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How to Play an Online Casino and Stay Safe

Gambling philosophy

Online casino advertising is pouring in from everywhere: movies, video streamers, various banners, and pop-ups. Affiliate machines work constantly, luring new people to gambling sites. Moreover, people who are looking for easy money, do not follow the basic rules of playing a casino, thereby having a minimum chance of winnings. These are the rules that will be discussed today.

Choosing an Online Casino

There are hundreds of different online casinos on the Internet. And 90% of them are dubious. It is impossible to win at these online casinos, or you will not be allowed to withdraw the money you won. The owners of such gambling sites allow partners to use dark ways to attract traffic: spam, various beating schemes, fake streams for candy wrappers, and much more.

  • So, the first rule, if you saw a flashy advertisement for another gambling site, do not rush there to sign-up immediately. Type in the casino name into the search, or go to our gambling blog in the casino reviews sections, and read the reviews carefully.
  • Second, evaluate the working period of an online casino. For example, a new casino opened, and the owners might want to work honestly. But facing competition and having low traffic, they switch to standard schemes: to scam players and not pay out winnings. Therefore, ideally, the casino should work for a long time and have a great reputation.


If you are not too lazy to study the reviews and material on gambling sites, it is possible to keep a small chance of winning by choosing honest and trusted online casinos. Not paying attention to the above rules, there is a great risk of running into scammers and being left with zero dollars.

Do I need to take free spins and deposit bonuses?

Let’s imagine that you’ve chosen a safe and trustworthy online casino. Most of them have free spins and deposit bonuses that are credited as a gift for various actions. How to deal with them?

Free Spin

Free spins are provided for registration or making a deposit. It looks like a freebie, but it is not. To get winnings from free spins, it is imperative to wager a huge amount (20-45 and more). The wager is the sum of the player’s bets, after which you can withdraw money. I’ll show you clearly with a few examples.

Wagering Requirements

  • The player has made a deposit of NZ$15 and activated 20 free spins with a bet of 20 $0,2 in one spin. I started playing and won $85 with free spins. The player has $100 on his account, he tries to withdraw them, but receives a message that it is necessary to wager free spin money equal to x20. NZ$85 multiply by 20 we get $1700. So the player has $100 on his account, but in order to withdraw them, you need to make bets in slots for a total of $1700. Then the standard situation, the player tries to play the wager and drains the entire balance.
  • The player made a deposit of $15, refused free spins, and started playing for his own. Won $100. There is no need to win back the wager, he easily withdraws them to his account.

Deposit Bonuses

Almost all online casinos offer deposit bonuses. What does it mean? The player deposits money into the account, and the casino gives him additional bonus money depending on the conditions (100, 150, 200, 300 percent on the deposit, etc.). Let’s see an example. The player deposited $15 into the account and activated the no deposit bonus. He received an additional $30, and its balance became $45. He wins $150 and wants to withdraw them. But you cannot withdraw, according to the rules, the player must wager the x30 bonus + deposit wager. NZ45$ multiply by 30 and get $1350. That is, the player needs to place bets for $1350, and only then will be able to withdraw money from the balance account. Then everything is standard, the player tries to play the wager and drains the entire balance.


As you have seen from the examples, when activating free spins and deposit bonuses, players reduce the already low chances of a positive balance and withdrawal of money. Take free spins and bonuses, at your own risk.

Age and identification

All gambling sites have strict rules for underage players. Moreover, when withdrawing money, you will most likely need to send an identity document. Therefore, if you are not 18 years old, it’s not worth playing, you definitely won’t get money. Identification is a mandatory attribute of a basic online casino. They may require a passport, a photo with a passport from a person, or go through video identification. If you are not ready to send your personal data to an unknown site, it is not worth playing, you will not get money either.

Gambling Mania Online

As you probably know, casinos are highly addictive. The more often you play, the greater the chance to become a gambler and lose absolutely everything. Therefore, if you decided to try your luck, went to the casino, and lost everything, you need to stop this point. All casinos provide Responsible Gaming activities, which prevent you from gambling addictions. If you feel it’s time to stop, ask for casinos’ help.


Many online casinos are money vacuum cleaners that can leave anyone without a penny in a few minutes. However, knowing the best online sites can make you feel better, and knowing some strategies and rules, will definitely help you to become a winner.

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