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How to win at online casinos. Five golden rules for slot machines!

Golden Rules For Slot Machines


We will tell you what to start with for a user who decided to try playing slots in an online casino.

Slot machines or, simply, “slots” are called also pokies familiar to us. This type of gambling continues to be one of the main sources of casino profit.

The essence of the slots game is simple: this slot machine generates random symbols on a screen with several columns and lines. Scrolling, or making a “spin” of each column makes one round. As a result, the symbols on the screen can be in one line, or fall into any other winning combination.

Typically, slot machines are programmed for 95% RTP + payouts. It means that over the long term, approximately 95% of the bets are returned to players in the form of a huge number of small wins, and literally a few jackpots. The remaining 5% remains casino earnings.

Thousands of people every day contribute to the mandatory 5% of gambling operators’ profits by winning the jackpots.

With the growing popularity of this type of entertainment, slots began to appear online. The endless possibilities of the software and the different betting options allow legal online casinos to create an endless number of versions of this game.

Here are some key rules for choosing the online casino

Find a legal online casino

The main condition for a good game is a payout guarantee. Often, illegal gambling operators use slots with 92% or even fewer payouts percentage. As a result, most of the players’ bets turn out to be losing.

On the sites of legal online casinos, you can find a section with the rules and legal information. It contains information about the developers of gaming software, payment systems that cooperate with the operator, and licenses.

Before playing – make sure to learn about the terms of payment of winnings. In most cases, online casinos allow you to withdraw money only if the total winnings significantly exceed the total bets.

On high-quality platforms, you can also always try playing the demo version of a particular slot and check how it works for free.

Choose the slot that suits you

You should decide which one to choose among tens of thousands of different slots. Nowadays, slots can differ in several key factors, including game design, interesting characters, betting system, return on winnings, and other factors.

Slots with many lines and an unlimited number of combinations of symbols are difficult to play with. It allows you to win more often, but the maximum winnings are not so big.

Slots with a big number of winning combinations often are not suitable for players who want to place only a few bets. Since such games are intended for those who are waiting for one big win.

One of the main criteria for selecting slots can be welcome bonuses. Often, in order to reward players, online casinos give free spins of certain types of slots or increase your deposits significantly. This allows you to place more bets.

But, in such cases, bonus funds can be withdrawn only if your total winnings exceed several times.

Experiment with tactics

Since winnings are at the heart of the slot, there are certain algorithms that distribute these winnings among all players.

Players try to use these algorithms and try different tactics for making a profit out of the slot.

These tactics include increasing and decreasing rates for a certain period of the game. Special tactics rise rates on the bonus round, changing rates after winning/losing, as well as switching to other types of slots after a certain number of spins.

Any tactic often turns out to be ineffective, since the software of the machine distributes the winnings in the maximum random order. The only simple and logical way to get back all 95% of the payout is to make as many bets as possible with as little value.

Spend money wisely

Slot games always remain entertaining, and you shouldn’t play all your money hoping for big wins. Remember, a huge number of players struggling with gambling addictions, therefore, losing all savings.

However, playing slots you are getting excited, self-indulgence, the feeling of even a small gain. It gives you temporary relaxation after a hard-working day. If a gambler tries to make gambling the main source of income, it will most likely end up badly.

Therefore, first, determine if you are ready to spend a certain amount of money on playing slots, instead of, for example, buying a few tokens for playing air hockey or shooting at a shooting range.

Choose the right time to play

It is true that the best slots game can happen at the end of the working week, since online casinos, like any other entertainment industry, have their own schedules and bonus days.

Very often, such bonus days fall on weekends, when most people gamble, thus spending their leisure time.

During bonus days, the jackpots and the number of winning symbol combinations can grow, casinos will offer you even more free spins and other free gambling opportunities.

All this is done with one purpose – to give the player a chance to win a little more and keep him on the site for as long as possible. And if this is the purpose of your entertainment – feel free to try different types of slots and remember that the point of any game is not only to win.

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