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Do online casinos cheat?

New Zealanders are probably most curious about this question as the answer to it directly affects their winning results. However, we are here to assure you that any kind of cheating players is illegal according to the gambling laws. That’s why the licensees are there for.

Why NZ casinos don’t cheat

Only under a condition that you play at a reliable online casino, you can stay sure the site isn’t cheating. There are several reasons why they don’t cheat even if they wanted to:

  • Casinos get big fines if they deceive a player in any form. If they are caught cheating, their regulatory authorities are there to punish them and sometimes even forfeit the license.
  • If an online casino has been cheating everybody for a long time, then it’s probably a fraud. Still, the owner will lose any right to conduct gambling activities legally.
  • Reputation of the casino will rapidly go down. It’s common practice that unsatisfied players go complaining on every gambling forum site about the casino marking its terrible reputation. Anyway, other players trust these negative comments and never wish to visit the mentioned site again.

These are the main reasons for treating customers right. Not a single casino owner will build a risky business just to lose everything in a blink. Besides, it’s better to maintain gambling business and receive revenue in the long run than to make a quick success that will eventually fall apart.


To conclude, there is no way a fair casino would cheat on games and rig them. It’s a stereotype that casinos are only taking advantage of customers’ money. They do, but in a fair way: players voluntarily deposit money and either win them back or lose them forever. Casinos offer games of chance. Everybody knows that and still makes funds into the casino account.

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