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Blockchain Online Casinos

Top Online Casinos with Cryptocurrencies


Blockchain technology is error resistant. Can you imagine, Bitcoin was invented 13 years ago and since then its blockchain has been functioning without major disruptions. So far, all problems happen because of service hacking or poor control. In other words, it happened due to the human factor, and not mistakes made in the development of the protocol. Blockchain is a mechanism that guarantees the highest degree of accounting and identification. Together, the two systems allow avoiding human errors, preventing changes from being made without the permission of the parties involved. It’s tightly connected with the casino.

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Bitcoin online casinos

Blockchain is a continuous sequence of information storage blocks in the network. As a result, it protects the site from access by unauthorized persons and built according to certain rules. Such a chain records not only financial transactions but everything that has value. Furthermore, each user can post certain information on the network, while others can use it from anywhere in the world. Blockchains transfer a wide variety of values. To gain access to them, you need to have a confidential key with a help of the cryptographic algorithm. By giving it to someone, the user, in fact, gives that person access to the funds stored in a specific section of the blockchain. In the case of bitcoins, such keys open access to the wallets with such coins.

Trends and prospects in gambling

Blockchain technology remains one of the hottest topics in the financial services sector.  Therefore, it continues to expand rapidly in the areas of money and digital identity in recent years. Now is the moment when technology is being tested in all the most significant spheres of public life. And soon the number of projects using it will increase significantly. For example, new platforms operating on the blockchain have the main principles of the general availability of information and top security. For this reason, it can be a good alternative for services where there is a risk of fraud or data theft. In a short time of its existence, technology has gone from innovation to a mechanism that largest corporations, government agencies, and public organizations actively use. This only confirms that the gambling industry will reveal the potential of the technology even more in the future.

Future of blockchain gambling

Analysts predict that by the end of 2023, the growth of the global gambling market may exceed $500 billion. The gambling business is difficult to regulate, and even licensed casinos cannot guarantee 100% transparency. Blockchain will solve this problem and help the industry reach new heights. The key features of the technology are transparency and the highest degree of protection of the received data. Moreover, there is a strict tracking of all monetary transactions on blockchain or crypto casinos. A distributed data storage system ensures that the received information is on multiple devices and forbidden of changed. Since the data is publicly available to the system participants, it is easy to double-check, which gives users a guarantee of fair play.

Gambling resources use Blockchain in different ways. For example, they offer slots based on this technology or provide players with the opportunity to carry out transactions in cryptocurrency. Any of these options is attractive to customers and increases their confidence playing casino sites. By using cryptocurrency wallets, users can remain completely anonymous. In recent years, the number of crypto casinos that have started accepting digital money as an alternative payment method has grown markedly.

Technology features

Gambling and betting sites suffer from the same problems like lack of transparency, restriction of payments by user location, and dishonest casino operators. Today there are a large number of gambling sites created only with the purpose of deceiving players and drawing money out of them. Blockchain technology allows you to permanently solve this problem. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in the field of online gambling helps to reduce some negative aspects. And a number of casinos have high hopes for its integration. For example, cryptocurrency transfers in the majority of cases go unnoticed by security officers of financial organizations. Therefore, they attract less attention and reduce the likelihood of further blocking the site.

The boundaries between countries and the location of the sender and recipient do not play an important role, for cryptocurrencies. However, for alternative payment methods, it’s quite necessary.

Key points of operation of online casinos on blockchain

Blockchain casinos operate on smart contracts. This means that the technology will make a calculation of the user’s winnings and transferring the amount to his crypto wallet automatically. In addition, no other outsiders participate in money transfers, which helps to increase the speed. During the use of the blockchain, many users take the role of saving the information on their devices. All information is in the access of network participants, and they can get acquainted with it at any moment. The use of blockchain technology in the gambling sector provides the following advantages for both players and casinos:

  • Anonymity. You can gamble on the blockchain without specifying personal data. Such resources request documents, and participation in certain promotions sometimes does not even require going through the account registration procedure.
  • The minimum commission and high-speed financial transactions. The transfer of funds to casinos on the blockchain is carried out as soon as possible due to the direct transactions. In addition, transactions based on blockchain technology are subject to lower fees compared to conventional casinos.
  • Availability of information. Thanks to free access to data, the level of trust and loyalty of players to the casinos’ increases.

Top Cryptocurrency Casinos

Gambling resources using blockchain technology are not new in the gambling industry. Among the most famous casinos of this kind are the following:

  • BitCasino is the first bitcoin casino in the world to be licensed. The gambling platform works with Bitcoin and allows customers to instantly withdraw funds from their accounts. The assortment includes almost one and a half thousand games, including slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, and other table games. This is the first crypto platform that provided gamblers with access to software from Microgaming. The casino is notable for its loyal deposit limits – the minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC.
  • Booi Casino entered the gambling market in 2019. At the moment, the site supports 15 payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. It is possible to deposit and withdraw money from the account in Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, DOGE, and Ethereum.
  • FairPlay is one of the first licensed crypto resources to implement gameplay integrity control using blockchain. The site contains video slots, lotteries, cards, and board games. The casino makes instant payments. The site works with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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The issue of fairness is the most meaningful when you decide to join an online casino. It’s extremely important to choose the right one. Among numerous fake casinos there are also fair ones that will pay you out and never intend to give your private data to outside parties. Let me help you with the choice and inform you of the primary features that you have to pay your attention to.

Security issues

If you have searched through our site, you could find a lot of ratings and articles with the top casinos that are worth following. The mentioned gambling sites are all confirmed as trusted. The characteristics by which we test the online casinos are the following.

  • Licences
  • Security measures
  • Support service
  • Games variety including providers
  • Banking options and payout speed
  • Promos

These are the most necessary features that any fair online casino must obtain on the high level. However, there is no perfect gambling website. Some licensed sites have perfect support and games selection, but they lack a couple more options for payout. The others are good at promos, they pay out quickly, but the support is slow and has only email contact. That is why we recommend several online casinos depending on the characteristics and games selection according to players’ tastes.

After we’ve learned the general info about casinos, we test them in practice. Games, overall loading, unpackaging of welcome bonus, connection with support service centre and, of course, payouts speed are all tested. The reviews where we describe the online casinos are based mainly on the common features of the casinos. Usually the info in description matches the reality. Otherwise we mention the drawback.

Although we have a mostly objective opinion on the casino sites expressing our personal impressions, it doesn’t mean that your experience will be similar. Of course, online casinos try to do their job right, but sometimes depending on a situation you may get a wrong impression on a casino. Therefore, your personal unique opinion develops differently.

We are all convinced that online casino games are totally randomized. Of course, every game rules tell us about an installed RNG. Moreover, there are special independent authorities like eCOGRA that approve fairness of results. Well, do you believe it? Are they really that random? Then try to answer another question: why do you notice absolutely cold rounds that bring you no winnings?

How RNG works?

The fact is that RNG is probably not so random in reality. What hides beside the online games is the computer. A counting system that knows you’re winning or losing and, accordingly, gives out the spin results. The computer is programmed to maintain the payout percentage of a casino. Thus you never win much.

There is something wrong with randomization. For example, you might notice a losing track of spins until you get to the lowest. And then suddenly you hit a streak of successful rounds raising your balance back to normal or even more. This process is made by a smart computer with algorithms. No matter if you play at an online casino or land based one.

Judging by this and other ‘unpredictable’ results, I can only say that online casinos must use the special algorithms to make some spins cold. Usually, the cold track lasts until your balance is low enough. During this time you might have done 5 or 10 or 20 spins. It all depends on your budget and counts accordingly by the computer.

Later comes a moment of raising the balance level. If you notice the repetitive positive results, that’s it. My advice to you is to spin until you overcome your initial balance then stop and go withdrawing. If you know where to finish gambling game, you are a winner. After the payout, you can deposit again and the computer will work with the new balance sum.

Legalization of online gambling is an issue of each individual government. Every country has its own regulations concerning casinos. Some authorities like China prohibit any form of gambling. Others legalize only land-based local casinos. But the most popular way is to accept offshore based online casinos meanwhile banning organization of local gambling sites.

How to define a legal casino?

In order to understand if it’s legal or not to gamble online in your country, you have to search for the relevant law in the jurisdiction of your location. If you are a resident of New Zealand, it’s easy. You can sign up at international online casinos. It’s absolutely legal. But you can’t play at the local online casinos. In other words, if you’ve found and played at a casino site registered in NZ, you’ll probably be fined in the end.

Offshore regulations

You neither can open an online casino staying in New Zealand. It’s okay if you register it in Malta, for example. Like the famous SkyCity did. It opened a legal online casino which works in kiwi residence. It’s just registered and licensed in Malta.

One more thing you have to know. Although you are a citizen of New Zealand, being on a trip to another country you can’t play the casino games on your favourite site. Nevertheless, if the country’s jurisdiction allows online gambling sites, go ahead and play.

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