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Gambling Analysts About Online Betting 2021

2020 was a turning point for most industries, and the gambling and betting industries are no exception. On the one hand, they suffered heavy losses due to the pandemic and the inability of land-based casinos to operate at full capacity. But on the other hand, the epidemic brought online casinos (in legal markets) and bookmakers to a new level, which experienced a significant influx of customers. It’s time to assess the situation and formulate forecasts for the industry for the coming year 2021.

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Key trends in 2021

One of the main market trends, which was especially introduced in 2020, is the digitalization of the industry, spurred by the coronavirus epidemic. According to analysts of the Gambling Craft affiliate program, players and bettors stayed in the online casino, appreciating the convenience of this format. As a result, not all players will return to land-based gambling halls and betting points.

COVID-19 increased the popularity of online casinos

The popularity of online casinos is growing. For example, in March, when COVID-19 hit the entire world, the size of the average deposit in them increased by 3% compared to the previous February. Experts believe that the decline in the online industry will still happen when the situation with the pandemic stabilizes, but it will not be as explosive as its growth. This means that online casinos can expect a significant increase in the number of new players and bettors.

Drawbacks of COVID-19

However, there is an opposite tendency with the gaming industry. Economic experts associate it with the economic crisis and falling incomes of the population. Gambling Craft experts assume that the average rate will decrease, and in order to keep customers, gambling sites will have to invest in marketing and advertising. In 2021, it will become one of the major factors of development.

Government involvement

The third trend is the tightening of legislation regulating the activities of offline and online casinos in most countries. This is largely due to the previous thesis: this is how governments seek to protect their citizens from additional financial spending during a period of declining income. In addition, it is obvious that the market is striving for maximum transparency, and the laws that were adopted in 2020 in many states are aimed at ensuring it.

Growth of competition

Finally, another trend is the growth of competition in the market. Due to changes in legislation, small insignificant players will leave it and only large brands will remain. It will divide the market among themselves while trying to stay within the framework of the new legislative reality. This means that industry participants will have to be flexible. It means that they have to constantly monitor the state of the market, follow its trends and offer users solutions that can turn them into loyal customers.

Marketing and advertising in new conditions

According to market participants, marketing and advertising in the coming year should not be intrusive and aggressive. Users feel tired of such ads on the internet. In addition, as mentioned above, direct advertising is not legal in many countries, and online operators have to look for other ways to promote it. The primary purpose of marketing is at the point of providing comfort for users, and improving service.

Main marketing directions

  • Ensuring maximum safety, increasing its level. With the development of high technologies, attackers have more and more opportunities to gain access to user data. And the task of operators is to exclude such situations while maximizing the safety of players and their funds.
  • Development of the mobile sector. Most of the leading online casinos already offer the option to use dedicated apps, and this trend will go mainstream. According to the forecasts of Gambling Craft analysts, in the next three years, the share of mobile games will grow by almost 12%. And in monetary terms, it will account for half of the total revenue of the entire market. Bookmakers should not lag behind: according to research data, bettors who place bets using mobile applications are most active. The industry is growing primarily due to them, and experts are sure that mobile rates will be the main factor in increasing turnover.
  • New betting technologies, such as voice assistants that will help you when placing bets. They will be able to personalize the most profitable odds and the right bets. Bookmakers use high technology also because it is done by the players who use them to predict the results of a particular sporting event.

Main marketing directions

  • Demonstration of social responsibility in relation to both permanent and new users. Operators are forced to control the daily spending of their customers, especially if the limits are set by the regulator.
  • Development and improvement of operator loyalty programs. The most frequently used bonuses are free bets, cashback, special conditions for VIP bettors.
  • Development of direct communication with users, including social networks. Today, most bookmakers have their own pages and accounts. Therefore, they publish not only company news, but also useful near-themed content, such as statistics, analysis of sporting events, jokes, and prize draws.
  • Changing the sources of attracting customers, attracting traffic through affiliate programs, instant messengers, and social networks.
  • Acceptance of cryptocurrency. So far, its use has not become widespread, but more and more players are expressing a desire to pay in digital units.


Bitcoin is worth mentioning separately, as many call it the real headliner of the industry. Taking into account changes in legislation, it can become the main means of payment. The use of cryptocurrency is beneficial for both players and casinos. Since it allows you to ensure anonymity, security, and the absence of binding to the exchange rate of national currencies. Bookmakers who already work with cryptocurrency are conventionally divided into three categories:

  • Those that allow you to perform any operations with it, for example, making a deposit, make bets and withdraw money.
  • Accept, but immediately convert and make settlements in the account currency.
  • Newly emerging blockchain platforms. This area is considered one of the most promising. Since blockchain technology would help the industry become as transparent as possible and keep information on rates completely safe.

The future of the cryptocurrency world is still vague. But it is obvious that the jump in the rate of the same bitcoin attracted many new customers to the industry. Large companies one way or another will have to take this into account and adapt to new conditions.

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Yes, such a win is quite possible. But the player will need a lot of experience and patience or a lot of luck. Of course, with a large deposit, the chances of winning are much higher, but it’s still worth a try.

Why people choose slots?

Slot machines are the most attractive for players online casino games. It’s obviously clear why people choose slots. They are easy to play. You don’t even need to think much. Just bet and spin. Slots also have an impact on visual perception. Everyone likes to look at something bright, shiny, and especially, with a story behind.

Why people don’t play slots ?

This all is good, but no one sees that slots are the least profitable. Their theoretical return to player slightly exceeds 97%. In fact, the average percentage of slots RTP is 94%. Can you imagine? The 6% of your money goes to the online casino. So, basically you don’t even get paid more than you have deposited.

Hence it gets almost impossible to win on slots. Better to say, you can win but it’s difficult to keep the winning result. Though there are several ways to move closer the chance of leaving the game with a satisfactory feeling.

How to win slots?

  • Choose the right slot. Saying the word ‘right’ I mean the high RTP. Remember that for beneficial results the slot’s RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, it’s not even worth trying. Before starting to play, check the game rules. There you’ll find the percentage.
  • Start on minimum. Don’t bet much from the very beginning. Most probably your first rounds will be failing. So, it makes no sense. Wait until you make about 10 spins and only then raise the bet. But also gradually.
  • Play with bets. Concerning the fact that casino games are spun by random number generators, you can equally randomly change bets. However, don’t practise it excessively. When you feel like winning, raise the bet to get the higher pay. Then again if you have constant failing results, lower it on minimum.
  • Stop on time. The best thing that you can do for your winnings is to quit the game. As soon as you win higher than your initial balance, quit it. Don’t make another spin thinking “the next gonna hit higher!”. It won’t. RNGs are meant to decrease your budget after a successful big win.

When we’re speaking about online casinos and their safety, the latter is applied to several spheres. The online casino as an entertainment provider must operate officially. The games in its lobby must be safe and not rigged. Finally, the site itself should guarantee the safe environment for the players. Let’s include here safety of personal data and money transactions.

The fair and well-reputable online casino should consider all the factors that can affect players comfort and safety during the gameplay. That is why gambling sites have additional, auxiliary so to speak, security services. They maintain the high level of all the aspects. LEt me clarify them all.

What must be safe at an online casino?

  1. Legit owner. First of all, the gambling provider must be officially registered according to the jurisdiction of the base country. The following point is the license. Usually, online casinos receive the document from the same country authority. For example, in Malta the body that issues the fair gambling proof is MGA.
  2. Safe place to stay online. This refers to the site. It should undertake protective measures like SSL encryption, firewall etc. Any services that can protect the players’ and casinos’ data including transactions between them.
  3. Randomized games. No matter which game you prefer, each game result should be fair and absolutely random. Generally, they are all powered by RNG. Nevertheless, there are special bodies that test the games for fairness. The most popular is eCOGRA. The Independent Auditors can carry out check-points anytime.

These are the main three safety measures that any self-respectful online casino must take. Summing it up, I’ll repeat what exactly you need to note for yourself when you enter a gambling site: license, company profile, RNG certificate or IA test seal, security proof like SSL encryption seal.

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