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How to Choose the Right Online Casino in 2021: Tips

The coronavirus pandemic has hit land-based casinos significantly, increasing demand for mobile games and online gambling. In 2020 alone, the European online gambling market grew by 10.2%, reaching $30.92 billion.

Why online casinos have become so popular in Europe and the world, and how players from other countries choose the best deals on the online casino market, please, continue reading the article.

Online casinos in 2021: recommendations on how to choose

As soon as fans of online poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games popular in land-based casinos start looking for something similar on the Internet, they face a wide range of different options, and it’s not easy to find trusted, legal, and fair gambling site.

Due to COVID-19, many gambling regulators in countries where it is legal have begun to actively consider the possibility of legalizing online gambling, taking into account the latest trends. Make sure that in many countries the Internet gambling market has long been allowed, in some, it was legalized recently, in others they are only considering this possibility of opening it.

For example, at the end of last year, Germany has adopted new legislation, in other words, a set of gambling norms, allowing legally operate the online gambling sites. Thereby, offering high RTP slot machines, a wide variety of poker, and sports betting.

When choosing an online casino, players can focus on the following indicators:

1. Games

Large selection of games. Something that often gives a particular online casino an advantage over land-based casinos and/or direct competitors. It is usually important for gamblers that the casino features classic games and fresh developments.

2. Movile application

Convenient mobile application. Nowadays, people access the Internet from their smartphones rather than their desktops. Therefore, when looking for a particular online casino, you should evaluate its mobile application. Check out for the convenience of the interface of the casino site, or application. In addition, look for the speed and stability of applications, etc. If the application is poorly optimized, players usually quickly forget about such places and start looking for new ones.

3. Taxes

Taxes and payments on winnings. Before starting to play at online casinos, remember that there are taxes on winnings. Of course, we are talking about those countries where online casinos are allowed. For example, New Zealand players do not have to pay taxes, since they legally play on offshore sites. Always look at the casino policies. It should be remembered that, in addition to the government that imposes a tax on winnings at online casinos, some operators may also hold a fee for certain types of withdrawals. Usually, players do not pay attention to such aspects and often surprised when they are told to pay the tax or commission.

4. Payments

It is also worth remembering that online casinos work with certain payment systems. And it is not always possible to use the casino bonus through the wallet that is convenient for the player. Take this into account.

5. Bonuses

Moreover, no deposit bonuses at online casinos are one of the most attractive offers. Although bonuses for registration do not bring a lot of money, the player can get $10–$50.

Usually, there are two types of bonuses for registration. The first is for making a slot more interesting, the players can get free spins. The second type gives a small amount that you can spend playing certain slot machines.

Why online casinos are popular in Europe

The capital of casinos in Europe is the Principality of Monaco. The ban on casinos in Monte Carlo was lifted back in the 19th century. In other European countries, casinos have also been popular for a long time. With the development of information technology and the Internet, and now also thanks to COVID-19, the demand for online entertainment, including mobile games and online casinos, is rapidly growing in the West. Top 10 Online Casinos in the world. 

It’s worth mentioning that the massive boom in the popularity of online casinos in Europe started in 2018. This became clear from the revenues of online casinos, which amounted to €22.2 million, 23.2% of the total European gambling market.

Since then, the online casino industry has even created its own customer base of players from different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and others.

Considering the long history of the gambling business on legal terms, gamblers associate Europe primarily with reliability. In this context, advertising of online casinos and gambling, in general, deserves special attention.

During the pandemic, for example, European associations tightened control over online gambling sites. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) Code provides specific controls on gambling advertising.

Of course, it should be understood that European online casino operators have the opportunity to develop their business legally, protecting the players.

Popularity indicators

The following factors have contributed to the overall popularity of online casinos in Europe:

  • Strong laws and assurances from governments that they will be followed.
  • Support from the regulator and various associations.
  • The regulator’s control over operators who comply with the rules of responsible gaming and data protection.
  • Mobile games are driving the popularity of online casinos.
  • Integration of social networks into mobile games.

As a result, according to Fortune Business Insights, the online gambling market in Europe increased by 10.2% in 2020 compared to 2019, to $30.92 billion, despite the coronavirus crisis.

How to choose the best deals on the gambling market in Europe and the world?

Let’s consider a number of important criteria of a casino:

  • Rules of the game.
  • User reviews.
  • Technical support.
  • Ways of payment.
  • The duration of the withdrawal of funds.
  • Software license.
  • Operator and brand reliability.
  • Reputation.

It becomes much easier to choose one or another online casino after looking at these criteria.

Pay special attention to the license of the online casino operator. License by a reliable gambling authority is the highest guarantee of the reliability of a casino.

If the casino operates legally, then its players can be sure that the site provides officially authorized content. In addition, legal operators handle the safety and security of their customers’ personal data by implementing encryption technologies.

Everyone can easily find information on the availability of a license in the site’s footer or via technical support. Moreover, you can visit the official site of the regulator and find the casino in the list of licensed casinos. If the casino does not provide a license, it is better to refuse the services of such a place and turn to the services of a licensed operator.

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Let me guess, you have deposited to an online casino, lost in the game and now wish to receive your money back. Or ok, maybe you’ve faced a fraudulent casino? In both cases you can dispute the money, but the result will be completely different. Besides, it’s a consequential issue to dispute the charges. So, you’d better think wisely before you actually make a chargeback request.

Necessary requirements

First of all, I’d like to explain some facts to you. These are mainly the requirements by the moment you decide to dispute.

  • Chargeback is the service of bank credit cards using Visa, Mastercard, also bank transfers and some e-wallets like Neteller.
  • The request for dispute has time limits. In other words, you can make a request within 120 calendar days only. If you haven’t made up your mind during 4 months, further it’ll be impossible.

Later, I’ll describe each case (lost game and frauds) and give you the useful tips for a successful dispute of your charges from online casinos. Mind that the moment when you’ll have done it, the situation may lead to unpleasant consequences.

So, if you lose a game as all typical gamblers do right after deposit, you can’t just request for your money back. It even makes no sense. Like you deposited, you played and you lost. It’s almost the same as when you buy some food – buy, eat and are hungry again in two hours. Basically, the online casinos sell service. They give you a chance to play games for money. And the result, either you win or lose, depends on you and your actions.

Be careful!

Apparently, any attempts to dispute the money will be declined by both casino and your bank. For the reason that the service was provided, thus you played, and you got a fair result, so face it. There is only one possible reason to tell the bank. It’s charging the online casino of faulty activity. Starting from rigged games and ending in a totally fake fraudulent casino. However, be realistic, this statement will need proof. Very likely that the online casino will provide all the records where it states that you have played the games and successfully lost the deposited money. As a result, the dispute request will be declined. Unless you have a true proof that you’ve been deceived, you can’t take money back.

Is it still possible?

Speaking of a true situation with online frauds, whether it’s a fake casino or just someone has stolen your credit card, it will be much easier to prove. With such a statement and no visible authentic proof of a contrary, the bank will charge the money back. But it’s not a relief for you. This time you need to prove that the online casino provides faulty service including evidentiary material of a licence absence and rigged games. The former you can find out, no problem, but the latter is hard to get. The RTPs are private records of the service provider. Although it’s hardly possible to request for chargeback, stars can align and somehow you’ll get the money back.

Still after the dispute come the consequences. Get ready to be banned by the online casino. Most probably you’ll get into the blacklist of the company and all associated online casinos. Even though your request is accepted, and everything seems fine, your further chargeback requests will affect your gambling reputation. Thus you’ll not avoid the blacklist.


All in all, I recommend thinking thoroughly before making the actual request. Mind that whether you are right or wrong about the casino service, it may lead to the court. Trust me, it’s not worth it with all the further court consequences unless you’ve deposited a million dollars which I really doubt.

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It is very prestigious for casinos online to have Evolution Gaming in the lobby. To tell the truth, a casino may already be considered safe because it could allow the Evolution games. Altogether, usually online casinos with a positive reputation select the EG as one of their providers. The reason is that many players prefer cards, especially live. So, live table games are just a necessity for the online casinos. Here are the gambling websites where you can join tables of Evolution: LeoVegas, MrGreen, Casimba, Spin Casino, Playamo, JackpotCity, 888 Casino, Yako Casino and many many others. No matter what online casino you choose, if it has Evolution Gaming, you are at the right plac

The answer to this question depends on your objective. If you want to play just for fun, yes, it works. You can deposit, play, sometimes get payouts back from the casino. Though I doubt that this is what you really wish for. For the reason that people usually come to online casinos to win some extra money (as if they didn’t enjoy the salary), it often works for them too. But it always happens that online casinos are in a better position.

How can online casino work for you?

No matter how much or little you play, deposit or bet at a single game, casino will win over you. Or another player, or another one. It depends on when you stop. No one clearly understands it, and even if so, doesn’t follow this recommendation. Online casinos say to play responsibly but gamblers keep spinning. And this is their biggest mistake.

The only way to beat the casino

The thing is that you can be the winner only when you stop at the right time during the game. Once you win a good amount, make a couple of spins and go out if there are no successful ones anymore. Only this way is possible to beat the casino and make it work for you.

Thus and only you will see how the online casino really works in terms of bringing profit. But don’t get too fascinated about it. Still, the casino needs to make profit for itself too. So, if you lose all the money on slots, you just lose and never get them back.

Choose the trusted casino

Besides, remember to test the casino for trustworthiness before you deposit. It’s actually a very significant move if you wish online casinos were fair and really paid you out. The info on how to distinguish the ‘right’ casino is on our website. Check it out and follow the recommendations.

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