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How to make Money playing Poker?

How to make money playing poker?

Poker is one of the most popular card games. Many people unfamiliar with poker have a rather misleading picture of the nature of the game. Here are a few misconceptions and stereotypes that are misleadingly attributed to poker.

Misconception 1: poker is all about luck

A common opinion: “In poker, everything depends on luck, you can win this game only by chance.”
Poker is very similar to any other sports game: there are tournaments, strong and weak players, poker broadcasts are shown on TV, many players have fans, players receive money for prizes in the tournament. There is an element of luck in the game, but it is also in other sports games. A well-known poker proverb says:

One day in poker consists of 90% luck and 10% skill. One year in poker consists of 10% luck and 90% skill.

Misconception 2: online poker is a scam

A common opinion: “Online poker is a scam where only programs written by hackers win.”
It is very difficult, almost impossible, to create and program a successful “bot” for playing online poker. The program cannot correctly estimate the size of bets and cannot take into account the likelihood of a bluff. The usefulness of such a “bot” is practically zero, such a program will not be able to beat a person. In addition, thanks to the excellent protection of the poker rooms, a hacker will never gain access to information about the opponents’ cards. As a result, the player cannot invest unnecessary knowledge in his program and achieve any advantage.

There are a number of programs that can help the player make a decision. The main tasks of these programs are collecting statistics on opponents and calculating some mathematical formulas. On our site, we will teach you how to use auxiliary programs, however, many professional players play without them, preferring to do all the calculations in their heads.

Misconception 3: You can’t bluff and “read players” online

Frequent opinion: “Playing over the Internet is very limited, you can become a professional poker only in a live game, where you can see the players’ reactions and” read “the cards of your opponents.”

The ability to bluff and read the opponent’s cards is important, in addition, these techniques can also be applied in the game on the Internet, for many other factors. We will describe all aspects of the game and the possibilities of online poker in the future, where you can learn in detail about reading poker ranges, bluffing and semi-bluffing.

Misconception 4: you need to be good at math

A common opinion: “Math is a key to a successful poker game.”

All the basic calculations you have to make at the poker table are pretty simple. You never need to raise numbers or square roots. All you need to be able to do to calculate probabilities is to divide one number by another or multiply, and over time, many calculations will already sit firmly in your memory. The psychological aspect of the game is much more important in poker than its mathematical part.

Also below we have prepared answers to 3 common questions that beginner players have about online poker.

What is poker, sports, or gambling?

Since 2010, poker in New Zealand has been recognized as a game of chance, although until that time the situation was completely different. There is no definite answer to this question. In different parts of the world, the attitude towards poker is different.

In any case, it is quite clear that poker has all the qualities of a sports game and can be very profitable.

How long does it take to learn to start making at least $1,000 a month in poker?

If you spend a few hours every day teaching poker, then at least six months. It all depends on your desire and the amount of time you can spend. With a successful scenario, you can reach the announced level a couple of months faster.

Nevertheless, we understand that, most likely, you are reading this tutorial precisely because of the desire to make money, and six months may seem like a huge time to you. But poker is a difficult path to easy money. If you take the time to learn and master your emotions at the poker table, you may well be a good player.

What do you need to start playing poker?

You must be 18 years old to start playing online. You can learn the game at any age and our site will help you understand the rules and strategies and start making real money.

How are the ratings of online casinos with video poker formatted?
Our experts have analyzed dozens of test sites in order to choose the best of them. When forming the rating, we check the following criteria:


It is about equal terms for all customers, the availability of licensed software, the payout of the winnings in full and without delay. There is no thought to play a casino that cheats on the players and does not observe its obligation before it.

Duration of work

Every week new gambling casinos appear on the Internet. But it is very difficult to understand at once, but they are reliable. The online casino has to work some time to give an estimate. With this, the more you find on the market of the casinos the easier it to create an objective opinion.

Bonus system

Playing in a casino will bring maximum benefits if there will be favorable incentives for the players. There is no question only about the size of the provided bonuses, but also about the conditions for their replay. The wagering requirement should not be too high, otherwise, it will be very difficult to play even experienced players. Another significant moment is the coverage of the booster system. It should be distributed not only to new customers but also to existing gamers.

A good number of features

Many online casinos are limited in the number of good poker tables. But it is not enough that every gambling session of the client was interesting and saturated with new impressions. For this, it is necessary to have a large number of random features in the game. The best gambling sites offer gamers hundreds of gaming machines, popular versions of poker and cards.


The client should be comfortable making deposits and withdrawals of winnings. For this, the casino must support a large list of payment systems, including bank cards, electronic wallets, and pre-paid options. Deposits should be done instantly. Optimal periods of payment 1-2 days.

Safety guarantee

It is important to keep personal and financial data, to ensure their full privacy. Only, in this case, it is possible to provide passports and payment details without hassle.

Positive honest reviews

Only positive reviews give a clearness that customers are satisfied with the casino.
The above are only the main lessons. Take into account other important aspects to include in the top-only online casino from the corner of the best conditions for an active game.

The popularity of online casinos

Most of the time, users type online casinos in the search query in order to study the views and find the right place for the game to play.

The best online casinos take dozens of thousands of players every day. The number of customers of such institutions is huge, despite the presence of other online entertainment. The popularity of the casino is explained by the following reasons:

Experience does not affect the likelihood of winning. All the players have the same chances of receiving payments in online casinos. If you take sports bets or play in poker, then there are very few chances for a winner.

The speed of receipt of benefits. It is sufficient to make a bet and activate the spin, after a few seconds you will know the results of the game. Much more time will have to wait for the result of the sports team or the result of the initial distribution.

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For each bonus, the online casino sets its own wager, which indicates the multiplier for wagering. The reward amount is multiplied by the current coefficient. For example, the wagering multiplier is x10, the player received a $50 bonus on the deposit. For wagering, you need to place bets totaling at least $ 500 ($ 50 x 10). After that, you can request a cashout. If you create an application earlier, the bonus is canceled along with the winnings from it. Less often, the wagering conditions apply to both the bonus and the deposit. In this case, in order to wager, the player needs to scroll through the total amount of the promotion and the payment made.

Every NZ gambler has been waiting for this moment. The top famous New Zealand casino – land-based SkyCity – has finally come online. It happened in August of 2019, so basically, it has been well operating for more than a year now. Right at this time players from the whole New Zealand country can enjoy the SkyCity atmosphere from their homes. The online casino was created with the help of the Gaming Innovation Group provider. The company specializes in poker games, online casino games and various sports betting activities online.

Registering at the SkyCity you can stay perfectly sure that you are in the safe place even though online. The thing is that land-based casinos always arise more confidence than the online ones. So, this is just an Internet version of the land-based SkyCity. Besides, you can start your journey to SkyCity right from your mobile device.

The NZ players are even in advantage when they join online the newly made casino. SkyCity presents welcoming gifts to the NZ players like free spins for a couple of games and up to $100 bonus upon depositing. The SkyCity gamblers can have a lot of fun from playing progressive slots to betting online. All the payment methods are convenient for kiwi players.

The question of winning online casino games has been torturing gamblers for decades. They keep investing and playing more games, but don’t really get rich. Then how do other people win and get money on their bank accounts? Has anyone ever won at all? Let’s figure it out below.

Are the casinos announcing real winners?

You’ve probably seen the lists of winners on casino sites. But surely you had a slight thought that all this is fake. It can be so. We don’t deny it. Sometimes casinos intentionally post the winner ratings and the sum of their wins. It’s actually normal as they need to attract new players in various ways.

Alternatively, these lists can be true. Otherwise why would you believe it and register, huh? All in all, even if you search for the real comments on gambling forums, some of the experienced players tell stories about how they won a fortune. This is a real fact that online casinos pay out. Though the reason why you don’t believe it is in you.

Why can’t you win?

Everybody around wins money on online casinos except for you? That is because they know how to do it. They know what mistakes can occur as accidentally as the random game result. The actions are quite simple to understand and accomplish. If you follow them, you can win on online casinos just like the other winners.

  • Make sure in fairness of your casino site. The sites can be fraudulent and rig the games. There’s a probability that your site is operated by a fraud. In order to test it, just check the authenticity of the license, company info and terms. Besides, search for the real comments on the casino you are using. Pay attention to the negative feedback.
  • Quit on time – always. The biggest problem of gambling is responsibility. Majority of players can’t stop playing thus they are losing their money. But the solution to this problem is easy. You need to stop playing after the big win. If you see the balance only a bit higher than the initial one, you can already quit the game.
  • Use strategies. Especially if you like playing table games, it’s obligatory to use betting strategies. The strategies can effectively boost the positive results in the long-term. You will have losses too, as the games are random. But along with it, you will have a higher total balance.

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