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Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

Spanish Blackjack is a little bit different version of a traditional 21. The game was presented by a Microgaming provider. The main difference compared to other Blackjacks is in spanish deck. The deck consists of 52 cards, but there are no jockers and, what’s more interesting, no tens. The dealer deals two cards to himself, and checks for a blackjack, if he has a blackjack all boxes lose automatically. Let’s look at the main rules differentiation:

  • Dealer takes a card on soft 17.
  • The player always wins the dealer with the same score.
  • You can double at any number of cards
  • After the double it is impossible to take a card
  • You can make a surrender after the double
  • You have an insurance from the dealers blackjack, in case he has an ace

The basic payouts

  • Box 1:1
  • Blackjack 3:2
  • Insurance 2:1

The bonus games Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

  • three of sevens 3:2
  • six, seven, eight 3:2
  • 21 by 5 cards 3:2
  • three of sevens same suit 2:1
  • six, seven, eight same suit 2:1
  • 21 by six cards 2:1
  • three sevens of spades 2:1
  • six, seven, eight of spades 3:1
  • 21 by seven or more cards 3:1
  • three of sevens and one of seven on dealer’s hand 50:1


The game is made in classical casino style with a big Blackjack table in the center. You can find the basic strategy instruction, the automatic mode and other settings.


The differentiations in rules significantly increases the chance of casino winning. Due to the absence of tens and the possibility for dealers to take a card on soft 17 you can think that the player cannot win at all. However, the casino edge is reduced due to the liberal rules of the game, which allow you to do almost everything and get the bonus payments. All in all, we can recommend you this Spanish Blackjack with unique rules.


  • Original gameplay idea
  • Generous bonus game


  • Play only in Spin Palace casino

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