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Comparison of the Gambling Market in Australia and New Zealand

In today’s article, we’ll reveal the key differences between gambling in New Zealand and Australia.

Australia and New Zealand are known for online betting, online casinos, and land-based casinos. These are the common types of entertainment in these two countries. However, there are a few differences between them.

How are the Gambling Markets Regulated?

The Australian gambling market is complicated. The quick answer to the question “Is it legal to gamble online in Australia?” – Yes. However, there are many rules and laws that differ in each state. Players can gamble online and offline, but you have to keep in mind every aspect. Australia is one of the largest countries where gambling is legal, and many Aussies become professional players.

On the other hand, In New Zealand, gambling is regulated by the gambling act. And it’s illegal unless it’s specified by the act itself. This characteristic covers all online gambling sites and land-based casinos. But still, betting on sports, or spinning reels of slots are very popular activities for Kiwis.

There are thousands of gambling websites available in both countries. In general, the majority of casinos are reputable, offering generous bonuses and other benefits. A promotional offer is a necessary tool for online casino attractions. We all want to find the best site to gamble safely and win real money. So, take a look at the top online casino sites and pick the one you like. Each site has a unique set of perks to give you the best experience. Here on the site, players can safely choose the place to play instantly.

Popular Casino Games

Ratings of the best online casinos in New Zealand and Australia are different. For example, sports betting, poker and lotteries are more popular than pokies in Australia. Trust me, sports betting sites stay in the first positions for Aussies. Moreover, Australians take longer gaming sessions on a regular basis. Over 80% of players become bettors, and they start visiting dedicated operators. In addition, players trust foreign gambling sites and often visit European online casinos.

On the other hand, New Zealand players are obsessed with online pokies and prefer to play them instead of betting on sports. Consider that pokies are the same thing as slot machines. In addition, online casinos with progressive slots are extremely popular among Kiwis. Progressive slots are the slots that can give a massive multi-million jackpot. For example, the well-known progressive slot Mega Moolah by Microgaming takes the lead in paying gigantic jackpots to players. Some of the jackpots got into the Guinness Book of Records. Kiwis, most likely, prefer licensed online casinos.

Preferences of both countries

Australians prefer to visit places that provide options with massive numbers. In other words, they want to bet big with the most options to bet on. Australian gamblers also choose safe and licensed establishments that operate legally. They prefer to play domestic lotteries and avoid international websites.

The situation concerning New Zealand gamblers is different. Kiwis always choose casinos with fast transactions. They love this thing more than anything else. Also, New Zealanders prefer international casinos, while Australians play mostly on their own gambling sites. Among fast transactions, it’s important to provide fast withdrawals. Playing top online casino NZ, you can cash out the winnings instantly.

Online Gambling in Australia

Aussies can keep their winnings without paying taxes. This is a huge advantage to them since you do not have to pay a huge amount of jackpot money, and it is all yours. Over 6.8 million players, which is 40% of the population, visit online casinos on a regular basis. Australia is the first country when it comes to gambling. They consider it not only a way of entertainment but also a way of making extra money. In addition, Australia has the lowest percentage of people with gambling addictions. Only 0.5% suffer from gambling addiction. In other countries, this percentage is way higher. To conclude, Australia is a country with responsible gambling.

Online Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealanders spend their free time playing foreign licensed online casinos which are available in our rating of top online casinos NZ. Casinos from the list offer the best perks you can possibly find in the gambling industry. On average, NZ gamblers spend $700 on casinos. Moreover, players prefer only legal sites, with an excellent reputation. Online options are stunning for Kiwis.


Both countries, New Zealand and Australia provide an unlimited amount of gambling entertainment. As we have found out, Australians love betting, while New Zealanders prefer to spend time on pokies. Both countries significantly influence the whole industry, motivating software providers and online casinos to offer the best features, bonuses, and new titles.

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Almost all online casinos are easy to register. Many of them have quick registration, where you only need to enter your email and the currency you want to play in. After that, you get your profile and the opportunity to play slot machines on the casino website.

Go to the official site of the gambling platform, go to the lobby with slot machines, choose any of them and select the “DEMO” mode.

The frequency of using a promotion depends on its type:

Welcome (for deposit and no deposit) are given specifically to new players after registering and depositing money into the account. Usually, players get them for the first few deposits. (up to five)

Holiday promotions, tournaments can be activated only during the period set by the administration.

Cashback bonuses, lottery, or tournament bonuses, can be activated every week. Regular players can achieve loyalty status and receive benefits depending on a certain level.

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