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Blackjack Single Deck Live by NetEnt

If you love Blackjack, then you are at the right place. To play a new launch by NetEnt, you should create an account in one of the casino partners and find it in the library.

What is new?

The house edge of new Blackjack Single Deck is the lowest it could be. With the RTP of 99.83%, making it extremely lovely to play. As you could notice by the name, you play Blackjack with only one deck, and the rules differ from the classic blackjack game. Gambling sites in New Zealand provide a broad range of NetEnt games, and new Blackjack is not an exception.

NetEnt has presented a high-quality interface with all necessary information in place. You will see the statistics of the previous games, and use convenient buttons to choose the game options. The graphic and the sound effect immerses in the atmosphere of a land-based casino, like you’re playing the real Single Deck Blackjack in LasVegas. However, the rules are slightly changed, as you’re playing with only one deck. In this game, the dealer is obligated to stand on hard 17s and hit only on soft 17. It means that if an Ace is in the hand, the dealer takes another card. The payout is a classic 3 to 2 rate, while players are pleased with the low house edge.

What are the options?

New Blackjack uses a 52-card deck, you can win by Blackjack and claim a 3 to 2 payout, or win by the dealer’s bust. When it’s a tie outcome, the stake will be returned to the player. Also you can win if the hand is closer to 21 points, then a dealer’s hand. Furthermore, the Blackjack Single Deck offers an insurance option, that means that you can payout 2 to 1. There are basic options like to add new cards or stand and stop receiving cards. In case your hand consists of 9, 10 or higher, the player is able to double down, split, and split aces.

New game is a perfect option for Blackjack beginners, due to the rules simplicity. As told before, you will have a lower house edge than usual, achieving a better RTP than any other Blackjack game offers.


NetEnt provides several variants of this Blackjack Single Deck. We recommend you to try this game, for its high RTP rate, unique rules, high-quality interface, and the opportunity to play live. It’s finally available in many NZ casinos.

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