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Demo versions and real online slots: what’s the difference?






What is in the article?

  • Interesting features of the demo version of pokies
  • Interesting features of slot machines for real money
  • Advantages and disadvantages of demo and real slot machines
  • Interesting features of the demo version of pokies

Main features of Demo Mode

Keep in mind that, for example, the demo mode of Mega Moolah slot machines has the same design and specifics as a real money slot. The major difference between demo slots and real money slots is that you cannot place real money bets in demo versions. Playing demo pokies you may choose any currency you want for betting. Obviously, you cannot cash out the winnings here, since the money is fake. However, playing demos you’re not risking anything, and this allows you to try slots and learn the rules, before starting to gamble for real money. Generally, demo slots and real money slots are absolutely the same in symbols and the number of paylines. Important note: you can play slots in free mode on our website. HERE.

Main features of slot machines for real money

You can place actual money bets, and win actual money at legal online casinos for Kiwis. All you need is to launch one of the slots from its lobby. Every time you win enough money, you can cash it out on any convenient payment method, including banking cards, e-wallets, crypto wallets. In order to play here, you need to deposit any amount of money, at least the minimum amount required by the casino. Usually, the minimum amount is $5, or $10. Players can also deposit through bank cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency (in some casinos), and prepaid cards.

Advantages and disadvantages of demo and real slot machines

Both demo and real money slots have a number of advantages and disadvantages:

1. No risk

One of the main advantages of demo slots is that you can play without any investment of money. This is absolutely free for everybody, and no penny will be charged from you. Usually, one game credit equals one dollar, one euro, or one pound. It’s up to you which currency to choose. On the other hand, if you trigger the profitable combination and win a good prize, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. Sometimes this can be frustrating.

In the case of real money slots, players will have to deposit at least $10 and place the minimum amount required by a particular slot. At this time, losing your bet means losing your money. But if you win, you can immediately cash out the winnings on any convenient payment method.

2. Dispersion

All games have different winning rates. So, when playing the slot in demo mode, you are able to determine the variance of the slot. There are two degrees that can determine the risk of the slot and the size of the prize. The low variance of the slot shows that it will give small but frequent wins. We have seen no big jackpots in such slots. And a high variance slot is the opposite, gives large wins, but less frequently. Players with a tight budget who want to play longer are recommended to play low variance options. On the other hand, players with big bankrolls, so-called high-rollers, are more interested in high variance slots.

So, before launching your first slot to play for real money, try demos and measure the variance. If it’s comfortable to play with such rates, go to the top online casino NZ, and choose the real deal.

3. Good mood

You may think differently, but playing demo slots is a thrill and fun activity. Most of the existing slots at online casinos have alternative versions with an opportunity to play for free. The graphic design and animation are on the top level. In addition, all of them have unique topics and interesting characters. Therefore, you can enjoy all features without risking your funds. It doesn’t really matter if you win or lose. If you suddenly lose all the money, just reload the page and try again with a full balance.

4. Features

All slots are different. You can be aware of all functions and bonus games in your favorite slot, however, new games with megaways feature, and bonus respins or free spins rounds may sound unfamiliar. That’s why many beginners want to know the specifics of each slot and develop the strategy for each slot without spending their own money. If you didn’t like the features, RTP rate, or other specifics, you can switch to another slot machine. We do not recommend switching slots playing often, since it can lead to financial problems.

5. Gaming experience

Now, we all understand that demo slots are the same as full games. However, the slots that provide a real money experience are definitely more fun. The sense of losing or winning real money gives an adrenaline rush. Therefore, it provides gamblers with the best experience if they hit the jackpot with the money they can spend on real purchases. Now, if you play top Live Casino online, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos and have the same chances to win money.

6. Using bonuses when you play for real money

This is another disadvantage of playing demo slots. Players cannot enjoy the bonuses provided by casinos. If you switch from playing demos, you will receive a welcome bonus as additional cash to deposit, or free spins. In some casinos, it’s possible to get a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus gives free spins for particular slots, which can lead to real money winning without any money investments. Check out the best no deposit casinos here. Only real casinos can issue the bonus money or free spins. If you still want to play for free, then you will miss out on the bonus and promotional offers provided by the casino.


Pokies with an opportunity to turn on the demo mode love both professional gamblers and beginners. However, for all newbies in the online gambling industry, it’s better to try a demo slot first. Once you’ve learned the basic rules, developed strategies, and got enough practice, you can easily try the real casino slots. This is an important technique that will allow you to try out different titles, and decide whether to spend money and time on them. Make sure to choose the right game, become familiar with it via the demo mode, make a deposit to one of the top online casinos, and start winning real money.

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While you search for the online casino, you might have noticed that all of them are practically the same. It applies to games library, offers section, banking options and even overall layout with general ‘About us’ articles are almost identical. Sometimes they have no other difference except for the name.


The fact is the gambling sites are operating within one and the same owner company. But don’t exaggerate. It doesn’t mean that all online casinos found in the world have one owner. There are many companies, they are different with their unique service and regulations. It happens easily. One single owner creates a casino, then he widens the borders and opens another one and so on. The similar online casinos are called sister-sites.

Here are a few examples of the identical online casinos:

  • Genesis Group owns Casino Planet, Kassu, Spinit and etc.
  • LeoVegas Gaming operates LeoVegas, Slot Mob, Pink Casino.
  • MT SecureTrade is the head company of Guts, Cashmio, Rizk, Dunder and others.

Is it safe?

You need to know that sister casino sites are equally trustful. Several online casinos with one owner don’t mean that they are fake. The owner company just wants to have more customers by implementing new casinos.

The same gambling sites work according to their company regulations. They provide the same safety and overall service including the support centre. In fact, the support team is one for all the casinos in a holding. If you ever refer to a call centre, the first question will be: what online casino do you play at?


There are a couple of disadvantages with the sister sites. First, each similar site is a separate entity on the whole. So, if you want to join another site of the same owner, you will have to pass the registration step once again. There is a beneficial point too. Signing up to each sister site you will still get the welcoming bonus. The second disadvantage is banning. If you get banned by one site in the holding, prepare for the blocked access to the other similar sites.

The reason why everyone wants to beat, cheat or win at online casinos is money. This is so greedy that we even forget about simple joy and fun. Of course, it’s a lot more cheerful to enjoy games when you’re winning than losing. But the gambling sites tend to bring rather failure. Still the question is open: how to beat the casino games in a legal manner. Well, if you are so obsessed with it, let me clarify some ideas for you.

Use strategies

The only legal way to win at casinos is using strategies. However, you should understand that strategies don’t give you a 100% assurance of winning. Using strategies you may with equal success lose money. There are different strategies found on the net, but the fact is that they can only work in individual cases. So, you’ll have to make them up by yourself. I’m just going to tell you about the most common working tips that you can use to create your own beating strategy for each particular game.

Learn the rules

First of all, know the rules of the game. Either you’re playing blackjack or slot, no matter. Start with checking the rules. Although they are quite typical, still each game is different and requires attention to the rules. Especially, if we’re speaking about card games. You have to understand what the ‘insurance’ or ‘3:2’ mean. Figure it out by yourself and build up your own winning strategy at each unique game.

Play for free first

Testing games before you play for money will also boost your strategy process. Don’t ignore the free mode. Practising for free will save your money and clarify some points at game rules which you don’t really understand. However, remember that strategy used in free mode games might not work with the real money mode.

Whether you are a high roller or have just a couple of bucks in pocket, place small bets at the beginning. The first rounds tend to be losing as you have to warm up your nerves. So, it’s never advisable to begin with high stakes. Calm down your feelings and save the budget. You can raise the bets after you make 10-20 spins.

Whenever you search for the online casino, you probably get shocked by the real amount of the casino sites that you see. I bet you haven’t even looked through a 1/4th of the search results in order to find the one. This is fine because you don’t actually need to know what these all casinos offer. You only need to know the top 20, for example. As a result you’ll have an impression on each one of them.

But just to be curious, in your opinion, how many online casinos are there on the Internet? 500? 1000? More! I give you an approximate number of 3000. However, this amount is already probably close to 4000. There are so many reasons nowadays for casinos to open.

In 2020, as we all know, all the people were forced to stay home for a long time. Some people have lost their jobs and couldn’t find a better earning option than online gambling. I admit, online casinos are not created for making money. Anyway, losing track of results doesn’t stop players from gambling day to day.

The online gambling industry is currently on the rise. There is no single doubt that in 2021 there will be more casino sites and more gamblers. The players who used to play in the land-based venues are making their way online as the casinos close their doors. However, it’s not the story of the online casinos. They welcome new players with open arms and give them a lot of opportunities at the very start.

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