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Casino Licenses and Regulations

For a safe gambling experience, you need to be confident that the license of your chosen platform is reliable. As well as the reputable jurisdiction. In that case you will avoid fraud and other manipulations by a casino.
Various authorities issue the casino licenses around the globe. In order to start any casino operations, the casino need to obtain a reliable license. The license can be from one or several jurisdictions. In fact, compared to land-based casinos, new online platforms don’t need to receive licenses. They just need a domain, game engine and a server.

Of course, online casinos can work without a license at all. However, having the license can improve the trustworthiness in the eyes of the players. For that, the casino needs to obtain it from popular authorities, such as Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man and others.

What is the license for?

The regulator started the business to ensure that the casino works in accordance with the laws set by the jurisdictions. It’s attractive for new players to have a reputable license owner. Having the famous license owner is attractive for new players. Since it shows that the casino is a reputable place. So, if you gamble at a totally licensed casino, it means that RNG system determines each spin in the casino game.

Does the license protect gamblers?

When you select to play at a properly commissioned casino, the regulators will protect you according to their rules and laws. Thereby, these regulations are principally made to protect gamblers from dishonest platforms.

  • There are some important regulations issued by popular authorities:
  • There are only games with the RNG certificate in the casino library
  • Casino collects only real personal information for verification
  • Only reliable financial institutions provide the payment system
  • There are no misleading promotions in casino

What is the most secure license for NZ players?

As a New Zealander, you need to notice that there is no authority that gives licenses to online casinos. As a result, if you would like to gamble online, you need to confirm that you take part in a casino with the highest security license. Therefore, you can choose casinos with these reputable regulators:
Alderney Gambling Control Commission – high reliability
Isle of a Man – high reliability
Malta Gaming Authority – high reliability
Curacao Interactive Licensing – medium reliability


Before you register and even join the gambling site, make sure to check the license first. That is to ensure that you don’t get caught by scammers and other fraud hands. First requirement is to check the license. And be sure that it’s from one of the jurisdictions mentioned above. As soon as you identify the license, you can easily join and create an account to play for money.

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Let me guess, you have deposited to an online casino, lost in the game and now wish to receive your money back. Or ok, maybe you’ve faced a fraudulent casino? In both cases you can dispute the money, but the result will be completely different. Besides, it’s a consequential issue to dispute the charges. So, you’d better think wisely before you actually make a chargeback request.

Necessary requirements

First of all, I’d like to explain some facts to you. These are mainly the requirements by the moment you decide to dispute.

  • Chargeback is the service of bank credit cards using Visa, Mastercard, also bank transfers and some e-wallets like Neteller.
  • The request for dispute has time limits. In other words, you can make a request within 120 calendar days only. If you haven’t made up your mind during 4 months, further it’ll be impossible.

Later, I’ll describe each case (lost game and frauds) and give you the useful tips for a successful dispute of your charges from online casinos. Mind that the moment when you’ll have done it, the situation may lead to unpleasant consequences.

So, if you lose a game as all typical gamblers do right after deposit, you can’t just request for your money back. It even makes no sense. Like you deposited, you played and you lost. It’s almost the same as when you buy some food – buy, eat and are hungry again in two hours. Basically, the online casinos sell service. They give you a chance to play games for money. And the result, either you win or lose, depends on you and your actions.

Be careful!

Apparently, any attempts to dispute the money will be declined by both casino and your bank. For the reason that the service was provided, thus you played, and you got a fair result, so face it. There is only one possible reason to tell the bank. It’s charging the online casino of faulty activity. Starting from rigged games and ending in a totally fake fraudulent casino. However, be realistic, this statement will need proof. Very likely that the online casino will provide all the records where it states that you have played the games and successfully lost the deposited money. As a result, the dispute request will be declined. Unless you have a true proof that you’ve been deceived, you can’t take money back.

Is it still possible?

Speaking of a true situation with online frauds, whether it’s a fake casino or just someone has stolen your credit card, it will be much easier to prove. With such a statement and no visible authentic proof of a contrary, the bank will charge the money back. But it’s not a relief for you. This time you need to prove that the online casino provides faulty service including evidentiary material of a licence absence and rigged games. The former you can find out, no problem, but the latter is hard to get. The RTPs are private records of the service provider. Although it’s hardly possible to request for chargeback, stars can align and somehow you’ll get the money back.

Still after the dispute come the consequences. Get ready to be banned by the online casino. Most probably you’ll get into the blacklist of the company and all associated online casinos. Even though your request is accepted, and everything seems fine, your further chargeback requests will affect your gambling reputation. Thus you’ll not avoid the blacklist.


All in all, I recommend thinking thoroughly before making the actual request. Mind that whether you are right or wrong about the casino service, it may lead to the court. Trust me, it’s not worth it with all the further court consequences unless you’ve deposited a million dollars which I really doubt.

It’s very important to know how to handle the payout process. Because, knowing this you will be able to make it more convenient for yourself in terms of payout speed and commission amount. In order to payout safely you need to use safe methods. Usually, casinos use such methods: Cards, Credit cards, Debit cards, Prepaid cards and E-wallet.
E-wallets are the fastest method to make withdrawals or deposits. Usually, it takes from 0 to 72 hours to withdraw. However, the deposit process happens a lot faster, almost immediately.

How to withdraw?

The first step is to go to the cashier of your casino and select the options you would like to use. Then, fill in the free spaces with necessary information and click “withdraw”. However, before doing this, make sure you choose the right option. Check the average speed of the transaction and read the players comments, who chose the same option.


Payout process is one of the main ones in gambling industry. That’s why many premium casinos offer a lot of options and try to provide the fastest service on the market.

The first thing to do is to stop playing this slot and contact the representative of the casino. This is easy to do, as all casino sites have a support chat. There you will need to answer questions and support will be able to help and explain what happened and why.

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