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Dazzle Me by NetEnt “Updated Version”

The other day, a premium software provider of gambling games NetEnt has presented a new version of classic popular online pokie Dazzle Me. In the article below, we tell you everything you need to know about the game, and what legal casinos you can enter to find it. There is a list of top online casinos in NZ to play popular newbies by NetEnt. Today, thousands of players want to see classic slots in modern online casinos. In general, it’s easy to get used to the interface in a couple of minutes in new casinos.

Dazzle Me

NetEnt has presented the updated version of one of these slots. The “Dazzle Me” slot has already appeared in various gaming platforms, including top licensed online casinos in New Zealand. The top of licensed casinos is what we value the most, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with our readers. These casinos provide generous bonuses, as well as the possibility to play for free.

Main characteristics of “Dazzle Me”

Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of the updated version of the well-known slot. Generally, Dazzle Me has five reels, 3–5 lines that can generate 76 winning combinations. The characteristic which we value the most is fairly high RTP percentage, and low volatility. The new slot is about that. It has a high payout percentage (96.9%), and low volatility, which leads to frequent and small wins during the game. Consider that there are no progressive jackpots at Dazzle Me, however, players can get the win of 50,000 times the initial bet.

Game process

The first version of the slot has been launched in 2015, and since then, the slot did not change the main feature of simple and understandable symbols, as well as the classic functions.

Popular symbols remain the same, these are rubies, topaz, diamonds, emeralds, precious stones, as well as “luck” signs in the form of sevens, bells, and other special symbols. In addition to special symbols with guaranteed bonuses, there are free spins. In case you are lucky enough to drop three, four, or five “Free Spins”, you will get another 8, 12, or 16 free spins, respectively. During the Free Spins round, there is another bonus Linked Reels, which allows you to multiply the adjacent symbols on reels one and four.

Moreover, there are the Dazzling Wild Reels wild symbols which allow you to replace symbols on one reel at a time with diamond symbols, and give a higher chance to trigger a big combination.

According to the configurations of bonuses and winning lines in Dazzle Me, players win almost after each spin, but the multiplicator of the combinations in this slot is not high, as far as the volatility is low. So, you will get frequent wins but with low amounts.

Elements of control

Dazzle Me is a slot with only a few control options. On the gaming panel, you will find the buttons to choose the bet value, change between normal spin and maximum bet, as well as to turn on the automatic mode. These functions allow to increase or decrease the size of a bet on each line and determine the number of spins in auto mode.

Where to play?

Jackpot City


Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus

Platinum Play

NZ$ 800

Welcome Bonus

The new version of the Dazzle Me slot is already available in the top online casinos in New Zealand. As usual, newly registered players will receive generous welcome bonuses. Some of them provide no deposit bonus, which you can use without any investments. In this case, you will receive free spins or several dollars. (sometimes, no deposit bonus is given to old slots) For those who want to try a new slot for free, open the demo version of the game, and you can learn the rules, and practice the strategy for free.

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The era of innovative technologies and artificial intelligence has reached online gambling too. In fact, both online casinos and players can apply cyberbots to the games with a purpose of outsmarting.

Players who are very good at computers and relevant programs create the bots with algorithms for winning. They do it for two reasons. First, they want to outsmart online casinos, in a word, to win. Second, they simplify the gameplay for themself. They no longer play, they win with a perfect strategy.

On the other hand, online casinos implement cyberbots to stay in advantage. In other words, to keep the edge in house. Mainly, the bots are created for table games like poker or roulette, and ever-known blackjack. To tell the truth, players have two problems with games that prevent them from winning. They are the programmed bots and the codes generated by a computer to shuffle cards, deals and so on.

In order to outsmart the online casino cyberbots, you need to know the algorithms of the bot and code. Actually, it is very easy to figure out if your opponent is a bot. It follows the same patterns and refers to general statistics. It also ‘thinks’ the same certain amount of time. No more, no less, a couple seconds and it gives the result.


All in all, the method to outsmart a cyberbot of an online casino is to recognize the patterns it uses. Simply put, if you know the strategy of an opponent, you know how to beat him. The algorithms are identical and consistent. So, if you understand the rules of table games, and have just a little knowledge of information science, it will not be a problem for you.

Cheating, hacking, deceiving are all words for misbehavior of players. Through the years, since the opening of land-based casinos and up till now, in the era of the Internet, people are seeking for the opportunity to steal money from online casinos. You can say: “Casinos steal my money too!” But no, you give them the money at your own wish and will.

Can someone hack the casino?

The online casinos are not so stupid to let you cheat them. Even the smartest hackers in the world can’t beat the security systems of the site. Of course, there were multiple attempts and some of them were successful. But anyway it certainly ended up with bad consequences as anyone in the world now can be caught. You can make up your own hacking strategy, by the way, considering all the flaws and circumstances. However, it’s no guarantee you’ll be through with it. All in all, some illegal affair at online casinos isn’t worth it, right?

Reading up to this point, anyway you want to know how to hack software of an online casino. So, I’ll give you only approximate ideas as I’m not a hacker at all. The whole strategy development lies down on your shoulders.

RNG Hacking

The first thing you should understand is that all games are driven by RNG. The slots, cards and balls are shuffled in an absolutely random way. In order to hack an online casino, you’ve got to hack the generator. One of the instruments to help is another software. The special software is determined to program all at once online slots or sometimes one specific slot. You need to run this software simultaneously with your casino slot just to mess with it. Thus you deceive the casino by making the RNG invalid working it out in your favour.

Team work

Another popular way to hack a game, live casino game, to be exact, has nothing to do with real ‘hacking’. It’s just a cheating method that can be used by regular players (who don’t have special computer skills, I mean). So, you need to gather your friends around. You all should enter the same live poker game, for example. Everyone must agree to show the cards and, of course, split the winning among them all. Basically, you just see the cards of your friends and you all can manage them to win the dealer. If everything comes out successfully, you then withdraw and divide the money equally.

The previous method of cheating doesn’t yet have the appropriate security system on the side of casinos. It means you can use it. But still, do it wisely and don’t gather around the greedy friends. All in all, it’s better to play the casino games just for fun and not for stealing money. You know, the illegal affairs never lead to something positive. Besides, the protection technologies are at the highest level now, and the online casinos implement this very type of security.

Go to the official site of the gambling platform, go to the lobby with slot machines, choose any of them and select the “DEMO” mode.

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