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GambleAware Invests £4 Million in Gambling Harm Research Center

GambleAware is a reputable charity organization dedicated to various gambling addictions. This organization announced its intention to donate 4 million pounds (5.52 million US dollars) to a new large-scale project in the UK. Moreover, it is the first unified Center for Academic Research on Harm from the Gambling Industry.

One of the GableAware goals is to create diversity in scientific opportunities related to the negative effect on gamblers.

The investment is being made as part of an eight-month grant process aimed at introducing new disciplines into gambling-related research. In addition, the company is collecting evidence of its involvement in the fight against gambling addiction from young people in order to increase the international prestige of Great Britain.

The goals of the Academic Research Center are to significantly expand the study of gambling not only in the UK but around the world. GambleAware’s vision of creating a safer society, protected from the influence of irresponsible gambling, will take place as part of the charity’s strategic research goals. Alternative funding will allow the project to continue the development after the initial award of a £4 million grant.

Currently, in Foggy Albion, most of the gambling industry research includes a contribution of a narrow number of experts. However, given the opening of the new Center and its main prerogative, a wide range of disciplines and academics will soon be developed, united by extensive research on the dangers of gambling.

Why gambling addiction appears?

Basically, all addictions that are not associated with the use of any substances such as nicotine, alcohol, food, drugs, are based on psychological factors, hereditary factors, difficulty, family experience or insufficient dopamine production can also be reasons.

There are the following reasons for gambling addiction:

  • Poor control. The person cannot control their feelings. Once he starts playing, he cannot stop.
  • Psychology: Feelings of loneliness, uselessness, inability to establish close relationships.
  • Self-esteem problems. At the moment of winning, we feel better, our self-esteem rises. The opportunity to improve financial well-being also plays a role.
  • Physiological reasons: features of the development of the nervous system, hormonal disruptions, deficiency of certain substances.
  • Striving for easy money, inability, and unwillingness to work “like everyone else.”
  • Inability to manage money, financial illiteracy.

There are several types of gambling addiction:

  • from casino
  • online casinos
  • slot machines
  • sports betting, including online
  • card games

Let’s talk about the two most common:

In the modern world, casinos are an attribute of luxury, a world of elite entertainment. An incredible number of films and books were about the casino. Therefore, each of us would like to have a peek at the famous Las Vegas casinos. There are beautiful women, powerful men, luxurious cars, and it seems that one more bet and all this luxury will belong to you. But you need to understand that this is a very profitable business. The casino always wins. And the rivers of expensive champagne and cognac will end as soon as you put the last token on zero. However, there are always honest online casinos that regularly payout money to lucky ones.

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he slot machine “Where’s the gold” is known to many players yet since the land-based casino machines. It is mostly playable in Australia, though can be found at any online casino worldwide. The 5-reel game is provided by Aristocrat software. In fact, it reminds of a typical slot machine, though players love it and mark its high possibility to win. Truly “Where’s the gold” has got 95% of RTP and can be compared to the high-rated online slots.

As for the general characteristics, it is quite ordinary. The game has totally 25 paylines and special features like free spins, wild and scatter. It does not offer to play a bonus game, instead it includes Jackpot chance. Of course, “Where’s the gold” is better to play for money. All these current wins and jackpots maximize your balance. However, usually online casinos are ready to let you play for free with demo credits. In fact, the free rounds are given so you could practice the slot, study it thoroughly, and then contribute money for the real income.

Although the “Where’s the gold” game is so popular and trusted among gamblers, not every online casino can suggest you to play it. This is due to the fact that they do not have games by Aristocrat. Still, you can find some gambling sites with “Where’s the gold” in the lobby. For example: Rizk Casino, Dunder, Casino Cruise, Casino Room, All Irish Casino, Guts Casino, Royal Panda.

When we’re speaking about online casinos and their safety, the latter is applied to several spheres. The online casino as an entertainment provider must operate officially. The games in its lobby must be safe and not rigged. Finally, the site itself should guarantee the safe environment for the players. Let’s include here safety of personal data and money transactions.

The fair and well-reputable online casino should consider all the factors that can affect players comfort and safety during the gameplay. That is why gambling sites have additional, auxiliary so to speak, security services. They maintain the high level of all the aspects. LEt me clarify them all.

What must be safe at an online casino?

  1. Legit owner. First of all, the gambling provider must be officially registered according to the jurisdiction of the base country. The following point is the license. Usually, online casinos receive the document from the same country authority. For example, in Malta the body that issues the fair gambling proof is MGA.
  2. Safe place to stay online. This refers to the site. It should undertake protective measures like SSL encryption, firewall etc. Any services that can protect the players’ and casinos’ data including transactions between them.
  3. Randomized games. No matter which game you prefer, each game result should be fair and absolutely random. Generally, they are all powered by RNG. Nevertheless, there are special bodies that test the games for fairness. The most popular is eCOGRA. The Independent Auditors can carry out check-points anytime.

These are the main three safety measures that any self-respectful online casino must take. Summing it up, I’ll repeat what exactly you need to note for yourself when you enter a gambling site: license, company profile, RNG certificate or IA test seal, security proof like SSL encryption seal.

ave you ever hit the Jackpot? Well, The Captain Davo has. The 25 year old streamer on YouTube called The Captain Davo, demonstrates how he wins the Jackpots at casinos, both land-based and online. David Nicholas, this is the real name of the young gambler, has become famous for his addiction to casino games. He posts beautiful pictures in his Instagram showing off not only big wins, but also sports cars, yachts and girls around him. His life is rich now due to the land-based casino that he uses pretty often – Crown Casino, popular in Australia. Apart from his favourite Crown, The Captain plays slots and table games at the online casinos. David mostly plays live Blackjack and wins hundreds of thousands. You can watch the video of the process on YouTube. These are the couple of online casinos that The Captain Davo uses.

MrBet – the online casino also popular in New Zealand is offering over 1500 games and welcomes everyone with a generous promo of over NZ$2000.

Emu Casino – another Davo online casino including more than 800 games of any kind, it is safe and supportive as well. Try Emu and maybe you will win as much as Davo and even more.

Even though the results of Davo games are impressive, mind that he bets a big sum too. The anti-gambling authorities consider that his blog will encourage the young people to play at the online casinos which can be very sorrowful for them later. Thus, make sure you understand the trouble and play responsibly.

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