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How to Choose the Right Online Casino in 2021: Tips

The coronavirus pandemic has hit land-based casinos significantly, increasing demand for mobile games and online gambling. In 2020 alone, the European online gambling market grew by 10.2%, reaching $30.92 billion.

Why online casinos have become so popular in Europe and the world, and how players from other countries choose the best deals on the online casino market, please, continue reading the article.

Online casinos in 2021: recommendations on how to choose

As soon as fans of online poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games popular in land-based casinos start looking for something similar on the Internet, they face a wide range of different options, and it’s not easy to find trusted, legal, and fair gambling site.

Due to COVID-19, many gambling regulators in countries where it is legal have begun to actively consider the possibility of legalizing online gambling, taking into account the latest trends. Make sure that in many countries the Internet gambling market has long been allowed, in some, it was legalized recently, in others they are only considering this possibility of opening it.

For example, at the end of last year, Germany has adopted new legislation, in other words, a set of gambling norms, allowing legally operate the online gambling sites. Thereby, offering high RTP slot machines, a wide variety of poker, and sports betting.

When choosing an online casino, players can focus on the following indicators:

1. Games

Large selection of games. Something that often gives a particular online casino an advantage over land-based casinos and/or direct competitors. It is usually important for gamblers that the casino features classic games and fresh developments.

2. Movile application

Convenient mobile application. Nowadays, people access the Internet from their smartphones rather than their desktops. Therefore, when looking for a particular online casino, you should evaluate its mobile application. Check out for the convenience of the interface of the casino site, or application. In addition, look for the speed and stability of applications, etc. If the application is poorly optimized, players usually quickly forget about such places and start looking for new ones.

3. Taxes

Taxes and payments on winnings. Before starting to play at online casinos, remember that there are taxes on winnings. Of course, we are talking about those countries where online casinos are allowed. For example, New Zealand players do not have to pay taxes, since they legally play on offshore sites. Always look at the casino policies. It should be remembered that, in addition to the government that imposes a tax on winnings at online casinos, some operators may also hold a fee for certain types of withdrawals. Usually, players do not pay attention to such aspects and often surprised when they are told to pay the tax or commission.

4. Payments

It is also worth remembering that online casinos work with certain payment systems. And it is not always possible to use the casino bonus through the wallet that is convenient for the player. Take this into account.

5. Bonuses

Moreover, no deposit bonuses at online casinos are one of the most attractive offers. Although bonuses for registration do not bring a lot of money, the player can get $10–$50.

Usually, there are two types of bonuses for registration. The first is for making a slot more interesting, the players can get free spins. The second type gives a small amount that you can spend playing certain slot machines.

Why online casinos are popular in Europe

The capital of casinos in Europe is the Principality of Monaco. The ban on casinos in Monte Carlo was lifted back in the 19th century. In other European countries, casinos have also been popular for a long time. With the development of information technology and the Internet, and now also thanks to COVID-19, the demand for online entertainment, including mobile games and online casinos, is rapidly growing in the West. Top 10 Online Casinos in the world. 

It’s worth mentioning that the massive boom in the popularity of online casinos in Europe started in 2018. This became clear from the revenues of online casinos, which amounted to €22.2 million, 23.2% of the total European gambling market.

Since then, the online casino industry has even created its own customer base of players from different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and others.

Considering the long history of the gambling business on legal terms, gamblers associate Europe primarily with reliability. In this context, advertising of online casinos and gambling, in general, deserves special attention.

During the pandemic, for example, European associations tightened control over online gambling sites. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) Code provides specific controls on gambling advertising.

Of course, it should be understood that European online casino operators have the opportunity to develop their business legally, protecting the players.

Popularity indicators

The following factors have contributed to the overall popularity of online casinos in Europe:

  • Strong laws and assurances from governments that they will be followed.
  • Support from the regulator and various associations.
  • The regulator’s control over operators who comply with the rules of responsible gaming and data protection.
  • Mobile games are driving the popularity of online casinos.
  • Integration of social networks into mobile games.

As a result, according to Fortune Business Insights, the online gambling market in Europe increased by 10.2% in 2020 compared to 2019, to $30.92 billion, despite the coronavirus crisis.

How to choose the best deals on the gambling market in Europe and the world?

Let’s consider a number of important criteria of a casino:

  • Rules of the game.
  • User reviews.
  • Technical support.
  • Ways of payment.
  • The duration of the withdrawal of funds.
  • Software license.
  • Operator and brand reliability.
  • Reputation.

It becomes much easier to choose one or another online casino after looking at these criteria.

Pay special attention to the license of the online casino operator. License by a reliable gambling authority is the highest guarantee of the reliability of a casino.

If the casino operates legally, then its players can be sure that the site provides officially authorized content. In addition, legal operators handle the safety and security of their customers’ personal data by implementing encryption technologies.

Everyone can easily find information on the availability of a license in the site’s footer or via technical support. Moreover, you can visit the official site of the regulator and find the casino in the list of licensed casinos. If the casino does not provide a license, it is better to refuse the services of such a place and turn to the services of a licensed operator.

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Whenever you search for the online casino, you probably get shocked by the real amount of the casino sites that you see. I bet you haven’t even looked through a 1/4th of the search results in order to find the one. This is fine because you don’t actually need to know what these all casinos offer. You only need to know the top 20, for example. As a result you’ll have an impression on each one of them.

But just to be curious, in your opinion, how many online casinos are there on the Internet? 500? 1000? More! I give you an approximate number of 3000. However, this amount is already probably close to 4000. There are so many reasons nowadays for casinos to open.

In 2020, as we all know, all the people were forced to stay home for a long time. Some people have lost their jobs and couldn’t find a better earning option than online gambling. I admit, online casinos are not created for making money. Anyway, losing track of results doesn’t stop players from gambling day to day.

The online gambling industry is currently on the rise. There is no single doubt that in 2021 there will be more casino sites and more gamblers. The players who used to play in the land-based venues are making their way online as the casinos close their doors. However, it’s not the story of the online casinos. They welcome new players with open arms and give them a lot of opportunities at the very start.

When you play the games, you obviously want to have a profit from online casinos. However, not always and not everyone can win on online casinos. Sometimes it’s the gamblers’ fault as they don’t meet the casino requirements or they can just miss their luck for some time.

Of course, the problem can be on the casino’s side. Some sites are fraudulent or just cheating. Though it’s totally illegal. Still you can stumble upon them any minute. So, what to do in order to avoid ‘bad’ casino sites and win money on online casinos?

Choosing the one

The first mistake towards your money dream can be choosing the wrong casino. You should select an online casino not by its cover, but by the service they provide. No doubt, the site should look attractive and catchy. But the support service, security, licensing, and of course banking system must be all appropriate. Speaking of the official license, the casino company has to obtain it in order to be proven fair in the players’ eyes. So, check the site for the mentioned points on a high level and remember to read real comments.

RNG powered games

The fair games are random games. The Random Number Generator is a key factor for players to win money. The mechanism is responsible for every single result in a game. It can make you a winner, and it can make you a loser. That is why RNGs have always been victims of hackers. However, not everyone can hack the randomizer so far.

Addiction to games

Generally, people who tend to lose money on online casinos are those who spend too much time playing. In other words, addicted gamblers have no understanding when it’s time to close the game. Addiction is a real problem for many people. They literally can’t stop spinning, thinking they can do better. But in fact they cannot. Only one thing separates them from winning. It’s the will to stop the game. To tell the truth, experienced gamblers can win the money, and they do win it. If only they could stop after that winning round, they would be already richer than the richest.

In fact, this company has been regulated since 2000 by the UK Financial Service Authority. Now it’s a leading option especially for those who like to enjoy playing casinos. EcoPayz provides actual cards in its operations and if you register an account there, you will be able to transfer the money to the casinos, as well as to other people. The process of creating an account is not difficult. Just click the specific button “Join us”, fill in the necessary information, and become a member in a minute. The problem appears as soon as you try to make a deposit, because you will have to verify the account, however, it’ll take a few minutes also.
In the section below we will discuss the safe and reliable casinos which accept the EcoPayz payment system. There you will see the differences between EWallets systems and other payment methods.

Jackpot City

  • EWallets: 24-48 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 2-6 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: 14-21 days
  • Pending Time: 24-48 hours

Spin Casino

  • EWallets: 24-72 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 3-7 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: Not offered
  • Pending Time: 24 hours

Royal Vegas

  • EWallets: 24-48 hours – EcoPayz
  • Card Payments: 2-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-7 days
  • Cheques: 7-28 days
  • Pending Time: 24 hours


The EcoPayz company produced a great product, which you can use to safely transfer the money to the casino accounts and back. In fact, this is the fastest method to withdraw the money.

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