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Google Play Allows Gambling Apps in New Zealand

New opportunities for gambling will appear on March 1. Google play will allow downloading gambling apps for real money for Kiwis. Currently, Google Play features real money apps only for UK, France, Ireland, and Brazil players. However, in the next month players from 15 countries, such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Finland, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the US, and New Zealand will be able to legally play through mobile applications.

Real money apps

According to Google’s support page, there will be four main categories, including our favorite casino games, sports betting, lotteries, and fantasy sport. In order to release it legally, developers from the Google Play store will need to complete a special gambling application form. And then ensure that all applications in the Google store have an International Age Rating Coalition, and all of them follow Google’s Developer Policy Center Requirement. These strong requirements should be implemented to prevent underage users from gambling activities.

Mobile Online Casinos

Jackpot City: Welcome bonus is NZ$1600

Spin Casino: Welcome bonus is NZ$1000

Royal Vegas: Welcome bonus is NZ$1200

All Slots Casino: Welcome bonus is NZ$1500

Mobile online casino is a great replacement for PC gaming!

The smartphone has become an essential part of the life of a person living in the 21st century. With its help, we have the opportunity not only to communicate in various ways but also to usefully spend our time. Playing in a casino on a mobile device gives an opportunity to burst into the world of gambling as soon as you have a free minute. Now you don’t have to rush home to get to your computer and start playing your favorite pokies. As a result, the mobile application allows it to play even on the way home.

Mobile casino advantages

  • It’s affordable and practical to use
  • Has reliable payment systems, with a huge variety of payment systems
  • It saves you time
  • You always have fresh information about ongoing tournaments, bonuses, and promotions

Most of the major online casinos have already switched to a mobile format to keep up with the newfangled trends. And give maximum freedom of action to your users. We have reviewed the casinos that support the mobile format, so that you can easily use one of the trusted online casinos, and not be afraid about the safety of your own funds.

How to become an owner of a mobile application

Many users were delighted with the opportunity to use the services of casinos using their Android-based smartphone or iPhone. However, in the gaming environment, questions often arise regarding the number of games available through the application. Many players think that the number is limited, and the whole idea comes to nothing from this. But don’t be afraid! The collections of games are rapidly growing every month. To get acquainted with the complete list of games adapted for the new version, just visit the official website of the gambling site.

Tablet or Smartphone

How to find the optimal casino that can unleash its full potential through an application or version supported on the Android OS, or on an iPhone iOS.

When choosing the best mobile casinos, our experts take into account exactly the same factors as when monitoring all gambling sites, you can use through a PC. In addition, the developers were able to use the mobile version to suit the client’s needs. Many people are not afraid that playing through an iPhone or an Android-based tablet may have bad graphics, insufficient speed, and an inconvenient interface.

To minimize risks, we interviewed professional gamers who tested mobile apps. As it turned out, the result exceeded all expectations. We’ve handpicked the best of the best casinos running smoothly on Android and iPhone to save your precious time and enjoy the gameplay.

In addition, the following categories influenced our choice:

  • A large number of mobile games
  • Special promotions
  • Website use security
  • Easy to use application


The gaming industry is at the peak of its development and offers users new and new opportunities to play on gambling sites. Play mobile online casino, save your time, and beat Fortune! Remember that progress is for brave people who are not afraid to comprehend new things.

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On the page above we have listed the best online casinos with the fastest payouts. Make sure to register only on the sites we mention. These casinos tend to be reliable and reputable. If you look for same-day withdrawals, check them out!

After visiting gambling sites which are really similar, or even identical, and the only difference is the name, no doubt you get confused. I know that you feel suspicious about all this like what if every casino is owned by the same company? What if it’s all lies just to get my money? Don’t exaggerate. Yes, online casinos take your money but only when you allow them to. Let me explain to you why online casinos are almost identical.

Single owner

First of all, it’s important to say that there are two types of legal online casino owners. There are companies that own only one online casino and they dedicate all their life to this gambling business. Such casinos are easy to spot. They are usually named the same way as the head company. For example, MrGreen online casino and its owner is Mr Green Limited, Betway casino brand is owned by Betway Limited and so on. You can find this info either on our site casino reviews, or on the gambling sites in the bottom of the page.


The other type of online casino owners is holdings, so to speak. These are the companies which hold and manage work of several online casinos. Examples of such owners are Apollo Entertainment Ltd, Fresh Horizons Ltd, Genesis Global Ltd and others. Their sites are similar. As a rule, they provide the same service including promos, games and even the same customer support team that is responsible for issues of all online casinos in the holding. That is why sometimes it gets hard to contact an operator. He’s got too many requests. Besides, if you’ve ever contacted an agent, you could notice him asking about the name of the online casino you play at. This is because the team is the same for all of them.

They make money

Ok, now we know that identical casinos with one and the same owner exist. Then the other question is why do these people have so many gambling sites? And the answer is money. It’s all business. After making one successful gambling platform, the owner decides to copy the site to attract more players. If the first site doesn’t suit the visitor, then the next one will surely do. And it works indeed. The service remains the same though. And no matter whether you’ve chosen the first or the latter, you’ll play the same games and contact the same help centre.

Gambling authorities

Another interesting thing you might have noticed is that all online casinos are based in one and the same places. For example, Malta, Costa Rica, Curacao, Gibraltar or other little countries that are far away from your actual home. The reason for that is the country regulations. In the world, there are only a few countries where it is legal to open online casinos. Thus, most casino owners register and license the official companies in these precise countries.


Although there are casinos that are owned by the same people, it doesn’t mean that they are fake or fraudulent. They have licences and approvals from local and international authorities. Their gambling activity is official and fair. So, don’t let the stereotype confuse your thoughts. Play with a complete peace of mind.

Choose club ratings only on independent casino site dedicated to gambling and everything related to it.

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