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How to Play at New Zealand Online Casinos to Earn Money?

Most Kiwis spend time playing slot machines. As obvious, slots stand out among other games to play. You can find slots everywhere, but also you can easily choose a casino in the list of top online casinos NZ. There are honest casinos with legal licenses that offer only high RTP slots from reliable software providers. Choosing a reliable casino is the first step towards the truth of how to make money. The second step is to find out the most effective strategies. These are the most frequently asked questions from our readers:

  • how to make money at online casinos
  • in which game you can earn real money – NZ
  • is it possible to make money playing online games
  • online casinos with withdrawal to a bank card
  • in which gambling game you can earn real money without investment
  • no deposit bonus casinos

The best strategies to keep in mind

With a lot of experience in gambling industry, we have seen many useless and really helpful strategies which may help you gain success. It will directly lead to efficiency improvement and will be bringing winnings more often.

1. Smart Gambler

Most often, professional gamblers and players with experience choose the Smart Gambler strategy. This brings not only efficiency to your gameplay but also gives confidence to make bets. The essence of this strategy is the following:

  • if you play classic slot, you need to make minimum bets using only one payline;
  • if you collected a winning combination at a slot with doubling feature, don’t miss the opportunity to use it;
  • double the bet until the winnings reach the initial bet size. This approach will help you to make a profit.

2. Zig-zag

There are types of gamblers that often change from one slot to another. The purpose of this is to test their own luck, thereby increasing their chances of making a profit. The essence of the strategy is that a person makes only minimal bets. But at the same time, you also need to constantly change the number of pay lines. If you fail several rounds in a row, then you should choose a different slot. Such a strategy allows not only to increase the chances of making a profit and having fun.

3. Martingale strategy

You have probably heard of the existence of this strategy at least once. But many New Zealanders do not understand how to use it correctly. Using it in the right way you can beat most of the popular slots quite easily. And if you use it correctly, you will not only succeed in winning, and return the money spent but also make a significant profit. Martingale strategy gives the maximum result only if you choose the slot with the following characteristics:

  • The minimum RTP is 95%.
  • All the special bonus symbols
  • The minimum range of acceptable rates (1-100).
  • Free spins, bonus rounds, and respins

Also, Martingale strategy requires using only one line for the game. In this case, the first bet should be minimal. As soon as the player makes a profit, it is worth doubling the bet. Keep doubling the bet until the first loss. After that, you need to reduce the rate again.

Each strategy on the internet has its own characteristics. To understand all the nuances, make sure to test all the options in the demo mode. It will help you to save money, and give you more opportunities to find the best strategy.

Advantages of Online Gambling in New Zealand

When you are looking for online entertainment, online gambling is a great choice. Just grab an internet-connected device to get started. Online gambling not only brings fun, but also real cash.

Be careful, as much as I would like it to be, online casino games cannot be the main source of income. If gambling takes a special place in your life and you spend more than 50% of your income, you probably have a gambling addiction. In such cases, we recommend you to contact the specialist or at least read the article where we recommend techniques of how to avoid gambling addiction. Many modern casinos spam with millions of advertisement promotions. It’s all up to you. Take gambling as a way to relax, do not wish for a multi-million jackpot.

Online casinos offer many more advantages than land-based casinos. Nowadays, online casinos try to bring the atmosphere of land-based casinos through live games. So, you will definitely find something exciting. Check out the main advantages over real casinos.

What are the advantages of online gambling?

Access 24/7

Obviously, online players can access their favorite casinos from any place, at any time. This is a huge benefit for people who are busy driving to a casino and spending time. Therefore, online casinos give a possibility to play through computers, and mobile devices. Some casinos offer mobile applications for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). All you have to do is create an account and request the bonuses as a new user. Once you register, you’re free to choose any game from the casino lobby.

Lack of restrictions

Another advantage is freedom. Online casinos require much less from the players than land-based casinos. All land-based casinos have restrictions, such as opening hours, or capacity. And this is especially important during the pandemic. Sometimes, your favorite slot machine can be busy, which doesn’t happen with online slots.

The lack of restrictions is another huge advantage. Traditional casinos may have some restrictions such as opening hours or even capacity. Sometimes your favorite car might be busy even after you get to the casino. This is especially true during a pandemic. As you know, many establishments are closed at this time.

Online gaming is convenient in any terms. You can even work at the same time or cook.

Security and anonymity

The only requirement you have to follow is finding a licensed casino. Licensed casinos protect players’s personal information, including banking details. All licensed online casinos provide the SSL encryption technologies, as well as certificates of fair operations by independent audit organizations. As a result, playing safe casinos, and following its rules, you can be guaranteed to get the winnings. And even if you couldn’t withdraw the winnings, you can write a complaint to the casino’s regulator.

Variety of options

It’s important to look at the range of casino games and the variety of top software providers. In most cases, there are more features in these slots than you think. Each slot has its own theme, bonus rounds, special symbols, number of paylines, and payout ratio. In addition to slots, there are table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack, as well as live games.


Compared to traditional land-based casinos, online gambling sites offer generous welcome bonuses, loyalty privileges, weekly promotions, profitable tournaments, and many more. This is a must have way to get extra money for beginners to practice strategies and learning rules. With free money, you won’t risk your own funds. In some casinos, it’s possible to win a jackpot with bonus money. New Zealand players are able to win the jackpot without any investments.

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The real winnings are the most questionable issue of online gambling activity. Anyone can easily fall for it, but no one actually sees the promising Jackpots. Indeed, you will hardly find a weekly or monthly list of casino winners. The reason is that the only continuous winner of online games is the casino itself. The players are just players who sometimes win, and sometimes lose. So, is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

Is it really worth playing for money in online casinos?

The fact is that you have to be super lucky to win a big sum of money. Despite the randomization of games, you will leave some percent of your money to casinos. The algorithms are set for this. So, you will hardly avoid it.

You can have a big chance of winning in one case only – if you follow certain strategies and tips. Add your professional responsibility of being patient and avoiding addiction to games. Thus you can win with online casinos more often than loose.

These tips are all based on responsible gambling. Actually, this is the reason why everyone including casinos themselves advise you to play responsibly. Let me tell you some secrets of winning online games.

Useful tips to win more often

  • Watch the gameplay. Before actual betting make sure you understand the game. The way it works, bonus rounds and the pay system influence your total result. Practice the favourite game in a free mode, first. After you learn the rules and feel like playing for money, deposit.
  • Start at the lowest. Unless you are a high roller with a bunch of bucks, place the first bets on minimum. Raise it gradually and only when you feel like it.
  • Quit on time. The key to high payouts is the finishing on time. When you have a big win, stop, don’t try to spin again and again in order to raise the balance. Remember that the following results can be failing, and you won’t be able to return to the former success later. It’s better to quit the game and proceed to withdrawing.
  • Follow the algorithms. Although online casinos swear their games are fully random, it’s not really like this. Online casinos must keep their house edge steady, so the randomized algorithms are set to make you lose and win from time to time. This is the so-called rollercoaster. If you play a lot, you might notice that sometimes you lose, and not only money but also the courage. Don’t get upset. The online casinos drive you to this spirit, so you quit the game with the lost (paid to casino purse) money. After you have a little sum, the algorithms will drive you forward. You will constantly gain good winning results until you overcome your initial budget. At this point you can raise the bet amount. As soon as your next spin or hand is failing, quit the game. It’s time for withdrawal.

Bet wisely

Winning at online casinos highly depends on the bets that you place. This is important to bet wisely. It doesn’t work if you bet everything you’ve got. Yes, you can multiply the win, but equally fast you can lose it all. For this reason I want to give you some tips about how to bet at online casinos and benefit.

  1. Set money limits. The most useful way to bet wisely and save your budget is to limit it. When you have a certain available sum for a single game, you’ll probably waste it all, and the limit will stop you from betting more.
  2. Sort out the money amounts. Basically, it’s the same as the limits. There’s only one difference. You can place different limits on different games. For example, $400 is the limit for slots, and $430 is the limit for poker. As soon as you bet the slots limit out, quit the game and proceed to poker.
  3. Start at the lowest. No matter if you play a table game or a typical slot. Start with the lowest bet possible. You have to understand the game and analyze the gameplay. When you know how the bets are placed, or if it’s live, how other players bet, you can gradually increase the bet.
  4. Watch the gameplay. Every casino game result depends on your luck. But not only your luck decides what will be further. The randomizer gives out the symbols or playing cards. If you’ve noticed, sometimes randomizers are too generous for money. Take this advantage and raise your bet during repetitive wins. However, when they cease and you start losing, lower the bet or even quit the game. The constant one-by-one losses can damage your budget.


Remember these simple tips if you want to win at the online games. And keep in mind that the Bet Max button is there only for risky high-rollers or not very smart people. Betting is the key for a good fortune, use it with wits.

Yes. The independent rating includes only licensed casinos that comply with the laws of the licensor country and respect their players.

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