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Google Removes Restrictions on Gambling Apps

Google is updating its gambling software policies. From March 1, 2021, the list of countries where gambling and betting applications will be available for providers of gambling software will expand significantly. We will give more details on the page below. Besides, we will provide relevant online casino updates in New Zealand.

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The Google Play market for Android devices has a strict policy regarding gambling and betting applications.

On the App Store, you can download these types of apps without difficulty as long as they meet all the company’s requirements. Google, on the other hand, a few years ago, talked about a strict policy regarding gambling. The ban extended not only to bookmakers but also to casinos, as well as various lotteries. The main purpose of it is to protect its users. It is possible that Google actually imposed a ban to ensure the complete safety of customers. But, perhaps, the reason lies in the lack of serious verification of applications on Google Play. As a result, any users can upload their apps to the store.

In the case of the App Store, the user must go through the moderation procedure by Apple employees to download the software. In other words, if there are only approved and certified developers in the App Store, then Google Play allows you to upload programs of any developers to the store. Consequently, it is much easier for Google to completely ban the placement of such software. Preventing reliable companies from uploading the software to the online store.

Which countries are covered by the innovation?

To date, owners of mobile devices based on the Android operating system around the world, could not download online casino and bookmaker applications from the Google Play market. In late summer 2017, gambling authorities introduced real money betting programs for the first time. The permit extended to Ireland, Great Britain, and France. Google also opened access to gambling content in Brazil, but only to applications approved by the state bank Caixa Economica Federal. At the beginning of March 2021, the number of countries in which such an opportunity will become available will increase to 19. Download gambling and betting software will be available in:

  • Spain;
  • Sweden;
  • Germany;
  • Belgium;
  • Canada;
  • Colombia;
  • Denmark;
  • Finland;
  • Norway;
  • Romania;
  • Japan;
  • New Zealand;
  • Australia;
  • Mexico;
  • USA.

Of course, each country will set its own restrictions on what kind of gambling software is legal. So, in some of them, online casinos, bookmakers are allowed, lotteries are legal, and in others, only a few of them are legal.

In most countries, players can play lotteries but only if the state regulates them. US prohibitions and permits differ from state to state. Any manufacturer wishing to release an application for gambling must first get acquainted with the legal side of the issue. It should also take into account all laws, rules, and regulations governing activities in the field of gambling and betting.

What are the key features of promoting gambling through Google?

The gambling niche on the market is already quite significant. Many licensed gambling sites sell their shares on world stock exchanges. Moreover, casinos invest huge amounts of money in advertising and creating a positive image. Gambling is a highly competitive direction that needs a powerful approach to promotion. In anticipation of great profits, many owners of gambling resources are promoting their brands to the markets of Europe and the United States in order to carry out their activities according to the law. These include some of the top paying online casino NZ in the gambling market such as Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune, and Spin Casino.

Google believes that a more loyal policy toward legal gambling will push to reduce the coverage of the uncontrolled gaming market. Thanks to this, developers will receive a greater number of new clients, and gamblers will receive absolutely reliable content of a higher quality. Effective leverage to promote services becomes available to bookmakers. According to expert estimates, the total global share of users of Android devices is at least 70%. From this, we can conclude that a significant part of the target audience is simply inaccessible to casinos and bookmakers due to the strict country restrictions.

What will be in the future?

The full picture of the changes will only be available at the beginning of March. But the positive impact of Google’s decision on the industry is already being felt. Thus, on the stock market, shares of a number of companies have grown significantly in price. In the United States, the day after the news comes out, shares of one of the leaders in the daily fantasy sports industry, Draft Kings, and the American casino and racing operator Penn National Gaming went up by 6%. In general, over the past 12 months, the price of corporations engaged in the development of gambling has been growing. This is primarily due to the internal US policy on this issue.

Google’s decision will have a positive impact not only on bookmakers, but also on sports clubs and online casinos. Two years ago, representatives of the leading leagues in North America, the IBL, NBA, NHL, and NFL, advocated the removal of restrictions on betting companies in the United States. European football leagues expressed the same point of view, among which was the EPL. This will allow users in the United States to experience European sports and European to American sports. It will significantly increase their popularity in new segments. This decision is very important given the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry. As a result, it has led to a significant reduction in the number of visitors to land-based casinos and bookmakers.

Online Casinos

When the innovations come by, developers will be able to place applications for playing in online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and virtual sports tournaments for users from specified countries. A special application algorithm has been created for the owners of gambling sites, in which they will be required to confirm the presence of all the necessary licenses and the compliance of the software with legal requirements. Apps from developers who have not complied with the conditions will be removed from the store. Google representatives note that the selection criteria during moderation will vary depending on the country of their target audience.

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Why people don’t play slots ?

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Taxes in NZ

Usually, after the successful winnings you will be presented with funny music and flashing lights. However, we need to know whether the gamblers should pay taxes or not. Take into account that the taxation process depends on the particular country. For example, in the US, if the winnings are more than 1200$ you have to make a report. Moreover, you have to prove the identification information of your age and passport. So, in the US you have to pay tax up to 25% depending on the certain game. However, in Canada or New Zealand, there are taxes free. In fact, New Zealander have to pay income tax, but it’s very unusual for winnings to be taxed.


The declarations of your winnings are required in few countries, including the US. However New Zealanders can play for money and win a lot without any taxation from the government.

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