealing only with the most trusted like Microgaming, NetEnt or Evolution Gaming. However, keep in mind that prices vary depending on their experience and level of service. Don’t be fast with the decision. Compare all the suppliers’ offers and make up your mind carefully. The choice of providers impacts on popularity of your online casino.


The licence is the obligatory thing to have if you want your customers to trust your casino. It shows your legit status and proof of fairness. So, don’t be mean at this point and remember that a good licence has a big cost. If we take the most reputable MGA licence, you’ll have to pay about $150,000. If it’s too much for you at the moment, try to request for the licence from Costa Rica or Curacao authorities. Their price is approximately $30,000. No matter which licensee you choose, you have to give them all the info and docs that they require.


Next step is to connect payment options with your casino site. Choose the methods widely used in most countries. For example, if you add the credit card option, you already have 80% of potential customers as the banking cards are the mainly preferable option for depositing and withdrawing. Additionally, set up e-wallets because many users like them for their instant transactions. Search for the money processing online services. This step won’t cost very high.


The much needed step for any kind of business is marketing. Surely, all types of advertising and affiliation will help you to get more customers. Make up a marketing strategy for this point hiring the top masters in the field including SEO managers. They know how to promote your online casino and attract more visitors.

Dealing with difficulties

At this point you have to predict and prevent troubles. You should think about the security system of the site to guard your casino’s flow of information and transactions. Besides, your support team must be very qualified and multilingual in order to help customers with all questions. In fact, good support is one of the main criteria on choosing the online casino to join. Think over promotions programs. Most players, especially newbies, fall for good bonuses with less wagering requirements. For the perspective, think about mobile representation of your casino. It’s an advantage to play games on the move while using the mobile app or browser version.

The problem of choosing the platform to play depends on the specific casinos. You probably have no idea which casino provides a suitable payment method for you. In fact, it’s the most discussed question. To begin with, let’s describe the main representatives for making deposits and withdrawals.

Payment methods

Firsty, these are e-wallet examples, Skrill, InstaDebit, PayPal, Neteller, and EcoPayz. Secondly, there are cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card and Maestro. Also, let’s talk about other variants of money transferring. There are bank transfers, e-bank transfers and Pre-paid options. Basically, all of them have different features. For example, e-wallets are the most popular method, because it provides the fastest money transferring process. Moreover, all of them are used to make deposits and withdrawals, except prepaid cards.

How to use them?

In order to make a deposit go to the cashier of your casino and choose the suitable options for you. Then, fill in the necessary information and click the “Withdraw” or “Deposit” buttons.
Let’s look at the payout average time:

  • E-wallets – 0 – 72 hours (the fastest)
  • Bank transfer – 5-7 days
  • Card – instant
  • Prepaid cards – instant


It’s very important to know the payment system while choosing the casino. A reliable payment influences the fact that you can withdraw your winnings safely. The online casinos are struggling with making transactions, however there are many options to make fast payouts. Make sure to check the methods before registering an account. All in all, you can find the review of casino with detailed payments system

The real winnings are the most questionable issue of online gambling activity. Anyone can easily fall for it, but no one actually sees the promising Jackpots. Indeed, you will hardly find a weekly or monthly list of casino winners. The reason is that the only continuous winner of online games is the casino itself. The players are just players who sometimes win, and sometimes lose. So, is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

Is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

The fact is that you have to be super lucky to win a big sum of money. Despite the randomization of games, you will leave some percent of your money to casinos. The algorithms are set for this. So, you will hardly avoid it.

You can have a big chance of winning in one case only – if you follow certain strategies and tips. Add your professional responsibility of being patient and avoiding addiction to games. Thus you can win with online casinos more often than loose.

These tips are all based on responsible gambling. Actually, this is the reason why everyone including casinos themselves advise you to play responsibly. Let me tell you some secrets of winning online games.

Useful tips to win more often

  • Watch the gameplay. Before actual betting make sure you understand the game. The way it works, bonus rounds and the pay system influence your total result. Practice the favourite game in a free mode, first. After you learn the rules and feel like playing for money, deposit.
  • Start at the lowest. Unless you are a high roller with a bunch of bucks, place the first bets on minimum. Raise it gradually and only when you feel like it.
  • Quit on time. The key to high payouts is the finishing on time. When you have a big win, stop, don’t try to spin again and again in order to raise the balance. Remember that the following results can be failing, and you won’t be able to return to the former success later. It’s better to quit the game and proceed to withdrawing.
  • Follow the algorithms. Although online casinos swear their games are fully random, it’s not really like this. Online casinos must keep their house edge steady, so the randomized algorithms are set to make you lose and win from time to time. This is the so-called rollercoaster. If you play a lot, you might notice that sometimes you lose, and not only money but also the courage. Don’t get upset. The online casinos drive you to this spirit, so you quit the game with the lost (paid to casino purse) money. After you have a little sum, the algorithms will drive you forward. You will constantly gain good winning results until you overcome your initial budget. At this point you can raise the bet amount. As soon as your next spin or hand is failing, quit the game. It’s time for withdrawal.

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